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Descent of the Demon God 213: Memory (1)

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An unbelievable sight unfolded right before their eyes.

All the demons who witnessed it were shocked; the Demon King was a divine being to them since the title was for the best and the strongest warrior in their clan.

The fact that the Demon King was defeated by a human, a species that they had always regarded as mere insects, and not someone from Talisha’s clan, made it all the more absurd.

“H-How could—”

“Your Majesty!”

Chun Yeowun’s hand pierced through the heart, or nucleus, of the Demon King. If the nucleus was drawn out of his body, Taura’s existence would be reduced to ashes.

“Master’s strength was this strong?!”

After the Demon King appeared, Shakena had been in despair, but now she couldn’t take her eyes off Chun Yeowun.

Unlike the demons, the members of the Sky Demon order cheered for him.


“Demon God! Demon God! Demon God!”

Everyone thought the end had come when hurricanes and thunderstorms began to shake the entire place.

However, all of that was gone when Chun Yeowun, a legend of the Sky Demon Order, turned everything around.

“Hehehe, see that? See? I told you Lord could do it.”

Hu Bong made a fuss out of his excitement.

“Ahem, did I ever say he couldn’t?”

“You seemed anxious. Hehe.”


Baekgi shook his head and looked at Chun Yeowun.

‘I can’t keep up.’

Although Chun Yeowun was his Lord, Baekgi still wanted to close the gap in level with martial arts, but Chun Yeowun seemed to have leapt even farther away.

Chun Yeowun was like a wall he couldn’t overcome.

Thud! Thud!

Many of the demons had dropped their weapons as if they lost their will. Victory and defeat were decided between beings who were leaders, so the war ended when the fight of the leaders ended.

“What are you doing/!”

“Raise your weapons now!”

The commanders urged them, but nothing could change the fact that they had lost.

“What are you?”


The commanders were speechless. Even if the forces on the ground were combined, they couldn’t do anything against Chun Yeowun, so how could the war continue?

No matter how barbaric the demons were, their ability to judge the situation was spot-on.


The Demon King, whose nucleus had been caught, groaned. His mind was confused.

I, the King… see defeat once again…’

This time, he hadn’t even been careless. Moreover, he had been convinced that no other being could be called his equal, but that confidence was shattered.

‘I haven’t done anything yet.’

He had come to Earth for one reason: to get his revenge on Larisha.

Dying like this without getting it done was unacceptable.

“ this… like this!”

Light shone in the Demon King’s eyes.

As if he wanted to burn down everything one last time, the demonic power in his body exploded like a candle.

The Demon King yelled,

“Think you can finish it like—”



Before the Demon King could finish, Chun Yeowun pulled his hand out of the Demon King’s body.

Thud! Thud!

The nucleus of the Demon King was beating in his hand, and the Demon King who watched it was wide-eyed.

Chun Yeowun caught the nucleus as if it was a toy.

“Huh. It’s done.”

“You…you… human…”

His dignity as a king was lost. The eyes of the Demon King, who was staring at Chun Yeowun with a killing intent, lost focus. Since his nucleus was removed from his body, there was no more power to support his body.

“I’ll take this.”

Blue energy flowed from Chun Yeowun’s right wrist and wrapped around the nucleus in his hand, soon wrapping around the entire hand.

‘Is he trying to absorb the power of the Demon King?’

Grand Duke Kaliaf looked at the scene while holding his breath. As he watched the battle, the Grand Duke was shocked at how infinitely powerful Chun Yeowun’s power seemed.

Now that the fight was over, a serious question arose in his mind.

‘What will happen if Master, who has power that surpasses the Demon King, gains the power of the Demon King?

Imagining it itself was terrifying enough.


It was then:

Black energy exploded and flowed out from the Demon King’s nucleus as the previous Demonic Kings’ demonic powers that were sleeping in the nucleus also came out.


The tangible power inside shuddered wildly as if rebelling or threatening Chun Yeowun; it almost seemed as if the energy refused to be absorbed by anyone who wasn’t a demon.

“So rebellious.”

Chun Yeowun raised the Sky Demon Energy and tried to subdue it.

Then, a ferocious energy was emitted and the demonic power of the Kings inside the nucleus were suppressed once more.

“Resisting is useless; if you are the Demon Kings, then I am the Demon God.”

Sky Demon Energy began to devour the demonic energy of the past Demon Kings like a beast. In front of Sky Demon Energy, all other power or energy paled in comparison.

The momentum of the past demonic powers weakened as they were consumed.


The demonic power began to rush into Chun Yeowun one after another as he began to feel the demonic power of the Demon King.


Chun Yeowun’s heart pounded as the demonic power entered his body and his vision turned black.


When the power inside nuclei was absorbed, the information within would be transferred to his head. However, images began to flow as if he were watching a film.

‘This is?’

They were from the memory of the Demon King Taura.

Unlike other demons, Demon King Taura’s body was very different and had a strong spirit imbued into his nucleus.

Thousands of years of Demon King Taura’s memory began to play.

Most of them were battles, but then the memories he bottled up were shown.


The memories flowed like a film until the setting came into focus. Chun Yeowun could even feel the Demon King’s complex emotions: disappointment and hatred.

[It isn’t possible! Larisha is recovering right now!]

The demons stopped him from entering the audience room.

Taura killed those demons, forcibly opened the door, and went in. As he went in, he saw the figure of someone recovering inside a black sphere.


