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Descent of the Demon God 110: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth (4)

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“What? Demonic Cult?”

Oh Tae-chung, the head of the Ministry of Murim, frowned.

If this man was a Demonic Cult member, then isn’t he a subordinate of Chun Woo-jin, who was being executed right now?

Even more shocked were the executives of the Murim Association.

‘How is he?’

The Murim Association concentrated all its power on monitoring the Cult in Jinan city. It was to confirm if they were coming to Xian or not.

‘Weren't we told that no one moved?’

Clearly, the person who was dispatched to Jinan said that none of the Yongchun Group’s executives left the city. So they didn’t understand how this man came here.

[How did this happen?]

Tang Moon-su, one of the executives, sent a telepathic message.

However, what was the use of asking Jang Pyeong-gak if he himself didn’t know?

[Oh god. I don’t know either.]

[Huh, I don’t know if they are smart or stupid.]

Tang Moon-su clicked his tongue.

Now the judicial prison they were going to enter will be overflowing with corpses. This man had just walked into the trap on his own feet.


At that time, Oh Tae-chun snorted.

He didn’t like this, and he never liked the Yongchun group who were always trying to make an agreement with the National Defense.

“How dare yo…”


Tag Moon-su grabbed him, however, he didn’t stop and kept trying to yell.

[Director. Please hold back.]

Oh Tae-chung wasn’t well versed in martial arts, but he knew the basics.

Knowing that it was the technique to convey thoughts, Oh Tae-chung went silent.


There were a lot of people around.

The reporters were already holding their cameras.

Oh Tae-chun looked at Tang Moon-su and the other executives.

[Maybe this is for the good.]

‘This is for the good?’

[That man is a representative of the current Demonic Cult.]

The executives of Murim Association kept telling him in detail about the Demonic Cult and about this man being called Chun Ma.

At those words, Oh Tae-chun’s eyes narrowed.


So this man was truly a Demonic Cult member, and he believed it, but if he was a representative then things are different.

[That man is the one who attacked the Association. If that man is arrested on the spot using the incident in the judicial prison and reported to the media, the process will proceed smoothly.]

Oh Tae-chung seemed satisfied with Tang Moon-su’s words.

‘With that we can certainly put pressure on the National Defense.’

Oh Tae-chung regained his composure, and spoke to Ahn Woo-hong.

“The Ministry of National Defense has been entrusted with the security by the Judiciary, so it’s only natural for you to enter. But you want that young man to accompany you?”

Oh Tae-chung asked.

Actually, he was still angry and on the verge of yelling at the man who didn’t seem to care about anything.

Ahn Woo-hong answered.

“Huhu, this is the vice-chairman of the Yongchun Group that just signed a contract with the Ministry of National Defense. He is the head of an organization which uses martial arts, just like the Murim Association, so if any problem would emerge, I brought him along to seek advice.”

“Ahh, is that so? There are better advisors here, but I don’t know why you had to bring him.”

Said Oh Tae-chung sarcastically.

‘Better advisors?’

Ahn Woo-hong snorted.

He witnessed Chun Yeowun’s monstrous strength with his own eyes, so he had full confidence in him.

“Well, this man is the most reliable. Heheh.”

Oh Tae-chung got annoyed at those words.

‘Let’s see how that attitude changes.’

From the moment they entered the prison, he was sure that Ahn Woo-hong would back down.

“Let’s enter.”

Oh Tae-chung took the first move and went to the entrance.

He was then followed by the secretaries and the executives.

Jang Pyeong-gak couldn’t take his eyes off Chun Yeowun the entire time.

‘He is a dangerous person.’

He was very wary of Chun Yeowun.

He heard from Saint Nogak that the Chun Ma of the Demonic Cult meant a warrior who surpassed the Lord of the Cult, but no one believed it.

However, when they came face to face rather than through a hologram, he felt weird.

‘… however, all the media is concentrated here, even foreign ones. No matter how evil he is, he won’t be able to walk out if he does something wrong.’

At least, if he wasn’t an idiot, he wouldn’t do it.

If that happens then their entire plan to resurrect the Demonic Cult will be blown away.

