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Descent of the Demon God 101: Surrender (2)

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Chun Yeowun, who had been through an EV field once before, knew just how annoying it was.

So, for a long time, he thought about how to destroy that thing with the help of Nano.

And one of the solutions was to overload the EV field.

What would happen if the EV field was continuously infused with energy to the point it couldn’t handle it anymore?

It was a gamble.

As expected, Chun Yeowun was able to do it.

“A stronger power?”

The leaders of each unit were shocked.

Was that even possible?

Hyun Won-kyung, who was watching this happen, was the most shocked.

‘How did this happen…’

As a Supreme Master, he had a better understanding of energy than others.

Those who crossed the line of the Superior Master level would attain a greater understanding of energy.

He was able to be conscious of all energies.

The energy in nature too.

‘More energy than the scattered one has entered the area.’

The sky was shaking too.

The cohesion and decomposition occurred at the same time, as if space itself was affected.

‘He can freely handle the energy within nature…’

It was unheard of.

But he heard something about it from the chairman.

[If you go beyond the state of Divine Master level, you can reach a stage where you can influence the energy of nature]

“Heavenly Master level!”

Only those who attained that realm could do that.

Hyun Won-kyung felt a shiver down his body.

‘He really reached the legendary level?’

It had been said that only five warriors in the entire history of Murim had reached it.

The first monk in the Shaolin.

Sambong, of the Wudang clan, who reached it by attaining enlightenment.

The first Chun Ma, creator of the Demonic Cult.

The Blade God.

And then Chun Yeowun, the Demon God who ruled above them all, had also reached that level.

‘Did that man really reach the stage that only legends were said to have attained? After a thousand years?’

Hyun Won-kyung’s eyes were filled with awe.

He was already shocked when he guessed that the young man was at Divine Master level, but realising that someone surpassed the legend, he felt weird.

‘The sixth warrior to reach Heavenly master level!’


Chun Yeowun was the same fifth one.

Since he was unaware of it, it was natural to regard this man as a new Heavenly Master.

[Director General!]

Hyun Won-kyung, who was shocked, sent a message to Director General Kwon Jeong-won.

He wanted to let him know.

[If my guess is right, then that person is at Heavenly Master level. No matter how many of the association go against him, they won't be able to beat him.]

[W-what? Heavenly Master level?]

Not able to believe it, he turned to Hyun Won-kyung.

It was something he couldn’t believe.

He was shocked that Chun Yeowun managed to destroy the EV field too, but the thought of him being a Heavenly Master level did never cross his mind.

[It can’t be. The Heavenly Master level is… a legend…]


The director general stopped talking as a cold energy spread past his body.


And then came the most unbelievable sight.

Innumerable Ice Swords were created in the sky at once, all over the Murim Association.


There were so many that it was difficult to even count.

At the sight of the Ice Swords filling the sky above, the warriors couldn’t get themselves to shut their mouths.


“What… just what am I looking at?”

“Is he human?”

“How can human energy do th…”


The word couldn’t be more appropriate.

Chun Yeowun raised his hand towards the sky, and it made everyone feel as if he was holding his finger over a button that would launch a nuclear bomb.


The leaders were all shocked at it.

Even if Ice Swords could be created, they thought that handling them would be impossible.

Unless the human brain was a computer, it was impossible to handle so many Ice Swords.

‘No. this might be our chance, when he is focused on the Ice Swords, we can strike.’

Baek Cheon, the leader of a unit, thought.

The distance between Chun Yeowun and them was 10 meters.

It wasn’t far.

And if he used his own technique, then he could be there at once.

[Can you hear me?]

Baek cheon sent a message to the others.

To attack at the same time from multiple directions. If Chun Yeowun notices and tries to respond, he wouldn’t be able to deal with it all.


Baek Cheon tried to send a hand signal.

It was then.

Swoosh! Swosh! Swoosh!

Kwang! Bang! Kwang!

