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Descent of the Demon God 219: TRA Alpha Satellite (3)

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Chun Yeowun’s expression changed while looking around.

He thought they were intelligent lifeforms, but the bizarre-looking beings looked like aliens.

It seemed like they were lifeforms from another planet. However, among them, there was one that resembled a human.


Chun Yeowun approached the human-looking being, an entity from the Heaven clan, whose lower body was embedded in the ship. There were white wings on its back that interested Chun Yeowun, who hadn’t heard about them.

If the westerners saw them, they could consider this being an angel.

[Compared to Earth, the oxygen distribution is 80% suitable. It is possible to breathe inside the ship.]

At Nano’s words, Chun Yeowun removed his helmet.


The suit’s helmet disassembled into his skin and the Heaven clan member couldn’t hide his surprise at Chun Yeowun’s appearance.

“A human?”

The being would never even dream that this mysterious monster was a human.

“How can a human have such power?”

The being couldn’t believe it. Chun Yeowun looked down at it and asked,

“Are you a member of Talisha’s clan?”


The winged being’s eyes seemed shocked by Chun Yeowun’s question. The only people who called its clan “Talisha’s clan” were those from Arisha’s clan.

By this term alone, it was certain that Chun Yeowun was related to the demons.

“What is your relationship with them, human?”

Chun Yeowun just stared at the being and lifted its hand.



The body of the Heaven clan member floated up, as if it was tied to a rope connected to the ceiling.

“I ask the questions here.”

‘What intimidation…’

One wrong step and he felt like he would die. However, those of the Heaven clan were known to have an overwhelming pride and sense of superiority, and this being was no different.

“I have nothing to say to a human!”

“So proud of yourself.”

“How can a trivial human even think of—”


Chun Yeowun grabbed the arm of the Heaven clan member, who was perplexed about Chun Yeowun’s next move.

“What are you—”



Both arms were torn off, resulting in a resounding scream. Blue blood instead of red flowed out from the torn ligaments.

Chun Yeowun’s eyes shone at the blood color.

‘It’s different.’

Chun Yeowun thought that the Heaven clan member’s body structure would be similar to that of the demons, but despite having blood with a different color, the body seemed to have flowing blood, which resembled the body structure of humans more than that of the demons.


The Heaven clan member shouted as it suffered in pain.

“There doesn’t seem to be much difference between someone so great and a human.”

“Kuaak… you bastard.”

The Heaven clan member coughed in anger, but couldn't do a single thing as its body was still floating. Chun Yeowun asked,

“Did someone from Talisha’s clan touch the Gates of Earth?”

While asking, Chun Yeowun was actually already convinced that the perpetrator was someone from Talisha’s clan.

According to Duke Joseph, those from Talisha’s clan would often manipulate Gates to rule the corresponding planets.

“Y-You think I would answer a human’s questions?”

The prideful being decided to not speak, but based on the being’s trembling eyes, it seemed like Chun Yeowun’s assumption was correct.

‘It has to be.’

It was evident that Talisha’s clan had touched the core of the Star-Road, but it wasn’t clear why they were watching the planet after doing so. Chun Yeowun then asked,

“If you want to be respected and worshiped so much, then why did you leave the Gate open?”

He dove right into the main topic; he had to know their real intentions.

‘What the hell is with him? Did Arisha’s clan team up with humans?’

As sensitive topics were being brought up, the Heaven clan member’s eyes were complicated. Seeing that the intruder knew so much about the way that the Heaven clan ruled over others, it was clear that the intruder had something to do with demons.

‘I shouldn’t hand over any information.’

The foreign being clenched, believing that information would not be leaked, even at the cost of its own life.


Chun Yeowun’s fingers dug into its chest.


“Let’s test how long you decide not to speak.”

“Kuaaak, Ki-kill me!”

The being shouted with its eyes open. Chun Yeowun liked those who stayed silent for the sake of loyalty to their clans, but this situation was an exception.



Chun Yeowun’s fingers dug further into the chest to see if there was something like a nucleus in the chest like that of the demons



Chun Yeowun frowned at what he felt. He could definitely feel beating in the being’s chest, but unlike the core of the demons, it was nothing more than an organ that circulated blood.


The being smiled with a contorted face.

“You don’t know us too well.”


“Sadly. I can’t keep you alive, as you will bring disaster to our clan.”

The eyes of the being turned evil.

A weird malice told him that something was being hidden and he shouted.


[Delete ship! Self-destruct sequence activate!]

As soon as the words were spoken, the cockpit machine began to spark.


The temperature in the cockpit rose and the being smiled. Although its clan regarded others as insignificant, they still learned the native language while staying there. (The foreign language belonged to the alien-looking beings that were under the Heaven clan’s control.)

The ship they were on flew through space spanning hundreds of millions of light years. When the main energy center that was equipped to operate the warp exploded, a nuclear explosion would follow.

The being laughed and said to Chun Yeowun,

“Kuakuku, you are done for. You’ll die with me—”


Before he could even finish his words, his vision changed.

After a moment of confusion, the Heaven clan member couldn’t hide their confusion at the clean air, which was different from the characteristic smell that should have come from his order.


A blue sky could be seen and many presences around could be felt.


“Chun Ma!”

All the voices called for Chun Yeowun, which was when the being realized that it was no longer on the ship.


A white light appeared in the sky as an explosion sounded and a fierce pressure was exerted across the ground. The explosion took place at an altitude of about 100 kilometers, but it still looked powerful.

“Well… you failed.”

Chun Yeowun said, looking down at the being.

‘D-Damn it! He could move through space?!’

