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Descent of the Demon God 117: Black Athena (1)

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Two organizations which were acknowledged by Huan Myung-oh, the head of the Sky Demon Order's information office.

Black Athena and Club PAB.

One of them was Black Athena which was located near Jinan city.

"Kuk. Lord. It smells like the sea already, isn't that right? Mak-heon?"

"Y-yes it does."

They hadn't even left the station yet, so they were still underground. There was no way they could smell the sea from there.

Hu Bong, who was extremely excited, and BI Mak-heon, who treated him like a mentor, were acting like this.

Looking at them, Yu So-hwa just shook her head.

Originally, Lord Chun Woo-jin and Chun Yu-jang asked Chun Yeowun to take more people with him, but he refused.

[Lord. My wife…]


Hu Bong asked for Mun Ran-yeong to accompany them, but Chun Yeowun was against it.

And the reason was simple.

[She needs to stay here in case something happens.]

Although the merger went smoothly, there were still enemies waiting for the chance to attack the Sky Demon order.

The Murim Association, Blade Six…

In addition, the demons who were special entities, were boldly infiltrating their site.

That was the reason he wanted to leave behind a strong person.

Surprisingly, this time Shakena obeyed the orders right away.

[Guard him at the headquarters.]

The person Chun Yeowun asked to be guarded was Deo.

Demons who lost their core couldn't recover their bodies if it wasn't placed back right away.

Oddly enough, Deo entered into a cocoon state, a state of self-recovering.

[Don't let anyone touch him.]

[I understand. Master.]

After seeing Chun Yeowun absorb the energy from the demon core, Shakena acted more cautious.

Maybe she was scared of having her core coveted by him.

And it didn't seem like a bad outcome for Chun Yeowun who wouldn't have to push her away.

'If my guess is correct, that traitor demon is among the executives of the Murim Association.'

He was angry with Chun Yeowun over the incident in the judicial prison and boldly sent his assistants.

And such a person wouldn't give up just because Kyle died.

'Before that, I need to find clues regarding Baekgi.'

With that, Chun Yeowun came here.

Enemies who realized that he was the centre of the Sky Demon Order were likely to attack him.

And before they earnestly enter war mode, he wanted to find Baekgi.

"Vice-chairman. Can we move publicly like this?"

As he was going upstairs, BI Mak-heon asked.

The reason was simple.


A lot of people were already looking at Chun Yeowun as if they recognized him.

"Oh my. Isn't that person the vice-chairman of the Yongchun group who appeared on the news?"

"It's the person who protected the Ministry of National Defense during a case in the judicial prison."

After that incident, Chun Yeowun became a celebrity.

In a world where gates have opened, the Ministry of National Defense was very important.

And the public thought great of him as he saved a man from that department.

"He is the vice-chairman of a large corporation at that age."

"So cool.!"

Most of them were young women.

Chun Yeowun was pretty fine-looking, he was tall and a cold city man vibe was around him.

However, what attracted women the most was that he was the vice-chairman of a large corporation.

"They seem to like the Lord very much. Hehe."

More excited at the gossip of women, Hu Bong spoke to Chun Yeowun.

He was now a Supreme master, so he heard everything.

"Lord. It might be better to pretend like you don't care."

Bi Mak-heon said as he looked at Hu Bong.

He really didn't like the attention they were getting.


"I am afraid that those who tried to send assassins would send them again."

Their location was out. And all sorts of enemies were aiming for Chun Yeowun now.

Chun Yeowun smiled and said to BI Mak-heon.

"That is why we are here."


Rather, that was his goal from the beginning.

Exposing himself was a ruse.

The true purpose was to make the enemies' attention turn to him rather than the headquarters of the Yongchun group.

'I would appreciate it if they aim for me.'

Meanwhile, the Murim Association in Cheongju had an emergency meeting.

They were in utter chaos because of the prison case.

The current public opinion was divided into two, clans that wanted to withdraw from the Association and those who wanted to protect their clan members who were trapped.

Meanwhile, the person behind all that was happening appeared in Cheongju, so they were flustered.

"It was said that they moved into town. What should we do?"


At Kwak Cheon-gi's question, all executives were shocked.

It was impossible for them not to remember what happened.

In the Murim Association, the demonic Cult was their all-time enemy.

