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Descent of the Demon God 107: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth (1)

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Xian, the capital of the current Chinese government.

All the government agencies were located there.

Naturally, the State council, the central institution of the government, was also located there.

Besides, there were three hundred buildings for policy institutions.

In front of the Ministry of National Defense building, on the Southwest side of the State Council.

Like the Ministry of National Defense, the entrance was guarded by military police officers and other officers in various military uniforms.

All walking back and forth.

There was a middle-aged man standing in front of the building with a dissatisfied face.

Wearing a neat white uniform, he was Jang Pyeong-gak of the Wudang clan.

“You can't get in without a permission pass, huh.”

Jang Pyeong-gak expressed his frustration to another middle-aged man standing in front of him.

The middle-aged man was wearing a fancy luxury suit and sunglasses.

“I know. Mr. Jang.”

The middle-aged man was Tang Moon-su, the vice president of D.A.N.G pharmaceuticals.

He is an orthodox descendant of the Tang family.

What was the reason for the two most influential executives of the Murim Association to come here?

“Why the hell was director Oh so furious?”

“No idea.”

The director they were talking about is Oh Tae-chung, the head of the Ministry of Murim.

The two had come to meet Oh Tae-chung and pressure him regarding the Demonic Cult’s movements.

But at that time, Oh Tae-chung was absent.

All they heard was that he had run over to the Ministry of National Defense in anger.

“This is hard. The situation seems to be serious.”

If Oh Tae-chun was enraged, that meant that something had happened.

Although he was close to the Murim Association, that man was a politician.

And a demanding person.

“My bones hurt. Why are all these things happening so fast after each other?”

Jang Pyeong-gak was puzzled at Tang Moon-su’s words and asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Hmm, I will let you know.”

“About what?”

“There seems to be a quarrel within the Moyong company.”

“Moyong company?”

Jang Pyeong-gak was surprised.

It was known that the five great clans' descendants usually came to the Murim Association’s gatherings.

So information naturally flowed between them.

“Since Chairman Moyong fell into a coma, there have been disputes between the two sons over the succession.”

“Hold on. The Moyong company’s successor was already decided on, right?”

As far as he knew, the eldest son and the managing director was the successor.

He heard that there was a second son, who was once called a genius, but then the kid suddenly lost his martial arts due to an unknown reason.

“It seems like the second son was able to regain his martial arts skills.”

“What? You know that a Dantian could never form again once destroyed, right? How did that happen?”

Jang Pyeong-gak asked.

He was there when the chairman Moyong asked him for a favor in therapy.

He couldn’t treat the child, so how did that kid regain his martial arts?

“I don’t know. But the recovered skills aren’t normal… ah! Director!”

The conversation stopped.

It was because Oh Tae-chung, the head of the Ministry of Murim, came out.

The man was at a loss for what to do.

“Damn it!”

Despite being in front of another building, he didn’t seem to hide his true feelings.

The man was visibly angry.


The two people from the association immediately went to him and greeted him.

“We greet you, director.”

“Director, this is Jang Pyeong-gak, of the Wudang clan.”

Oh Tae-chung frowned as he looked at them.

He just remembered that he had a meeting with them.

But more importantly, he was angry.

“You two. What have you done?”


The two men were dumbfounded at the ambiguous question.

It wasn’t that they didn’t understand, it was more like they couldn’t figure out what he was referring to, so Oh Tae-chung added,

“What the hell did you do so that the Ministry of National Defense is acting like that!”

“D-director! We don’t understand what you are talking…”

“Give it here.”

Oh Tae-chung reached his hand out to the female secretary next to him and then took a hard case file.

Oh tae-chung, who took it, almost threw it at the two.

“What is this?”

“That is an official announcement letter from the National Defense.”


The two were puzzled and looked at the file.

However, after looking at its content, their expressions turned more stiff.

“T-this… what the hell!”

The contents of the letter stated that the Ministry of National Defense has signed an alliance with the Yongchun Group. If Gate Defense battles were to occur in the future, it would no longer be possible to engage in the battles without the Ministry of National Defense’s permission.

“W-when did the…. Demonic Cult bastards get this done?”

It was like lightning had struck them.

Jag Pyeong-gak was the first to speak.

“Director! This is absurd! The Yongchun is from the Demonic Cult. Don’t you know?”

“Who doesn’t know that? What the hell did you people do to make them end up joining hands with the Defense?”

At those words, the two couldn’t say anything.

They were here to ask the Murim Department to pressure the Cult because half their executives were not present.

‘Now isn’t the time to judge the right and wrong.’

The party judged this situation to be serious.

Not being able to defend the Gate Defense battles meant that the Murim Association’s core supply and demand was going to be cut off.

In addition, the reason the Murim Association affiliated companies have always walked proudly was because they have been contributing to the Defense.

“Director. We need to stop it right now. If the Demonic Cult and the Defense join hands, it will be a huge blow to both us and the Ministry of Murim.”

If the influence of the Ministry of Murim decreased, the position of the association would decrease as well.

Oh Tae-chung spoke to Tang Moon-su with a harsh face.

“Well we are late!”


“It was already reported to the State Council and passed.”


Tang Moon-su and Kang Pyeong-gak’s faces distorted at the same time.

If it was passed by the council, it meant that the majority had accepted it.

And there were already many people who didn’t like the Ministry of Murim.


This was the worst.

Now they found out why Oh Tae-chung was angry.


Oh Tae-chung went closer and poked Tang Moon-su’s chest with his fingers as he spoke in a raspy voice.

“We need to come up with a countermeasure right away! Otherwise, all vested interests in the association will be in vain.”

The association who came here to lighten their burden, only received more.

A holographic meeting in a dark conference room.

The present holograms were the executives of the Murim Association.

Even with ْthe loss of the Murim association main office, the meeting could be held.

-Now that things have become like this, how can the chairman and vice-chairman be absent!

The atmosphere was serious.

It was because of the shocking news delivered by the two who visited the Ministry of Murim.

They had to come up with a solution but the most important people were absent.

The chairman was in a closed door training and the vice-chairman was away on a business trip.

-Where are they in such a frustrating situation?

-Did you tell them that we were meeting for this situation?

-Of course, I informed them.

However, the only answer which came back from the Ohshin group was that they couldn’t interfere with their chairman’s closed door training. Despite how critical the situation was.

That was what made the other executives burst out in anger.

-If that’s the case, the meeting cannot proceed. How about changing the chairman for the time being?

-You are talking about the chairman of the association?

At that comment, everyone’s faces darkened.

They too felt that someone had to be held accountable.

However, it was quite difficult to bring down the chairman right now.

The Ohshin Group boasted the most undeniable power in the current Murim.

-Mr. Jang. There are 3 years left for the position of chairman, is it possible?

It was Hyewon of Emei clan

-What do you mean? I agree with what Mr. Jang has said. Isn’t the chairman always sending his representative to every meeting since last year? Does it make sense to not attend such a crucial meeting? Is he so busy that he can’t even appear through a hologram?

Nam Gung-oh of the Namgung clan agreed.

As the opinions were divided, the meeting proceeded in a way to remove the current chairman.

It was then.


The hologram device at the top seat was activated.

A middle-aged man with big ears and thick lips appeared.

With a fairly unusual face, he was Mun Il-hyang, the chairman of the Ohshin Group and the chairman of the Murim Association.


The executives who were still fighting were shocked.

Jang Pyeong-gak, who was arguing so strongly till then, went silent.


Mu-Il-hyang spoke right away.

-Mun Il-hyang greets the executives of the Association. It has been a while since I last saw you, and I feel very responsible for this situation.

In a nasty voice, Nam Gung-oh said.

-It is really hard to see your face, chairman.

-Well I am a warrior you see.

-What is that supposed to mean?

-I couldn’t just give up on the newly acquired realization.

At those words, everyone went stiff.

They thought there would be some improvement in the closed room training, but they didn’t think he would attain some realization.


‘How strong is he trying to be?’

Although Mun Il-hyang stopped reporting to the Ministry of Murim, he was the strongest person in Murim.

Even among the other Five Great Warriors, he was the best.

-Huh, rather than that, chairman. What should we do with this? It seems like the ministry is shaken to the extent that they aren’t talking with the Association.

Jang Pyeong-gak changed the topic.

Since this was a hologram, the jealousy couldn’t be seen.

Jealousy of the chairman who was now stronger.

-Well, it is our Murim Association’s job to prevent the Demonic Cult from growing.

-What do we do? Right now, even the Ministry of National Defense is taking their side…

-Well, I just got some information.

At Mun Il-hyang’s words, everyone was shocked.

When Mun Il-hyang pressed some buttons, a huge screen shone.

It was an underground high speed train.

Unlike the ordinary ones, this only had five compartments, and they weren’t numbered.



The executives were not sure about what they were seeing.

At that, Mun Il-hyang smiled and said,

-It is the mobile prison which holds the Demonic Cult’s Lord.

-Demonic Cult!

At those words, the others couldn’t hide their shock.

Most of the executives knew that Chun Woo-jin, the Lord of Demonic Cult was in some secret prison, but not an underground train.

-How did you get it?

-I am in charge of guarding the mobile prison at the request of the prosecutor's office.


The one in charge of the security!

The executives were perplexed at the words of the chairman who just revealed it.

Mun Il-hyang spoke to them.

-Only me and the bailiff who gave the sentence know about this train. But this morning, a man disappeared.


-It has to be the work of the Cult.

-Then, we need to stop them right away!

-Yes. Those Demonic Cult people would try to break him out…ah!

Shocked by the news, the executives started clamoring for the need to stop the Cult, but they then went silent.

They were all looking at each other with the same thought.

Mun Il-hyang smiled and said.

