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Descent of the Demon God 217: TRA Alpha Satellite (1)

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There was a vast, barren desert.

This situation occurred because the land was abandoned and dried up over time; in the past, this area had been filled with trees and livestock.

However, contamination was became a very serious issue, causing the land to become abandoned and ruined over time.

Thud! Thud!

Originally, the area was outside the wall, so no one would have even thought of entering this place, but there were footsteps of people there.

There were as many as five hundred men in protective suits like those worn by the army.



A man in a suit, carrying a communication equipment bag, seemed shocked by something.

In response, the man next to him who had a large sword asked,

“What is it?”

“The tracking signal was blocked.”

“What, in just 30 seconds?”

“Yes, Blade master.”

He seemed to be one of the top six masters of Blade Six, Gu Cheong-sa.

He was comparable to Marayun, the Wind God of the Sky Demon Order.

Unable to understand he asked,

“Didn’t we get a signal that he was entering the enemy camp?”


“And it got cut right after 30 seconds of entering that place?”


The man in a suit that was using the communication device couldn’t give a straight answer, as the evidence meant that their comrade was shortly caught after entering the enemy’s lair.


Gu Cheong-sa was confused. Just moments ago, they were happy that the enemy camp had been found.

“Was the last location saved?”

“Yes, the location has been confirmed about 5 kilometers from here.”

The place was pinpointed in the middle of the barren desert where there were stony mountains.

“For now, send the location information back to headquarters and the others, and we can then advance from here.”

“Huh? Aren’t we going to wait?”

“What if they notice our movement?”

“Ah, I see.”

Listening to Gu Cheong-sa words, the man with the communication device tapped something on the tablet as Gu Cheon-sa raised his hand and shouted,



At the moment they were about to begin their march,



Gu Cheong-sa looked up in shock and saw something that looked like a dot to him in the distance.

Seeing the point, he decided to use his senses to examine it…

‘Everyone move out!”


As soon as he gave the new orders, everyone tried to spread out, but the approaching dot continued to fall towards them quickly.



Something fell right in the middle of, causing a huge shockwave and sending back dozens of Blade Clan members.



Many of the members were thrown back by the impact, while the closest members were cut down by something sharp that stained the place with blood.

Even the dust in the air seemed to turn into blood.


The Blade God Six Martial clan members drew their swords at once. With tense eyes, they looked at what had flown right in the middle of their group. When the bloody dust finally passed, a man behind a red mask was revealed.



Gu Cheong-sa ground his teeth at the unpleasant memories that came up from seeing the mask, which reminded him of his fight with Mararyun.

He had fought with his all, but towards the end of the battle, he lost his left eye because of Marayun.

Tsk. I hate masked bastards.”


He steadily wielded the huge blade on his back.

The gigantic blade, which seemed to be 1.6 meters in length, was a sign of the Six masters that only he could handle.

Originally, he had wanted to fight Wang Shin of the Sky Demon Order, but wasn’t given the opportunity to.

“Who is that monster?’

The man to Gu Cheong-sa’s right was trembling.

A weird, unknown feeling of anxiety began to creep into him. Only when he got scared did it mean that things were turning horrible.

Gu Cheong-sa shouted,

“Strong Blade Unit, move!”

The unit took the formation known as the Extreme Blade Circle, which was made solely for the sake of dealing with Chun Yeowun.

It was a large-scale attack that used three hundred people and had the power to even dismantle an S-class Alpha Entity in less than 5 minutes.


As soon as the order fell, the Blade Six members began to besiege the unknown man in mask with their circle formation.

At that time, the man in the mask tried to lift his sword.


To prevent him from doing anything, Gu cheong-sa jumped in with lightning-like movements and slashed his blade.

The force from the blade’s strike seemed like it could cut down small mountains, but,


“N-No way…”

Gu Cheong-sa couldn't hide his shock. The man in the red mask had grabbed his giant blade with just two fingers as if he was grabbing a piece of paper. Even the other members of the Blade Six clan were shocked.

“T-The Blade of a Blade Master?”

“With just two fingers?”

They were surprised, but a voice suddenly rang out from the masked man.

“A lot of you rats have gathered. It’ll take some time to sort all of this out, so don’t be upset if this old man can’t give all of you the same attention.”


The voice behind the mask seemed young, yet he called himself old?



An unbelievable and terrifying energy rose from the masked man, and the surrounding gravity seemed to disappear.


“M-My body!”


The bodies of the people around began to float up in the air; the sight of hundreds of people rising up made goosebumps rise.

The members of the Blade Six clan tried to raise their internal energy, but nothing happened.


Gu Cheong-sa tried to move his caught blade, but,



As soon as the blade left the fingers of the masked man, Gu Cheong-sa’s body rose up. As if he was in a zero gravity state, Gu Cheong-sa began to float and panicked. trying to use Air Blades but missed.



Three Air Blades with blue energy flew for the man, but the outcome was absurd.



The flying blades turned to the opposite direction and flew for Gu Cheong-sa.



“Blade Master!”

The blades pierced his chest, abdomen, and thighs at the same time, and since the major parts of his body were pierced, Gu Cheong-sa felt like he was going die a horrible and painful death.

‘H-How can such a monster be alive?’

Lifting so many people up wasn’t enough for the man, so he even used Air Blades to control Gu Cheong-sa.