Their main enemy was now in their area, so it was right to respond. However, they heard that one of them was stronger than the Five Great Warriors.

And there weren't any decent ones in Cheongju.

"Chief. Did you not hear that the one named Chun Mu-seong had destroyed the entire main office? How can we stop him?"

When one of the executives said that, the others added.

"Right. It would only make things worse."

"It doesn't seem like they are here to mess with us, why not leave them alone?"

At those words, Kwak Cheon-gi seemed troubled.

Like they said, he was moving openly. They could just watch the man.

But he was worried if this was some kind of trap.

'Is this a trap?'

Gradually, he began to believe that Chun Yeowun was up to something. If not, he couldn't find another excuse.

'Right. Let this go. Rather, he could be doing this to taunt us too.'

Right now, the public opinion of the Association wasn't good.

And if they moved and fell into a trap for nothing, it would be even more embarrassing.

"Right. If this is a trap, it seems appropriate to just watch them. Let's just inform the people to monitor them and make sure they aren't messing with the city."

Everyone nodded as they agreed to it. But then, a man raised his hand.

"Branch chief?"

He was Yeom Hae-kyun, the deputy head of the association and holder of the beer business.

Unlike his droopy eyes, he was greedy and wasn't the same as the other executives.

"The words of the branch chief are right, but what if the Demonic cult came to join hands with the Forces of Evil in Cheongju?"


Kwak Cheon-gi coughed as if he didn't like what he just heard.

Here, in Cheongju, the Forces of Evil were more active than in other cities. They were involved in trade and liquor and were using drugs too.

Because of a lot of reasons, the Murim Association couldn't touch them.

"What are you trying to say? Deputy chief?"

In response to the question, Yeom Hae-kyun smiled.

"I am just saying you know. Use barbarians to deter other barbarians."

It meant to pit one against another.

"We leak the information to the Forces of Evil in advance."

"Leak information?"

"If the demonic Cult is trying to enter Cheongju… and the person in charge of the group is visiting here. wouldn't they be riled up?"

The executives seemed a little interested in the plan. It seemed plausible too.

Especially since it didn't require the Association to use their power.

If they could move the Forces of Evil, then the results would be out.

And nothing would happen to the Murim Association.


Kwak Cheon-gi, who thought that Yeom Hae-kyun was aiming for his spot, didn't like this, but agreed to it.

"Fine. Let's do that. Then who will handle this?"

At that, Yeom Hae-kyun got up.

"Since I was the one who suggested it, I will handle it."

Suddenly, Kwak Cheon-gi felt a weird chill when he saw the man take the lead. But if something went wrong, he could throw the blame on Yeom Hae-kyun.

On the other hand, an elevated roar overlooking the sea.

Chun Yeowun and his party members were riding a black sedan down the road.

A man in his mid-30s wearing a yellow cap was driving the car, he was an agent of the information agency of the Cult.

He was ordered to wait for them in front of the station and was now taking them to Black Athena.

Black Athena was located in the downtown area on the southeast coast. It was commonly known to be a place of pleasure.

"Based on our research, the Black Athena has ranked by trading."

Agent Rayun gave information about Black Athena.

Not many details were known because they do things secretly, but they managed to gather information from people by telling them they would do business with them.


Agent Rayun, who was driving, pulled something out of his pocket and handed it.

It was four coins.

Coins with an image of Greek goddess Athena holding a spear and shield, one in copper, one in red and the other two in blue.

"These coins represent membership of Black Athena."

"They said that the members are divided into seven types…"

White for guests.

Blue is for level 5 trading.

Red is for level 4 trading.

Copper is for level 3 trading.

Silver is for level 2 trading.

And Gold is the first class trading.

It was said that black was only owned by the VIP level ones.

Looking at the coins, Chun Yeowun asked.

"Seems like for us, the copper is the highest leveled one of these 4."

"Sorry. We were running out of time."

Chun Yeowun had arrived here in less than half a day.

In that time alone, they managed to get information and memberships for them.

"It doesn't matter. How to use these?"

"It is said that if you enter the club, which is the main building of Black Athena, there is a large coin design on it. And if the coin is shown there, you are allowed to enter."


The process was simpler than he thought. Since they were mainly doing behind-the-scenes transactions, he thought they would pay more attention to the security, but they seemed rather lax.

'I'll know once I enter.'

The black sedan soon entered the downtown area.

