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Descent of the Demon God 216: The Clues to Change (2)

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The lower body armor of Arisha can transform into 12 daggers and has the ability called Control, which can restrain an opponent and allow the user to control them.

The next day, a meeting was held in the conference room in Yongchun Group. In the room, a 3D image of Earth was displayed.

The people gathering in the conference room were the executives of the Yongchun Group, the five demon commanders, Duke Joseph, and Chun Yeowun with his subordinates.

After the unfathomable battle, most of the demons returned to the Demon Realm. Of course, not everyone was sent back as Chun Yeowun selected 300 demons with powers that couldn't be ignored to remain on Earth.


Marquis Alchemir, the commander of the 1st squad, operated the 3D machine and showed six positions of the Earth.

Pointing at them, he said,

“These points are the backbone of the Star-Road that exists on Earth.”


Chun Woo-jin asked with a puzzled expression.

“The Star-Road is the path which exists between the planets.”

Marquis Alchemir gave a simple definition. However, it still wasn’t enough for people who heard it for the first time.

“Between planets?”

“Haa. I think I should explain from the start.”

Marquis Alchemir rubbed his forehead while showing a troubled expression. Despite significant advancements in human science, there were still so many unknowns. Moreover, the same was true for the Gates that were opened.


After Marquis Alchemir pressed another button, the image changed to a universe filled with stars.

“The universe is vast. Planets are places where living things settle in the universe. Since the beginning, these planets have had a way to interact with other planets. That is Star-Road.”


It meant the passage between planets.

“Are all planets the same?”

Marquis Alchemir answered Chun Yeowun’s question.

“Yes, Demon God. We don’t know why it came into existence, but there is certainly a passage between planets.”

Everyone nodded their heads because it was not a tricky thing to understand.

Turning back to the image of the Earth, Marquis Alchemir continued.

“What you see now is the core of the Star-Road.”

“What is a core?”

“It is the heart of the Star-Road which opens and closes.”

“Can you open and close it?”

“Each planet has its own system that protects the planet itself from external influence by Star-Road. If something goes wrong with the center….”

“The same thing as this happens?”

“… yes.”

Something like today.

It means that the Gates on the Earth are opened.

And now, as everyone was rushing to block the Gate, he couldn't figure out why this was happening.

Huan Myung-oh said in a trembling voice,

“Well, if we solve the problem with the core or heart, will we be able to prevent the Gate incidents?”

“At least we can prevent unintentional openings.”


At those words, people could not hide their shock.

To say they can solve the Gate that has put humankind into a cage…

As everyone was expressing their joy, Chun Yeowun asked.

“You said the planet has its own protection system, but there are cases where problems arise arbitrarily?”


Everyone was focused on those words. As Marquis Alchemir said, there was no way that the self-protection system would have broken.

Marquis Alchemir took a deep breath and answered.

“The planet’s own protection was robust. It cannot be broken unless you force it into a shock.”

“So, someone broke it?”

Chun Yu-jang asked with a frown, and Marquis Alchemir just responded with a nod.

“No way…”

“All of this….”

Everyone in the room was stunned by the revelation. The Gate was no less than a natural disaster for humankind.

It was natural for them to be shocked to learn the truth that such a disaster was forced by someone. Thoughts ran in their heads, and their shock turned to anger.

“What kind of things would make it happen?!”

“How horrible!”

Even the number of people who died due to the Gate was complex. The reality is that many misfortunes were caused by this. They wondered what kind of person or being could want to end humanity.

“That is what I know….”

Just because he knew the Gate well did not mean he knew who was behind the incident. It was the same with the other demon commanders.

However, some people had different reactions. It was Duke Joseph. Chun Yeowun, who noticed it, asked.

“Duke Joseph.”

“Ah! Demon God.”

“You seem to know something?”

He hesitated and then said, as if unsure of something.


Duke Joseph, who was hesitant about the question, opened his mouth.

“The last time I visited Earth, the Gates did not open arbitrarily. Do you know when this started?”

“28 years ago.”

Chun Woo-jin was the one who answered it.