The Murim was a structure which was close to the public and the government.

They went inside through the revolving door at the entrance.


It was tinted, so the ones on the outside couldn’t see anything, and the lights were flickering on and off, as if some electrical problem was happening.

‘They did it right.’

The executives nodded with a smile.

Even when they opened their qi senses, they could feel nothing.


The Ministry of National Defense also went inside.

And the executives started to act.

“Looks like something is wrong.”

“I don’t feel anything here.”

Oh Tae-chung helped them out.

“Come on, let’s head to the execution site.”

“Director. The execution is in the basement.”

The secretaries led them down the stairs to the basement.

The faces of Oh Tae-chung and the executives were full of anticipation.

They started to get curious as to how the faces of Ahn Woo-hang and Chun Yeowun would look.

As soon as they began to go down, a foul stench of blood hit them.

And then dead bodies greeted them.


The secretaries, who weren’t familiar with such situations, covered their noses and frowned.

Even knowing about the circumstances before, they couldn’t stay calm.

“What the hell happened here?”

“Looks like someone broke inside.”

The executives were the first to speak, and Oh Tae-chung acted with them.

The first scene was about to be done.


The body lying on the front side had sharp scars.

To examine it, they wiped the blood stains on the wound with a towel.


Jang Pyeong-gak’s eyes narrowed.

The marks had to be from the Demonic Cult’s martial arts.

‘What is this…’

However, the traces were different from the Demonic Cult’s.

Tang Moon-su urged Jang Pyeong-gak who didn’t say his line.

‘What happened?’

He wanted to urge the man to say that there were traces of the Demonic Cult’s martial arts on the bodies.

And then Jang Pyeong-gak answered him.

[… we have a problem.]

Tang Moon-su, who thought it was strange, went closer to inspect the wounds.

And looked at the corpses.


He couldn’t hide his dismay.

As warriors of Superior Master level, they were knowledgeable.

And it was possible for them to guess the killer's martial arts by looking at the scars, but what was on the corpses was not the traces of the Demonic cult.

‘This… blade marks.’

It wasn’t just ordinary marks.

Tang Moon-su also looked at the other corpses.

As he looked at the second body and third, his eyes trembled.

‘What the hell is all this?’

Unless his eyes were deceiving him, the scars were blade techniques.

And that was.

“Blade God Six Martial arts.”

‘Who said that!’

As someone said it loudly, Jang Pyeong-gak and Tang Moon-su looked at the person.

It was Chun Yeowun.

‘Damn it!’

Tang Moon-su couldn’t hide this shock at the situation.

What Chun Yeowun said was the right answer.

The sword marks on the body were caused by the Blade Six’s Blade God Six Martial Clan’s technique.

‘How is this even possible?’

The corpses had traces of that technique.

The traces were too apparent to claim that the Demonic Cult created them.

At that moment, Oh Tae-chun shouted out.

“No! Doesn’t this mean that these traces are of the Demonic cult?”


Jang Pyeong-gak and Tang Moon-su went stiff at that.

This was a problem.


Oh Tae-chung hadn’t mastered martial arts, and they didn’t even tell him what they discovered.

So he still claimed that the traces were of the Cult.


Jang Pyeong-gak tried to correct him.

However, Oh Tae-chung looked at Chun Yeowun and went ahead.

“I am asking what happened?! Why do the bodies of the bailiffs have traces of the Demonic Cult’s martial arts?”

Oh Tae-chung’s face was showing happy expressions.

He was hoping for Ahn Woo-hong to be flustered.

However, the reaction they had was so far from expected.

“If I hadn’t come here, they would have said that everything was done by the Cult.”

Chun Yeowun spoke disappointedly.

“No. What are you saying…”

Oh Tae-chung, unaware of the situation, was about to speak up, but Jang Pyeong-gak intervened.

“Director. That isn’t Demonic Cul…”



At that moment, something sharp touched Jang Pyeong-gak’s neck.

Blood dripped from his skin which was a little scratched.

A little to the side, and his throat would have been pierced.

“W-what are you?”

Panicked, Jang Pyeong-gak glared at Chun Yeowun and shouted.

