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Descent of the Demon God 215: The Clues to Change (1)

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“Stronger than Elder Cho?”

The person in the silver mask reacted with disbelief.

He had put Elder Cho in charge of the telescope and left to take care of business only to come back and hear such a seemingly absurd and unfathomable statement.

“Is there really anyone in the world who can defeat Elder?”

It wasn’t just flattery; it was the trust he had in the Elder. For the silver-masked man, Elder Cho’s existence was the supreme power.

In response to his words, Elder Cho made a weird expression and answered with a smile,

“Being strong and winning are two different things.”

The eyes of the silver-masked man smiled when he saw that the Elder wasn’t feeling down. Suddenly, Elder Cho got up.

“Where are you going?”

“I need to prepare.”


“Call the Zodiacs.”

Hearing that, the voice of the silver-masked man trembled.

“Finally, the time seems to have come.”

On the forehead of the silver mask, the word Ox was engraved neatly.

“I will carry out the order.”


The silver-masked man disappeared into thin air as if he had melted away. He seemed to be an expert at doing so since he had left so effortlessly. As he disappeared, Elder Cho mumbled,

“Whoever survives to the end wins.”

Yongchun Group’s chairman, Chun Yu-jang, and the commander of the National Guard, Cho Yun, were in deep conversation about the recent events.

Cho Yun’s attitude was noticeably different from before, as there were many signs of newfound politeness in his words.

“Are soldiers going to be stationed here?”

“Oh, no way. Don’t worry, we will evacuate as soon as the damage analysis is done.”

None of the officers could argue against Cho Yun, as they all felt the same way. They couldn’t help but marvel at the vice-chairman of the Yongchun, who had defeated the Demon King and subdued his army.

They were convinced that even the entire military wouldn’t be able to take him down.

‘For a while, the world will be in Yongchun’s hands.’

The officers knew that this statement was undeniable and now understood why Ahn Woo-hong had signed an agreement with Yongchun Group on equal footing.


When Cho Yun motioned with his hand, an officer came up to him and presented him with a bag. Inside was a mobile device with a security system.

“What’s this?”

Ahem, this is a secure cell phone with a direct number to the office of the Jinan National Guard. If there are any problems with Gates or anything else, please feel free to call us here directly.”

It was an ambitious proposal with heavy implications, as the National Guard’s request would be no different than actively cooperating with Yongchun Group. Chun Yu-jang couldn’t hide his satisfaction.

‘Thanks to my ancestor, everything is going smoothly.’

He believed that everything was possible because of Chun Yeowun, which was an undeniable fact.

Chun Yu-jang glanced at the site.

‘What’s happening?’

He had approached Cho Yun to manage the situation but was now more curious about what was happening inside.

Inside the Yongchun Group site:

All the demons were gathered, including Grand Duke Kaliaf and the demons from Bamut prison who were enjoying their victory and the ones under the former Demon King who were now awaiting their disposal.

They all focused on the situation at hand, which would determine their fate.

“The 10th Troop’s Commander, Marquis Poto, pledges eternal loyalty to the new Demon King.”

“The 11th Troop’s commander, Marquis Oxod, pledges eternal loyalty to the new Demon King.”

The highest-ranking demons, the troop leaders, were pledging their allegiance to the new King, following an oath in their clan laws.

No matter how horribly they lived, they still were beings with respect, and they knew that the lack of a firmly-established system would shake the clan, which is why they did not hesitate to announce their loyalty.


Chun Yeowun watched them.

In reality, he didn’t care too much about such things and wanted to avoid them, but he knew that these allegiances would be necessary to control the demons.

“The oath of allegiance of all the troop commanders is done, Your Majesty.”

The 1st Squad’s commander, Marquis Alchemir, spoke as their representative.

As a central figure in the Demon King’s army, he played a very significant role and had no idea that this result would come from his opening the Gate location to this destination.

Now, his heart was beating heavily.

“If our Lord wants to, couldn’t we conquer the entire China?”

Hu Bong spoke with a smile. However, Baekgi and the other demon commanders didn’t answer him. To be honest, their new King had unbelievable powers.

Even the lowest demon could outperform humans at the Master level. In addition, the demons above the Count level were strong enough to beat all of the strongest humans.

‘Conquering China? He could probably have the entire world in his hand.’

With his power, it really seemed possible; if Chun Yeowun was their King, then conquering the world wouldn’t just be a dream.

The Murim Association had also lost its control under the Sky Demon Order, which had an agreement with the Ministry of National Defense and now reigned over S-class Entity demons.

Chun Yeowun also had 2 SS-class Keepers on his side and a golden Gumiho that followed him around.

He definitely had the largest power on Earth.

‘MS Group touched someone they shouldn't have.’

Currently, the only enemy Chun Yeowun had was the MS Group, which they felt terrible for at this point.


Grand Duke Kaliaf and Duke Joseph knelt. Their smiles didn’t leave their faces, as both of them were happy that Demon King Taura was dead and Larisha was back.