With a ray of blue light, something passed through the heads of the leaders.

Without even having a chance to realize it, they fell down.


Baek Cheon, who was about to move, stood still.

Chun Yeowun spoke to him with a sneer.

“Thanks for being an example.”


At that time, he felt something in the air.

Baek Cheon blocked it with defense.


What was falling down was an Ice Sword.

Not one.

“This… this is…”


Dozens were coming for Baek Cheon, and his whole body, which failed to stop the swords, was pierced.

By the time his screams were over, only swords could be seen from his body.

Dazzling blue sky.

The Ice Swords which filled the sky were shining in blue.

Surprise and shock.

And then the thoughts turned into despair and fear.

Chun Yeowun spoke with an intimidating voice to the warriors, who were all staring at the sky.

“Kneel down.”

That voice that entered their ears.

The upright knees of the Murim people, who seemed to never give in, were bent.

‘No! No!’

Director General Kwon Jeong-won, who was watching the scene, was standing wide-eyed.

He then collapsed.

Thud! Thud!

The knees of people around Chun Yeowun touched the floor.

And it spread like a wave as all 3,000 warriors fell to their knees.

Losing their courage to fear.

In front of one person.

“I… for me to see such a sight…”

Bi Mak-heon, who was looking at this, felt the warm tears forming in his eyes.

It was the same with the other members of the Cult.

For 27 years, the Sky Demon Order was living in the shadows with their heads bowed.

But now, they saw the entire Murim Association being trampled in front of their eyes.

“Tch. It would be better to kill them all.”

Hu Bong was dissatisfied with this.

If it would have been Chun Yeowun’s normal way, everyone would have been mercilessly killed.

However, in the present era where Gates have opened.

If all of them were killed, the manpower to stop the Gates would be reduced.

And this was enough victory.

This wasn’t some random place, but the main site of the association.

The biggest ripple was caused by the Murim Association.


Chun Yeowun received the surrender, went back to normal.

The members of the Cult shouted.

“Chun Ma! Chun Ma! Chun Ma! Chun Ma!”

“Great Sky Demon Order! Long live!”


Kwon Jeong-won and other executives grunted at the sight.

An irreversible situation.

In a situation where even Chun Yeowun’s subordinates couldn’t be taken down, what could they even do?

If this fact would spread around, then the honor of the association would suffer.

‘To think the absence of some executives would hit us this big.’

Most of the executives weren’t in this place.

Unlike the past, it was difficult to gather all the members of the association except for a rare occasion.

Even the Chairman and vice-chairman were not present at the meetings.

And that led to this.


Blood flowed from the hand which was clenching too hard.

The Director General thought to himself.

‘This is just the Great Revival!’

Great Revival.

To stay back and get all the suffering all in order to get revenge.

It was a saying which was taken after the fact that a person once tasted the worst humiliation to get revenge.

‘Endure this.’

They had no other choice but to retreat.

This was going to be a momentary victory of the Cult.

‘You people will all regret it. You touched the centre of the Murim Association and hastened your destruction.’

Kwon Jeong-won looked at Chun Yeowun.

If only he died, then dealing with the Cult would be a lot easier.

He was analysing on how to deal with a Heavenly Master.

At that time, Chun Yeowun gave an order.

“Bring them.”


The members went to the cargo truck and moved a large box.

The warriors looked at it with puzzled eyes.

After putting out 50 boxes side by side, the members stood in front of them as if they were going to distribute food.

Chun Yeowun spoke to the warriors.

“Those who swore allegiance to our Cult. Come one after one and get this injection.”


The faces of the warriors hardened.

What was the injection?

The Cult members standing in front of the large boxes pulled syringes out.



The warriors couldn’t hide their shock.

They had surrendered considering that this would save their lives, but they had the same thoughts as the Director General too.

It was their promise to the future.

However, that was being trampled on right now.

“… what the hell is this?”