-Shouldn’t the government and the civilians be shown just how dangerous the Demonic Cult is?

Main office of Yongchun Group, Jinan city.

Senior executives including the chairman, chun Yu-jang, couldn’t hold back their joy.

The reason was that they managed to find the whereabouts of the Lord Chun Woo-jin, whom they were looking for.

“Hang Yu-rin. You really worked hard!”

“It was nothing. Chairman.”

Chun Yu-jang praised the woman.

Based on the information that the two companies gathered and the information in the hands of the Great Guardian, she managed to find the bailiff who was in charge of the sentence.

The bailiff, who was escorted into the Yongchun group, refused to open his mouth and was ready to die.

However, unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

‘A convenient ability.’

Chun Yeowun made the man a ghost and read his memories.

They managed to discover that he was in an underground train.

However, they now had to rescue the man.

“Finally, we will be able to bring back our Lord!”

The executives all rose up and congratulated Chun Yu-jang.

There was a sense of haste, still, they knew just how difficult it would be to get their Lord from the prison.

Hu Bong, Marayun and Shakena went to rescue him.

Shakena had her Phasing ability.

If the three went in, then it would be an easy task.

‘Now we are getting closer.’

Even without Chun Yeowun, there were plenty of talented people.

“They must have got him by now.”

Huan Myung-oh said while checking the clock.

The underground train would reach Zhugushi at 12 o'clock.

According to the information they got, the train runs non-stop for 12 hours and stops for 20 minutes to shift the workers.


The smartphone of Huan Myung-oh rang.

A text flew in.

Huan Myung-oh, who saw that, went stiff.

“What is it?”

At the chairman’s question, Huan Myung-oh said.

“I think we should watch TV right away.”


Huan Myung-oh hurriedly got up and switched it on.

And the screen shone.

He immediately changed it to a new channel which was reporting breaking news while standing in front of the State Council

-As reported by our correspondent, the judicial authorities of the State Council have decided to proceed with the execution of Chun Woo-jin, the former chairman of the Black Sky Company, at 6 o’clock. He is the worst criminal who caused the bloody death of the president 27 years ago. The perpetrator Chun Woo-jin…

“W-what is this!”

Chun Yu-jang and the executives who were watching it couldn’t hide their disbelief.

Chun Woo-jin, who was a death row inmate, was given life in prison.

Now they wanted him executed.


-This sentence will be carried out in a judicial prison under the State Council in an unusual…

It was said that the execution would be carried out by the State Council.

Chun Yeowun narrowed his eyes.

He tried various things to make sure people didn’t know about the mission, but it seemed like it was found out, and rather soon.

‘Too fast.’

Things were progressing too fast.

If this was exposed to the public like this, even if the man was brought out of the prison, people would look at them negatively.

At that moment, Chun Yeowun heard something.


It was Hu Bong.

It was through a nano bomb which was placed inside. Inside whom the nano bomb was placed??

‘How did it happen?’

Hu Bong spoke in a confused voice.

-Lord. There are other prisoners here, but not the current Lord.


Did that mean that Chun Woo-jin was pulled out?

Something felt wrong.

According to the bailiff’s memories, the train would travel in different routes, so there were fixed stops.

And the only stop was the station where Hu Bong was now at, so it was impossible to get the current Lord out.

‘Do you know if the train has stopped somewhere?’

-The prisoners say that the train hasn’t stopped in 12 hours.

At those words, Chun Yeowun’s brows rose.


Chun Yeowun sighed and looked at the State Council building.

Everyone was puzzled when Chun Yeowun sighed when he said.

“We were lied to.”

“Wh-what do you mean…”

Chun Yeowun answered Chun Yu-jang’s question with irritation.

“The train was fake. The current Lord was never in a mobile prison from the start.”


At the same time.

The Murim Association meeting.

Mun Il-hyang spoke in a happy voice.

-They must be out of their minds. There is no Lord in the prison at all. There is no way they can get the man before the execution. Huhuhu.

The kidnapped bailiff had the wrong information, so it was no use to torture him and get information.

-Indeed our chairman!

The Murim Association executives were satisfied.

It felt like they were having a cool sip of cider in the hot sun.

Tang Moon-su opened his mouth.

-I think this has limited their options. In order to save their Lord, will they try and rescue him at the cost of being seen badly by the world again? Or boldly let the man die? Haha!

Such a plan!

They knew that the Cult wasn’t blind to the existence of their Lord.

And if they do something wrong to bring back their Lord, people will remember everything that happened 27 years back.

-Cool, Public Execution by the State Council.

The others acknowledged it too.

If they try to bring the man from the judicial prison of the State Council, then the Demonic Cult won’t only get bad complaints from the people but also anger from the government.

At that time, Jang Pyeong-gak asked.

-What if they give up on their Lord?

Mun Il-hyang smiled and said.

-Huhuhu, don’t worry. One way or another, the next day Demonic Cult will be a felony group trying to free the worst criminal.

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