“Your Majesty, please tell me what to do.”

Grad Duke Kaliaf asked for Chun Yeowun’s following orders.

The question would determine the future of the demons and whether or not Chun Yeowun would come to the Demon Realm with them.

Chun Yeowun controlled all of the power now.


He looked around, looking at the seven thousand demons there who didn’t have a place to stay.

‘Unnecessary power.’

Chun Yeowun thought that all of them didn’t need to stay there, but Chun Yeowun was also someone who had to go back to his original timeline someday.

‘And my absence will cause confusion.’

Chun Woo-jin and Chun Yu-jang weren’t skilled enough to control them, and the 7,000 demons were beyond what they could handle. Making a decision, Chun Yeowun said,


“Yes your Majesty!”

Grand Duke Kaliaf lifted his head. However, Chun Yeowun’s following words were unexpected.

“I appoint you as the next Demon King.”


All the demons who heard him were shocked. Just now, they were done pledging their allegiance to the new King, but he had suddenly announced that he would abdicate his throne?

“Your Majesty, what do you mean?!”

Duke Joseph was bewildered and asked Chun Yeowun.

“It’s just as you heard. I said that Kaliaf would be the new Demon King.”

“Why so sudden, Your Majesty?”

Grand Duke Kaliaf, too, was perplexed by the words. The seat of the Demon King wasn’t something that could be given so easily to just anyone.

If he wanted to receive the throne, Kaliaf would have to convince the demons first and then fight the current King, but Chun Yeowun had defeated the former King.

Could you just accept it under the law?


Grand Duke Kaliaf clasped his hands and pleaded,

“Please take back your words, Your Majesty!”

“Right, Your Majesty. No one in the clan can understand this.”

Duke Joseph bowed as well.

He thought he had finally allowed Larisha to sit on the throne, but this new situation confused him.

Chun Yeowun looked at them and smiled,

“You seem to be misunderstanding something.”


“What do you mean?”

He continued.

“I am in a position to take care of the Sky Demon Order and the clan, and cannot be tied to one place as a King.”

At those words, Grand Duke Kaliaf and Joseph were confused.

From their point of view, humans on earth weren’t strong, but rather very weak.

Was there any need to lead these trivial beings?

Chun Yeowun could feel their thoughts from their expressions.

‘I won’t be able to control them if I leave them alone.’

Even if they had sworn allegiance, the suppression of power acted on the most basic level.

If one doesn't have the strength to convince subordinates, they will never follow.

‘I need to press them firmly.’


Intense Sky Demon Energy radiated from Chun Yeowun’s body.

Dark energy was creeping and encroaching in every direction, stealing breaths from all of the demons.

Even if that wasn’t enough, Chun Yeowun now also had the Demon King’s powers which had been absorbed and was unfathomably strong.



The suppressed demons couldn’t raise their heads.

This was the same for Grand Duke Kaliaf and Duke Joseph.

Chun Yeowun spoke in a firm voice and used internal energy so that everyone could hear him.

“I am the Demon God, a being who reigns above the King.”

His voice rang in the demon's ears and stimulated them, which was one of the Demon King’s abilities.

It was the power to overpower and suppress every demon with lower power than him, and Chun Yeowun was twice as strong than the former Demon King, so every demon was afraid.

Chun Yeowun approached Grand Duke Kaliaf and Duke Joseph.

“Who am I?”

“Y-Your Majesty…”

“I am not a King. I’ll ask again, who am I?”

Grand Duke Kaliaf struggled to open his mouth at the overbearing force.

“T-The Great Demon God.”

“I am someone who reigns above the King.”

Chun Yeowun was making sure they all knew that he was someone higher than the Demon King.

Chun Yeowun looked at the commanders and asked,

“Has it been engraved who I am?”

The commanders, suppressed by the overbearing power, responded with immense difficulty.

“Demon God.”


Chun Yeowun, who heard their answer, called back his energy as all of the previous suppressed demons let out a rough breath.

Even Grand Duke Kaliaf looked pale.

Chun Yeowun clearly made his statement.

‘He isn’t someone we can wield recklessly.’

Grand Duke Kaliaf didn’t want to incur the wrath of Chun Yeowun, who was a monster strong enough to annihilate all the demons.

Smiling, Chun Yeowun said,

“I give you the throne. Rule the demons, Kaliaf.”


Grand Duke Kaliaf now answered.

“I will follow the command of the Demon God.”

Despite the role of Demon King being given away, Chun Yeowun still held the real power.

It was as if he were wielding a King.

The commanders, Duke, and Grand Duke were aware of this, but they couldn’t complain.

‘Enough. Should I just send them now?’

Chun Yeowun decided to send them back but still looked around, thinking about whether or not it would be beneficial to keep the demons with useful powers with him.

‘Wait… they can handle the gates at their will. Wouldn’t it then be possible to control the Gates on Earth too?’

Because of the Gates that opened randomly, Earth suffered greatly from the invasions.

However, there was now a clue to controlling them.

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