We're a translation group born out of our desire to finish translating the Nano Machine novel. We're very happy with how our site is growing, and that's why we decided to pick up new novels to continue providing great content to our readers.

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  • Descent of the Demon God - 1 free chapter daily and 2 paid chapters every two days
  • Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble - 1 free chapter daily and 2 paid chapters every two days
  • Invincible Mumu - 3 free chapters a week and paid chapters will come out when they can
  • The Dark Magician Transmigrates After 66666 Years - 5 free chapters a week and 5 paid chapters a week
  • Return of The Unrivaled Spear Knight - Chapters release whenever they are ready until we catch up with the manhwa

No specific time for each upload, it could be at 3 am or it could be at 3 pm, but they will be uploaded daily unless stated otherwise on discord.

Paid Chapter Info

Bundles of 2 chapters for $2

At least 10 chapters ahead of the free ones (unless it's a new series)

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