Not just him but the members of the Sky Demon Order could not forget it.

The First Dimension Gate.

It was the worst tragedy in history that occurred due to the simultaneous opening of Gates.

“28 years back? Hm… it could only be your beliefs.”

“You mean it isn’t that?”

“It seems to be a little different from what I know.”

“Different? What do you mean?”

“If they forcibly damage the Star-Road’s core, this planet should be under control by now, but it doesn’t seem like it.”


When everyone was puzzled, Duke Joseph shook his head and said,

“I know of a similar thing. If they did damage it, the Earth would have been worshiping the Heaven clan by now.”

At the word Heaven, Chun Yeowun remembered something.

“Heaven Clan? Are you talking about Talisha’s clan?”


The rest of the demons started to get interested in the topic.

‘Heaven clan?’

‘Talisha’s clan was involved?’

Talisha was their lifelong nemesis, and it seemed like Duke Joseph had different information from what they knew.

“Talisha clan was a clan called Heaven. Unlike our clan who enjoy the pure warlike nature, they are a clan who liked to rule and be worshiped.”

“They have a desire to conquer.”

“Among all the living things, there is no one without the desire to conquer. But they are happy to be worshiped.”

“Perverts, maybe? It makes them feel happy.”

Hu Bong clicked his tongue and shook his head.

Duke Joseph smiled and continued.

“It is no surprise when you visit the area they have conquered. They have created sculptures and constructed temples to worship them as gods.”

“Funny people.”

“Their methods are the same. Open the Gates to the planet, cause a crisis, and then come over and help, which makes people worship them.”

“They solve it?”

“It is to showcase their power. Such disgusting beings.”

Duke Joseph said in a voice of contempt. In the case of demons, they do not treat the weaker ones more than bugs.

On the other hand, the Heaven clan wants them to be worshiped by the weaker race. They had opposing ideas.

‘However, neither is desirable.’

Chun Yeowun did not speak out. If not for him, even the demons would be harmful to humans.

“Anyway, it can’t be them.”

“It seems like it. If it were them, they would not leave the Gates open this long and attempt to block the path of the sky and seal off the planet’s source of power and then suppress the humans with fear, and after that….”


Huan Myung-oh suddenly stopped him from speaking.

“What do you mean by blocking the path of the sky?”

“There are differences in technology between planets, but air transport is at the heart of the advanced civilizations. Controlling the air movements makes people weak.”

Huan Myung-oh realized something after hearing what Duke Joseph stated.

Air transport is an area occupied by the large military; it was tightly controlled, resulting in people losing half of their power.

“Why did you ask that, Huan Myung-oh?”

“L-Lord Chun Ma, can I ask another thing?”

Director Huan Myung-oh asked solemnly, and Chun Yeowun agreed with a nod.

“Here. So, what does it mean to shut off the source of the power of living things?”

“Looks like you are interested. Human. It is simple. If you were to invade with an army, what strategy would you take?”


“It is to block the greatest power the opponent has. They will become vulnerable if you cut off their energy or eliminate their power source.”

Duke Joseph spoke naturally.

Huan Myung-oh was shocked after hearing that. Looking at Huan Myung-oh, Chun Yeowun was puzzled as he tried to speak. However, before he could say anything, Huan Myung-oh said a word.


“NFIJ? What is it?”

“A fission-neutralizing jammer.”

The moment he heard it, one of the information Nano had gathered in his mind popped into Chun Yeowun’s thought.

Nuclear Fission Incapacitation Jammer.

A device to neutralize nuclear fission.

Shortly after the Gate opened, humankind was unable to engage in it, cutting off the smooth supply and demand of energy and making it impossible to use the nuclear bomb, humanity’s greatest weapon.

The monsters and their cores came out of the Gate, which replaced the supply and demand of earth’s energy.


When this came to mind, Chun Yeowun understood why Huan Myun-oh reacted like this.

With a trembling voice, Huan Myung-oh said,

“Lord. It seems like this was truly done by the Heaven clan.”

Duke Joseph frowned.

“What do you mean, human?”

“It is as you said.”

“As I said?”

“Earth has lost its nuclear weapons and airways due to the TRAs that have been up in each region.”


When they heard what Director Huan Myung-oh had stated, the commanders of the Sky Demon Order stiffened up. They, too, were aware of nuclear fission and the blockage of the airways. However, they did not think it would turn out like this.

Duke Joseph mumbled.

“But… why did the Talisha’s clan leave you alone then?”

If what they were saying was true, Talisha’s clan brought the optimal situation they wanted.

If so, Earth should have fallen into their hands.

A heavy atmosphere was filled in the room because of shocking truths.

Then Chun Yeowun said,

“The bottom line is that Talisha’s clan is responsible for this situation, and isn’t it possible to close the Gate by restoring the core of Star-Road?”

“Right. Demon God.”

Chun Yeowun stood up at Duke Joseph’s answer.

“Then we have work to do.”


“We must close the Gate and wipe out Talisha’s clan.”

Chun Yeowun concluded.

In a massive chamber in some unknown place, more than 300 glass tubes were filled with red liquid and beings that looked like humans.

A computer monitor screen was attached at the top of the glass tubes and displayed for adjustments.


The steps of someone walking in can be heard.

It was Elder Cho. He passed through the glass tubes and reached the main computer.


Among the multiple monitors connected to the main one, the largest monitor containing someone's rendered image was viewed.

It was a person with the letter A on the gold mask.

A voice came from the speaker, breaking the chamber’s silence.

— 1st Guest.

To which Elder Cho answered with an expressionless face.

“It is just us two. Don’t call me that.”

— I get it, Elder Cho.

“What is the progress of the project?”

— The process is running smoothly. About 8% of the composition is done. Soon, after we upload the whole brain, we will succeed and will be able to move directly.

“That is nice to hear.”

— What about the results?

Elder Cho—no, Cho Yu-shin, looked at the tubes at Mask A's question.

“I went to pick it up. Can we use them?”

— The adjustment is made. Class C entities can simply upload any information at any time—


— What is it?

Mask A seemed puzzled. At that, Cho Yu-shin smiled.

“A rat infiltrated.”


With that, Cho Yu-shin turned towards the ventilation at the ceiling. It was about 500 meters away.

The moment he looked up, the person hiding in the vent was shocked.

‘Damn it!’

The black-masked person mumbled. He tried to escape fast while bewilderedly thinking about how he was noticed.

Having learned the Silent Walking Art, he was a master in stealth, so he didn’t think he would be found so easily.




His body was pulled down and fell to the ground at the strong pull of the internal energy. He attempted to get up as soon as he fell, but he couldn't.


Cho Yu-shin stepped on his head.



Cho Yu-shin looked down at the man and took off his mask.


There was something on him.

A red dot flashed.

“A tracker?”

Cho Yu-shin threw the tracker away, and something like a mechanical hand jumped out of the floor and grabbed the terminal.

“Block it.”

— I will.

Mask A answered from the speaker, and Cho Yu-shin leaned over and touched the mask.

The man bit his tongue, but the massive internal energy grabbed him by the chin.


Cho Yu-shin held the infiltrator’s chin and leveled the man’s eyes near his abdomen.

Closing his eyes, he mumbled,

“Huhu~ you people. Blade God Six Martial clan.”


Hearing those words, the man’s eyes shook. Just by touching the body, this person could tell his clan.

Looking at him being flustered, Cho Yu-shin smiled.

“I need to clean this up.”

Angel’s Notes

  • Star-Road: is the distance between planets used as a path or a passage to each other.
    • It has a core/heart that opens and closes.
  • Self-Protection System: a planet’s protection from external influence.
    • When forcedly damaged, external forces can go in and out of the planet without any restrictions, causing the planet to turn into chaos.
  • Talisha’s clan: is also known as the Heaven clan. It is a clan that would do anything just to rule and be worshiped, such as causing a crisis and then solving it as the people praise them.
  • NFIJ (Nuclear Fission Incapacitation Jammer): is a device to neutralize nuclear fission.

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