As if it was Las Vegas, the place was full of colorful places and filled with entertainment venues worthy of the title city of pleasure!


The car halted as entry to the place of Black Athena was restricted. And there were so many people on the road that driving it would be tough.

"I will be waiting in the public parking lot on the 4th street about 100 meters away."

After leaving the car, Chun Yeowun headed to the gates of Black Athena with the others.

As it was still around 5 pm, there were huge neon signs lit and EDM music rang out.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Hu Bong looked at the music ringing out from the speakers and the people entering Black Athena with shocked eyes.

In particular, his pupils contracted each time he saw women's breasts revealing through their clothes and thigh-high skirts.

"Is this how this place normally is?"

Chun Yeowun frowned as this was his first time coming here.

People were drinking and dancing, and as they went inside, it felt weirder for them.

"Lord. Thank you."

"For what?"

"Even if I die now, I have no regrets. Hehehe."

Hu Bong looked at the women shaking their hips with his red face.

Yu So-hwa, who was next to him, took a photo of his face and said.


"I'll send it to sister Ran-yeong."


Hu Bong wondered why she took the photo.


He had to plead with her after that. This was Hu Bong's only weakness.

When entering the site of Black Athena, the stage was set up outdoors in front of the building and the DJ raised the mood.

Thud! Thud! Thud!


Chun Yeowun never enjoyed music, but listening to this, he missed the music from wind instruments.

In this era, he quickly got used to various cultures, but it seemed like this was something he could never understand.

And even more shocking as they went further inside.

Starting with colorful lasers, artificially created smoke on the ground, and men and women dancing like crazy.

Thud! Thud!

The EDm music kept hitting their ears.

After passing the dancing stage and as they went inside, they saw a huge door with goddess Athena under small stairs.

"That seems to be the place. Vice-chairman."

In front of that large door, two large men in black suits were guarding it. Both were martial arts users.

"I heard it's sapphire, quite good."

Chun Yeowun nodded at Hu Bong's words.

These people were only guards, but they were still amazingly skilled.

He heard that most of the Forces of Evil had fallen during this time, but seeing these people, that didn't seem right.

As Chun Yeowun and his party approached, the large men stopped them.

And said in a daunting voice.

"You aren't allowed to go through."

At that, BI Mak-heon took out a copper coin and showed it to them. There was no need to show lower-level coins. One of the men who checked it, spoke into his earpiece.

"There is a copper grade guest. Guide 4 people inside."

And then opened the door with a friendly voice, unlike before.

"Welcome. Please enter Black Athena."

The real entrance of Black Athena.

As they entered, a beautiful woman in her early 20s was waiting there with her waiter outfit.

She was there with four glasses of green martini and red cherries placed to greet them.

"I shall guide you."

Following her inside, another large hall appeared.

The place was well soundproofed, and classical music was playing instead of the EDM outside.

It was like entering another world.

'Silence is so nice.'

Chun Yeowun's expression brightened.

On the other hand, Hu Bong's mood darkened. All the people inside were wearing fully covered clothes, this was more like a banquet hall.

The large hall had an inner circle for the purpose of the stage, and tables were placed outside the area.

As they said that, the beautiful woman who served them left after telling them to have a good time.

"… Is this it?"

"We-well. This is different from what we heard!"

Bi Mak-heon was puzzled.

The agent said if they went inside, a person would come to take them. But no one showed up here.

'Hmm, I need to take a different approach.'

Chun Yeowun knew of a way to meet the needed person directly without this method. But it was a bit extreme this time.

It was then, someone approached their table.

"You don't know how to use them?"

Contrary to her pure voice, she was a woman with an alluring figure.

Yu So-hwa's expression went stiff at the woman wearing a red dress showcasing her breasts.


"It has been long. Probably since the appointment ceremony."

The two women seemed acquainted.

The woman called Im So-hye put her hands on the table, bent her upper body forward so that her breasts were on display for Chun yeowun and said.

"I wanted to know the man who made one of the three SS-class keepers retire, and he turns out to be the vice-chairman of the famous Yongchun Group."

Her eyes sparkled with curiosity.

Chun Yeowun asked Yu So-hwa, not interested in the woman at all.

"Who is she?"

At that question, Yu So-hwa bit her lip and answered.

"… SS-class Kepper Im So-hye."

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