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Descent of the Demon God 221: Cho Yushin (2)

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Just 20 minutes ago…

When Blade Six Chairman Geum Seong-ryong didn't answer the phone despite several calls, Bi Mak-heon was worried.

[He didn't answer?]

[Something seems to have gone wrong.]


Chun Yeowun began to think from then on.

Geum Seong-ryong had called saying that he had an urgent matter, despite Blade Six having strong warriors and Hwang-heol as well.

'An enemy Hwang-heol couldn't face.'

That was the most likely situation.

If Hwang-heol couldn't deal with the enemy, that meant that the main power behind MS had moved and that Blade Six had touched something that made MS move.

'So they found it.'

Chun Yeowun was sure that Blade Six must have found the headquarters of MS Group.


[Yes, Lord Chun Ma?]

[Where was the last coordinate sent by Blade Six?]

Chun Yeowun checked the coordinates of the last place that Blade Six sent. In Blade Six's report, they said that they had found what they assumed to be the base.

Recognizing Chun Yeowun's intention, Bi Mak-heon spoke.

[I will check for the location based on their navigation path.]

He selected a total of 3 places; unlike Blade Six, who moved one by one to scout, Chun Yeowun could search an entire area with his spatial movement.

He quickly found a base on the second place that Bi Mak-heon had selected: the stone mountain.

This base's strict security system, which was incomparable to that of other bases, convinced Chun Yeowun and Bi Mak-heon that this was MS Group's main base.

Everything developed by MS was being revealed from genetic humans to combat weapons. There were only a few hundred people near the entrance.

Bang! Bang!



However, Chun Yeowun was too strong for them to handle.

Chun Yeowun walked in a straight line and dealt with the enemies without even lifting a hand.

Before people could even come close, their heads would explode or be crushed down.

[Emergency! Emergency! Emergency!]

A warning sound blared, signaling that the base's main system was aware that a mighty enemy had arrived. Numerous CCTV screens in the base illuminated the presence of a single person.

Of course, it was none other than Chun Yeowun.

[The 4th sector has been breached. 50% of the genetically mutated biological weapons have been mobilized to stop the intruder.]

[The 5th sector has been breached. 40% of the bodily modified weapons have been mobilized to stop the intruder.]

Chun Yeowun broke through the sectors at high speeds; his actions had no strategy or plan. Who would attempt to break into an enemy camp without a plan?

Well, Chun Yeowun was undeniably arrogant and strong, and his madness was evident.


On the CCTV screen, Chun Yeowun was seen killing people without lifting a hand.

Genetically mutated weapons and bodily modified weapons continued to pour in to stop him, but they would die before they could even get within 30 meters of his location.


A map appeared on one of the screens, showing a red dot moving at high speed. Although it was moving incredibly fast, it would take another 15 minutes to reach where the map was located.

With this force, it would take less than three minutes for Chun Yeowun to reach the center.

Something was typed into the black screen, which seemed like the main terminal.

[Temporary sequence has been entered, changed to protect the base.]

[Main sequence #1932.]

[Transferring the recorded brain information to tubes 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, brain, and body of the test.]


Computers could be heard working together. Before long, tubes containing a mysterious liquid moved as humans began to form inside them.


[Upload: 60% complete.]

[Upload: 70% complete.]

[Upload: 80% complete.]


While the upload was in progress, the glass tubes labeled 02, 05 and 08 broke, and a human sprung out from the broken glass.

Its head, however, looked like a broken watermelon.

[Tubes 02, 05, and 08 failed to have the information uploaded to the brain.]

[Upload: 90% complete.]

[Upload: 100% complete.]

When the message said that the upload was complete, the body in the main glass tube, which was convulsing, stopped. A drain pipe opened at the bottom of the main glass tube and drained it of the fluids. Once the liquid was drained, the glass tube opened.


As the glass tube opened, air flowed in, and the device that looked like a helmet was released. