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Descent of the Demon God 220: Cho Yushin (1)

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Hwang-heol — one of the four Elders of the Blade God Six Martial Clan and one of the most trusted servants of the Blade God. He was the one who helped the Blade God after they fought against Ark Wui and Chun Yeowun.


The man wearing a red mask walking along the road was covered in flames. He was hiding his face, but Hwang-heol was certain.

‘It’s him.’

Around 350 years ago, a monster-like old man took the Imogi's corpse, its blood, and the life of Hwang-heol’s beloved lady.

Hwang-heol was convinced after fighting for more than a dozen seconds.


Hwang-heol groaned as he took off his clothes. He was the one who reacted quickly to the unexpected presence. The corpses of their clan members were pilled into the buses so they could move and defend their hidden base.

“You have gotten pretty strong. Hehehe. At that time, even the three of you couldn’t handle this old man’s attacks.”

Hwang-heol frowned at the voice.

The voice sounded like it was from a young man.

‘It’s different.’

Hwang-heol still remembered the voice despite the years passed due to his hatred for the old man. Then whose this voice?

“You… who are you?”

“Hmm. You forgot about this old man already?”

The red-masked man threw the blade at Hwang-heol.


The flying blade moved on its own—it was an Air Sword.


Hwang-heol moved his upper body towards the sword, slowly evaded it, and hit the middle of the blade.


The crossing blades began to break into fragments and flew at the masked man. It was a high-level technique in which the blade—no, each fragment of the blade was loaded with energy.

It might seem like a simple technique, but the fragments of the blade were all aimed at the red-masked man.


The masked man lifted his palm up and then lowered it. Then flying fragments fell to the ground as if the gravity rose.

“The previous blade has been broken.”

“Don’t act like that for a stolen blade.”

One of those that tumbled out of the bus was the broken blade.

Hwang-heol’s eyes looked at the red-masked man.

The voice was youthful, and the martial arts talents were something he encountered from the old man he met 350 years ago and Chun Yeowun.

‘Did he go through a body transformation?’

That seemed most likely. However, it didn’t matter if the elderly man got younger or anything. He was still the man who had murdered his lover in front of him.


As Hwang-heol extended his hand, the ground began to tremble, and the road cracked and rose up into sharp shards.


The attack was being made with the energies of the Spirit Beasts.

However, the red-masked man only laughed at him.


He stepped ahead then the stones on the floor that was about to attack him dispersed.

“Your blade energy is weak. You should use it this way.”

The masked man stepped onto the floor.


At the same time, he reached out to Hwang-heol. Then the stones on the floor tried to lock him in from east, west, north, and south as if a giant beast was about to eat him.


However, since the stones were engulfed in fire, the heat felt like it was lava.

It didn’t end there.

Blue sparks rose in the air, and tremendous lightning struck them.

‘How is he dealing with the Five Spirit Beasts’ energy this way?’

Aside from anger, Hwang-heol admired his opponent’s power. Unlike himself, who dealt with the energy as an auxiliary, the man with a red mask was able to handle it skillfully.


Hazy invisible energy rose to form a blade from Hwang-heol’s hand. He grabbed it with both hands and then lowered it to the floor with force.




The energy of the invisible blade that had sunk into the ground spread out in eight directions, tearing away the stone walls that had been heated like lava pressing around them.

It was the Eight Xian Blade technique.


Meanwhile, lightning hit him from above. However, it just looked like it since he had vanished and reappeared in front of the masked man.


Hwang-heol used the fifth technique with an invisible blade. It was the Extreme Fast Slashing Blade that unfolded with the footwork.


Hwang-heol’s invisible blade tried to cut off the masked man’s neck. However, the man in front of him managed to avoid the invisible blade at a tremendous speed.

‘He avoided this?’

In that state, he extended his fist to Hwang-heol’s chest, and Hwang-heol somersaulted1 to the back.


However, the fist had extended several tens of meters, making the road a mess. If it had been a little later, Hwang-heol would have been swept away.


He tried to avoid it, but his back was hurting due to his aging body.

As if noticing this, the red-masked man reached out with his blade and attempted to strike him.


An invisible blade tried to pierce Hwang-heol.


He used an invisible blade as a shield despite the disheveled form.


There was a tearing sensation as if the invisible blades were being torn.

‘What is this energy?’

That was what it seemed like.



Hwang-heol’s body bounced back as if a cannonball-like force had hit him. However, he was a veteran. In that brief moment of flight, the blade was drawn towards the man wearing a red mask.



The red-masked man holding out the blade was pushed five steps back. What seemed like blood flowed through the cracks behind the red mask.