This monster was unbelievable.

At that moment, the red-masked man raised his hand and mumbled,

“Hahah, it has been so long since I’ve used this: Bloodshed.”

As soon as he finished saying that, something terrible happened.


Dozens of clan members' bodies exploded. As if the explosions had happened inside their bodies, blood splattered everywhere.

“W-what is…”

At the sight of living people exploding and dying, Gu Cheong-sa’s eyes lit up with despair, as he knew that this was just the beginning.


The explosions happened as if a wave of fire was consuming the bodies from the bottom up. From a distance, it seemed like purple blood was gushing up, a terrifying sight. And Gu Cheong-sa was no exception to it.


He tried to hold it down, but the blood all over his body vibrated and his eyes swelled and body exploded.


The rain of blood of four hundred or so men filled the scene. The man in the red mask had stopped the fight with just internal energy and finally took off the mask once everyone was done . enjoying the rain of blood.

“I haven’t felt the taste of blood in a long. Huhuhu!”

The smiling man was Cho Yu-shin. The appearance of him enjoying the bloody rain made him look like devil of madness.

Cho Yu-shin, who was drenched in blood, turned his head and mumbled.

“I need to clean up the other rats.”


His new form soared into the blood colored sky.

Blade Six’s hideout in Chengdu.

There, an old man with scars all over his body, Hwang Heol, and Geum Seong-Ryong, the chairman looked at each other with still faces.

What did they just hear?

With a trembling voice, Geum Seong-ryong asked a man in a black suit,

“Were they annihilated?”


“How could that…”

Their huge force consisting of 1,500 people was wiped out.

The force had contained two Supreme Master level warriors and three of the Six Masters had reached the Superior Master level.

However, they were all killed not long after the message that the enemy camp was found had reached headquarters.

Hwnag-heol opened his mouth,

“Any information about the enemy?”

“Ah, that… the location information was deleted on the way.”

“What? Deleted?”

“While the information was being uploaded, our system was hacked through the network. We had to destroy the computer to avoid being traced, so we lost the information as well.”


Hwang Heol’s chair handle broke. He thought that he had finally managed to touch the MS Group, but instead provided them with an excuse to go after his clan.

At this rate, it was only a matter of time before they arrived at his location.


With a worried face Geum Seong-ryong called for Hwang-heol face, whose face hardened as he said,

“Contact him.”

“You mean…?”

“Demon God.”

Bang! Bang!

Many people at the bar were drinking noisily.

Bi Mak-heon, who was under the vice-chairman, blocked one ear as he answered a call.

“Yes, this is Bi Mak-heon. Ah.. Chairman Geum.”

Bi Mak-heon was puzzled by the unexpected call. Although they did exchange information, he never thought the chairman would contact him.

“Ah, vice-chairman?”

The chairman wanted to speak to Chun Yeowun.

In response, Bi Mak-heon looked at the sky with a puzzled expression.

“It might be difficult at the moment.”

Chun Yeowun wasn’t in a position to answer the call.

“Huh? Is he in the middle of something important?”

The chairman’s voice did seem unusual; Bi Mak-heon thought it was strange.

Nonetheless, getting hold of Chun Yeowun would be difficult.

“I am sorry, but I can’t say for sure when you can speak to the vice-chairman.”

At that moment, a shout came from the call.

“I said it is urgent! Why the hell aren’t you even trying to listen!”


Bi Mak-heon scratched his head with a troubled expression, looking at the sky. It would have been great if he had the words to explain it.

Seeing countless flashes lit up the sky, Bi Mak-heon said,

“The vice-chairman is now leaving the Earth.”


In an embarrassed voice, Bi Mak-heon narrowed his head and continued,

“Roughly, he seems to have gone past the stratosphere.”


About 50km from the sky, there were dozens of explosions. In the mist of the explosions, Bi Mak-heon could see something flying through the sky at a tremendous speed.

Swoosh! Papak!

Someone pierced through the layers of air and soared high, causing explosions to erupt midair.

With a black suit of steel and white particles in his eyes, Chun Yeowun heard Nano’s voice in one ear as he flew through the sky.

[Crossed the mid-range point: 55 kilometers.]

Beep! Beep!

Numerous red crosses were highlighted in the Nanosuit’s field of vision.

Yellow rays of light were fired ahead.

[17 beams approaching directly.]


Chun Yeowun stretched out his hand.

‘Nano, assist.’

[Panel system operation.]


Black Invisible Swords scattered around Chun Yeowun, controlled by Nano’s panel system. Chun Yeowun clasped his hand.


Black beams came out from the black Invisible Swords and flew towards the yellow beams that were flying towards him.


As the beams collided, the air was filled with a flash and sound of the explosion, which was a sight to see from the ground.

‘Speed up, Nano.’

[Increasing speed to Mach 13.]

With that, Chun Yeowun’s speed increased even more.


A small fox with nine tails could be seen hanging on the back of the Nanosuit: it was none other than the golden Gumiho. She was making a horrible face as her hair was moving back and her mouth and eyes as well at the speed.

“Ahhh! T-too fast!”

Mach 13 was a tremendous speed that even the Gumiho couldn’t handle.

“I told you not to stick onto me.”

At Chun Yeowun’s words, the Gumiho said,

“I-I, too, want to see the universe!”

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