“You have been saying Demonic Cult till now, but since when was the Sky Demon Order called Demonic Cult?”

Demonic Cult was a term used to demean the Sky Demon Order. Despite having an official name, people called it Cult.

“Look here. Even if that is the case, this is too much!”

Tang Moon-su stood up and tried to protest.

It was to change the topic and cover the mistake that Oh Tae-chung made.

In a stern voice, Chun Yeowun said.

“Is that so, then should I call you the Murim Association?”

Tang Moon-su was speechless for a moment.

If he said okay, then it would mean he was intentionally calling it the Demonic cult.

Wiping the blood from the neck, Jang Pyeong-gak apologized.

“I didn’t mean to demean the Cult. I apologize.”

“I don’t need your apologizing, tell the truth.”

At Chun Yeowun’s words, Jang Pyeong-gak bit his lip.

A difficult situation would come up if it was revealed that the traces on the corpses were of the Blade Six’s clan.

‘If that happens, it won’t just be the Blade Six which will be suspected.’

However, he couldn’t lie in front of Chun Yeowun or the Ministry of National Defense. So contemplating, he opened his mouth.

“Director. These aren’t the traces of the Demo- Sky Demon Order.”

“Huh? What is that supposed to mean?”

Oh Tae-chung’s face contorted at it.

His eyes were asking, just what the hell happened.

‘What the hell is he trying to say?’

Dang Moon-su looked at Jang Pyeong-gak with worried eyes.

If he said something wrong, then Blade Six will become the culprits of the incident.

‘Kuak! Especially with the Ministry of National Defense!’

If only the National Defense wasn’t here, they would have changed the scars on the corpses.

Thinking that their plan was successful, they even brought in another department inside the prison.

Jang Pyeong-gak spoke cautiously.

“It seems to be a different martial arts, but I think we should officially investigate this with the experts in the association.”

For now, that was the best way out.

‘Good job!’

Tang Moon-su praised the man for solving the issue, however, something unexpected happened.

“I guess the justice seeking warriors are very political.”


At that moment, Chun Yeowun’s blade passed through Jang Pyeong-gak’s shoulder.


The sleeves of his white clothes were soaked red and the severed arm fell down.


Pang Pyeong-gak screamed as he held onto the cut hand.

In response, the other people of the association pulled out their weapons.

Shh! Shh!

“What is this?”

Tang Moon-su yelled at Chun Yeowun.

Who would have imagined that he would dare do such a thing?

Chun Yeowun opened his mouth.

“Everyone here should know that the martial arts of the Blade God Six Martial clan are impossible to learn unless one belonged to the clan. And now you want to give out the results after investigating it? Are the martial arts and enlightenment you gained just for decoration?”

The martial arts of the Blade God Six Martial clan could only be learned properly when the human body exceeds the limit.

Even the warriors who learned the best martial arts could never copy their techniques as their joints and muscles wouldn’t withstand it.

In response to Chun Yeowun remarks, Tang Moon-su spoke.

“W-we don’t know that. It is just that Blade Six could never do this, so we are trying to be fair to them so that no one would frame them.”


“Right! I want to do things fairly…”

“You are very good at making shitty statements.”


Chun Yeowun answered him.

“So when people die with the traces of my Cult, the Cult is punished right away, but when they die with the traces of the Blade God Six Martial clan, the clan is treated fairly?”


Tag Moon-su’s face distorted at that.

He had to calm his emotions and talk, but he wasn’t able to.


It was because of the energy that Chun Yeowun was releasing.

He was suffocating with the energy spread around.

Tang Moon-si barely opened his mouth.

“W-what are you releasing the energy for?”

“For this.”

At that moment, Chun Yeowun’s sword drew a unique trajectory, passed through various members of the association and then went for Oh Tae-chung.


It happened so fast that Oh Tae-chung couldn’t do anything but stand bewildered, and the body fell down, into pieces.

Tuk tuk tuk tuk!

‘What is that!’

Tang Moon-su’s eyes widened at what he saw.

The trajectory which Chun Yeowun just unfolded was the technique of the Blade God Six Martial clan.

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