Like the other demons, this one also had an exotic appearance. Strangely, his appearance wasn’t unfamiliar, as if he was more than just a stranger.


The being with its eyes closed opened them and looked. Since this was Taura’s memory, Chun Yeowun could see Larisha looking right at him.


[I asked for nobody to be sent in.]

[Right, but we don’t have time right now.]

The Demon King’s feelings were clearly felt by Chun Yeowun, who sensed that the being in the black sphere instilled fear within Taura.


Taura then put down a certain device: the device to open the Gate. After touching a certain button on the device, a large black hole appeared in the ceiling.

[What are you doing?]

[For the last time, I am going to change your intentions.]

[What do you mean?]

[Give me orders right now to go through this Gate and get rid of the bugs on Earth.]

At Taura’s words, Larisha’s expression hardened. Ignoring that, Taura continued.

[The Larisha that I know isn’t like this. Aren’t you supposed to work for the clan? We don’t show mercy to the bugs just because of one human wench.]

‘Human wench?’

Chun Yeowun was now intrigued, as this memory would reveal the real cause for why Larisha was trying to cooperate with humans.

At Taura’s words, Larisha warned him.

[Taura, no further disrespect will be forgiven.]

At that, he laughed.


With a ridiculing voice, Taura spoke to Larisha.

[It seems that the information that Talisha’s sword stabbed your nucleus was correct.]


At that, Larisha didn’t respond, and Taura looked at him. With a sly smile, he said,

[I will head to Earth right now and remove everything that’s weakening you to restore you to your original state. Understand that this is out of my loyalty.]


[I will find that woman and kill her first.]


As soon as he said that, Larisha flew towards Taura, breaking out of the black sphere that was helping him recover with a force that made it seem like he wanted kill Taura.

[Oh… is this your answer? You really have become weak.]

Seriously wounded, Larisha felt powerless against Taura, as the information about his nucleus being hurt seemed to be accurate. Taura grabbed Larisha’s head and looked at his chest.

[Do you not know what my ability is?]


[It seems like you are no longer capable of leading our clan. You are not only weakened in the head but also you have a weakened heart.]

[Such a crooked thought, Taura.]

Larisha’s eyes were filled with anger and hatred, but also sadness.

[Don’t look at me like that!]


Taura began to absorb Larisha’s power. Although Larisha was weakened, he still was able to resist Taura’s absorption with a firm impression. Taura, who kept on going, scoffed once he had absorbed almost all the demonic power.

[Disappointing. The best warrior can’t even rebel?]

As someone who tried to overcome his fears by strengthening his resolve, Larisha thought that it was futile and answered.

[I end here as a King.]

[… What are you saying?]

[I will allow you to lead the clan, so lose your interest in Earth.]


Larisha still held onto his resolve to protect Earth despite having all of his powers taken away.

Taura couldn’t hide his disappointment after that, and now hated Larisha.

Larisha was the warrior he admired the most, so seeing him sacrifice his nature and heart for someone other than his clan made Taura miserable.


Taura lifted Larisha’s body.

[What are you doing?]

[You choose to neglect our clan till the end.]

[That’s not it, Taura… You think—]

[Enough. I know very well what you think of the clan. If Earth is so good, then go rot on the earth for the rest of your life.]


[That is… if you can survive in this state.]

As if suffering from his injuries wasn’t enough, Larisha’s demonic power had been drained. If he fell to Earth in this state, his chances of surviving would be zero.

Despite that, Taura threw Larisha’s body at the Gate without any hesitation.


That was Chun Yeowun’s only thought after watching the scene unfold.

Like Larisha said, this man was crooked.


Once again, Taura’s memory began to flow with other memories that just seemed like imprints of information.

At some point, another actual memory came, displaying the Demon King as he stood in front of the Gate, and said,

[I will check with my own eyes to see if he is dead or not.]

Taura’s strong obsession and doubts were trapping him.

After throwing the dying Larisha into the Gate, he was under the pressure that Larisha could have survived.

‘There are rumors that I broke the law and harmed the Demon King.’

‘Duke Joseph, who was being pursued has disappeared.’

Too many things were pressuring him. The pressure of breaking the clan law and killing the clan’s king were getting to him. Without another thought, Demon King Taura opened the gate.


Demon King Taura, who came to Earth after opening the Gate, tried to use the powers to check if any demonic power existed on earth, which wasn’t difficult to confirm even at the most minute level.

‘If I check from the highest point, I’ll know for sure.’

He then moved to the sky and began to send out demonic power as if he were a radar device.

The Demon King’s demonic energy spread out in every direction, but after less than a day of the demonic energy propagating everywhere, an entirely unexpected existence appeared in the sky.

[A human?]

It was a human with a strong impression and wavy long hair, whose existence surprised even Chun Yeowun.

‘Chun Ma!’

It was Chun Ma, his ancestor.

Who would have thought that Taura had encountered his ancestor?

Surprisingly, Chun Ma said something to Demon King Taura.

[I did tell you not to pay attention to this place.]

Demon King Taura was startled at those words and tried to deal with him.

Chun Ma then extended his sword.


At that moment, the surrounding space distorted and Chun Ma was sucked into it as a black dot pierced through the body of the Demon King.


It all happened in a single instant.


With a gaping hole in his chest, Demon King Taura was thrown hundreds of meters away.

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