One of the executives asked.

Chun Yeowun spoke as if it was nothing.

“Nano bomb.”

“N-nano bomb?”


The word nano bomb brought extreme confusion.

So they were going to get nano bombs injected in them?

‘This is crazy!’

Director General Kwon Jeong-won looked at the Cult’s cargo truck with an absurd expression.

‘So this is what it was.’

Something was constantly bothering him.

He thought that it was strange that a monster like Chun Yeowun had only brought 50 Cult members with him who weren’t of much power, except for the Flame qi users.

‘Was it because of the… truck that they were dragged here…?’

Director Kwon Jeong-won’s guess was correct.

This was why the truck wasn’t abandoned.

This was why he used Shakena’s phasing ability.

Bae Hyun-jae, the executive who couldn’t hold back the anger, yelled.

“What is all this? Even though we surrendered to you? Is there no respect for the losers?”



Suddenly, Chun Yeowun approached him.

Baek Hyun-jae, who was flustered, tried to defend himself.




Chun Yeowun’s light kick made his leg twist and fall down.

Holding his hair, Chun Yeowun said.

“You are quite a funny one.”


“What reason do I have to trust you?”


“Are you trying to say something like, we got down on our knees so everything is fine?”

“F… formally pap…”



It felt as if the hair was being ripped off.

Grabbing the hair, Chun Yeowun dragged him to a place where the other warriors could see him clearly.

And then he spoke in a cold voice.

“I guess you don’t remember what you did to the Cult.”

At those words, the faces of the warriors darkened.

The Murim Association desperately worked on dissolving the Sky Demon Order 27 years ago.

Even when the lord was taken away to a secret prison, they forced the members of the Cult to live as fugitives.

“I will show you for sure.”


Chun Yeowun pressed his hand on Bae Hyun-jae’s shoulder and pulled the hair back.

The man kept on shouting in pain.

‘Wh-what is he doing…’



Chun Yeowun kept pulling.


The head was pulled off from the body.


Blood spurted from the throat and splashed all around.


‘He pulled out the head from the hair…’

At the brutal sight which just happened in front of them, the warriors ended up turning away their heads.

Chun Yeowun lifted the head in his hand and said.

“You lost to the Cult and are now slaves. If you don’t like it, say it out now. A loser’s choice is surrender or death.”


With those words, he threw the head in his hand aside.

Despite seeing him disrespect the man, no one could shout.

Everyone was already gripped with fear.

The results soon came.

The warriors lined up to get the nano bombs injected into them.

The reality was too horrific for them to act like heroes.


Kwon Jeong-won and the other executives had wretched faces.

They tried to move slowly.

They were still deciding whether to choose honor and die or shame and live.


“Who told you all to get in line?”

“W-what do you mean?”

“Didn’t you tell us to make a choice?”

The executives were perplexed.

They thought that they could get the injection and save themselves.

“You need to pay the price.”


Chun Yeowun’s words made no sense to them.

“I need you all to be dead.”


When the office line was cut off, the hologram device was powered off.

However, there will be an emergency generator right?


And the hologram device got activated.

The sound of rumbling.

Soon after, the executives appeared.

The only person who couldn’t be seen was the chairman and vice-chairman, who sent Mun Jeong-seo as the representative.

As they tried to reconnect, some rumbling could be heard.



The severed heads of the Murim Association executives.

The hair was discolored as if they were frozen to death.

All their expressions were painful.

-They… why are they…

The hologram executives couldn’t hide their confusion at the sight.

At the same time, someone sat down in the chair where the chairman should be sitting.

It was Chun Yeowun.

“Lucky. Survivors.”

Chun Yeowun said sarcastically.

The angry hologram executives didn’t hold back.

-Who are you?

-How dare you do this!

Chun Yeowun answered.

“I am the Chun Ma of the Great Sky Demon Order.”


At those words, the speaker to the hologram device went silent as if it stopped working at once.

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