Suddenly, the eyes of the Heaven clan member were dyed with despair. The self-destruct in which it prepared to give up its life had ended in vain.

“Now, will you talk about why your clan has stayed silent until now?”

At Chun Yeowun’s question, the being licked its lips. It was impossible to divulge any information even though its plan had gone wrong; it had to keep the clan’s secret at the risk of its own life.

“Funny bastard! You will get nothing from me!”


A while light gleamed in the Heaven clan member’s eyes; it was trying to kill itself using heavenly power. At that moment, Chun Yeowun grabbed its head.

In response, the being’s eyes fluttered.

Unlike the demons, the main part of the Heaven clan members was their head.

An immense amount of energy was concentrated at the head to commit suicide, which Chun Yeowun noticed.


A gloomy blue energy then flowed from Chun Yeowun’s hand.

‘If my prediction is right...’

Chun Yeowun concentrated.

‘W-what is this?

The heaven’s member was shocked at the gloomy energy that came from Chun Yeowun, and the question was soon answered.



Starting with the head, the color of the being turned white. Even the wings were all frost white, as if it were now a cold corpse.

“Huh? You killed it?”

The golden Gumiho, who was on Chun Yeowun’s shoulders, asked with a puzzled expression, as she first thought that they had just lost the chance to dig up information.

It was then,

Something hazy like a ghost rose from the cold corpse. Even some of Chun Yeowun’s subordinates were shocked by the sight.



It was a fuzzy-looking but winged spirit that resembled the dead Heaven clan member. Chun Yeowun smiled.


His prediction was spot-on.

Unlike the demons, the members of Talisha’s clan could be turned to Ghosts. Chun Yeowun, who dug his hand into the member’s body, saw that they were similar to humans in physical structure.

Beings with a flowing blood and heart could be turned to Ghosts, which is what happened.


By touching the Ghost, its memories could be read.

Its memories began to flow into Chun Yeowun, who had turned the being into a Ghost.

They were the memories that the being was thinking of 15 minutes back, including things that Chun Yeowun had asked. The memories then showed the being protesting against a blonde human-like being with white wings and a silver crown on his head in a three-dimensional hologram.

[High priest, just how long do we wait?]

[The time hasn’t come yet.]


The being seemed frustrated.

[Isn’t it better to take the planet into our hands and have those humans become our devotees?]

[Don’t think for yourself!]

The being called the High Priest shouted. Flustered, the being on the ship fell to its knees and pleaded.

[T-This foolish priest committed blasphemy. Please punish me.]

[Do not cross the line. Young priest, concentrate on the given task. The High Priest will do the search for the missing one.]

[I understand.]

When the being said that, the hologram was cut off.

Confirming that it was successfully disconnected, the Heaven clan member mumbled in dissatisfaction.

[It’s been 27 years already, looking down on this one planet in this damned space! That bastard just sits in Heaven and gives such dumb instructions…]


He grunted through his teeth. Full of anger, he approached the window and looked out at the blue Earth, thinking,

‘How long do we have to work on finding the 6th Talisha? Does the one who disappeared after obsessing over Arisha really exist on this one small planet?’

The last memory ended there. Chun Yeowun was confused once he had seen all the memories because the information he heard was unexpected.

‘Their goal wasn’t conquest?’

According to the memories of the being that was now a Ghost, it seemed like they were looking for Talisha. In addition, it felt like no one knew if Talisha was alive or dead.

For 27 years, they couldn’t find anyone and clung to the hope that Talisha was still on Earth. Chun Yeowun looked at the Ghost.

‘Then, the Heavenly clan is here to find Talisha, who is supposedly on Earth?’

The High Priest had said that Talisha was obsessed with Arisha, meaning that he had come to Earth for Chun Yeowun’s ancestor.

Come to think of it, it was said that during the Great War, Talisha and Arisha were both injured.


It seemed like the Ghost didn’t know everything, but at least it was certain that the Heaven clan’s goal wasn’t to conquer Earth.

At that moment, Bi Mak-heon ran to him.

“Chun Ma!”

“What is it?”

“Chun Ma received a call from Mr. Geum Seong-ryong of Blade Six.”

“Huh? Why?”

“There seems to be a problem with the MS Group.”

“What? Were we told anything about it?”

At Chun Yeowun’s words, Bi Mak-heon hesitated and said.


Hu Bong answered,

“I tried to speak through the things Lord put in my head, but you didn’t answer.”

Hu Bong spoke was talking about the nano bombs that had been altered to allow Chub Yeowun to communicate with his subordinates. They originally had worked while he was on Earth, but,

[Entering the thermosphere was out of the frequency range.]

Nano explained why.


Chun Yeowun didn’t think such a problem would occur. Still, it didn’t take long for the issue to be resolved.

Bi Mak-heon was then asked to call back the Blade Six chairman.


Bi Mak-heon hastily contacted them back, but despite the ring, no one answered the call.

He then said,

“Chun Ma, they aren’t answering the call.”

Expressway to the northeast of Chengdu city.

Forty minutes from there was Chengdu station, where the underground speed train operated.

There was a huge crater, as if a bomb had been dropped in the middle, and several damaged buses were lying around.

The highway was filled with flames as if a war was happening.


Geum Seong-ryong had been injured and was coughing up blood. Suddenly, metal structures strong enough to tear down buildings were hurled at him.


At the location he was looking at, Hwang-heol was fighting an unknown person who was wearing a red mask.


After constantly clashing with the red-masked man for a few seconds, Hwang-heol was thrown back.



He couldn’t maintain his balance and his body staggered, struggling to stand up.

Hwang-heol raised his stiff face with trembling red eyes.

‘It’s “that” bastard.’

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