The red-masked man clutched his chest briefly because Hwang-heol used Heart Blade.

“Good. To make this old man bleed...”


A sharp sense flowed from the bottom of the red-masked man, and then the floor cracked in all directions. The Heart Blade energy inside him was discharged out of his body.


Meanwhile, Hwang-heol bounced back and used an invisible blade to stop himself from going further away. He looked tired.

‘What a fight.’

Geum Seong-ryong, who was watching this, bit his tongue. It was indeed a battle of the bests. But there were differences.

Hwang-heol was battling this hard for the first time since the battle with Demon God.

‘Now I understand why the Elder was wary of MS Group.’

Who would have guessed they were hiding in MS? Geum Seong-ryong tried to turn on his smartphone. However, the smartphone’s battery was drained.

‘Damn it.’

All the smartphones were turned off when the red-masked man appeared, and it seemed like an EMP was used. It was deliberately done to avoid contact with the outside world.

‘If only I can contact Demon God.’

He sincerely hoped for that.

Geum Seong-ryong suddenly remembered something as he looked at the red-masked man with anxious eyes. They have a special phone with an EMP sensor developed by Blade Six’s research team.

‘Was it on the 3rd bus?’

Geum Seong-ryong looked around to find the 3rd bus. Many buses were overturned and were on fire, so he hoped this one bus was safe.

At that moment, he found something.


It was the 3rd bus cut in half, and unlike other buses, it wasn’t on fire which meant the phone had to be safe.

Geum Seong-ryong looked at the red-masked man. With his own abilities, he couldn’t block the attacks.

‘I have to aim when the Elder is fighting.’

To not get his attention, Geum Seong-ryong reduced his presence, covered himself in the soot, and looked for a chance.

As if not noticing, the red-masked one approached Hwang-heol.

And the red-masked man said,

“You kept hiding, didn’t you? Then you should have just held onto your life. That old bitch who gave up her life to make sure to save you is now thrown into waste.”

Hwang-heol’s face contorted at it.

‘Ma Hu-yeon!’

Her last moment came to his mind. The bloody sacrifice he had to see.

He shouted in rage.

“You bastard!”

“Come on.”

Eyes shining in red could be seen through the mask. The eyes were clearly showing excitement. The masked man was definitely enjoying the battle after a long time.


The Five Spirit Beasts’ energy was gathered in Hwang-heol’s hand that held the invisible blade. It was the greatest marvel that individuals who had attained the Heavenly Realm could unfold.

“Right. Allow this old man to enjoy this fight more.”

The red-masked man walked towards him, and Hwang-heol shouted.

“This will be the tomb for the both of us.”

Hwang-heol was ready to throw his life away. It was only for this moment that he endured the harsh life.

‘Hu-yeon, I will take him to the underworld.’

In that way, at least, he can face his woman with a proud smile. Hwang-heol gathered all the spirit energy into his hand, and then…


The red-masked man, who was walking, stretched out his hand somewhere. At that moment, a loud explosion came.


It was a bus that exploded. Then he saw the figure of Geum Seong-ryong going close to the bus had bounced back. Geum Seong-ryong looked around, shocked.

“Don’t do anything useless. Kid.”

At the words of the red-masked man, Geum Seong-ryong’s face turned desperate.

He thought they wouldn’t notice, but the man was aware. There was no way he could move now.

‘… it’s over.’

Geum Seong-ryong bowed his head. There was no longer any way to contact the outside world. Maybe today will be the day when the Blade God Six Martial clan comes to an end.

“Then how about we end it?”


Around the red-masked man, five colors began to shine, making a shocking thing happen. The spirit energy was turned into a weapon.

“This old man will show you blade dance.”

What an overwhelming force, Hwang-heol’s eyes shook as he watched the opponent be better than him with the Five Spirit Beasts’ energy.

‘How can this….’

As he grew, so did the monster. His mind, thinking of dying and taking the man with him, was confused. However, the red-masked man stopped approaching him.


Then the red-masked man mumbled.

“This guy…”

The weapon with the spirit energy that floated around the red-masked man disappeared, and then he flew up.

When he suddenly left, Hwang-heol was speechless.


In a stone mountain in the desert about 110km away from Chengdu City, numerous corpses were scattered throughout the enormous hidden basement inside it.

Someone in a black suit was leisurely walking among the numerous corpses. It was Chun Yeowun.

[Emergency! Emergency! Emergency!]

Warning tones constantly sounded through the basement’s speaker.

Angel’s Corner

The last scene was POG!

  1. Somersault – [noun/verb] an acrobatic movement in which a person turns head over heels in the air or on the ground and lands or finishes on their feet. (Definition from Oxford Languages)

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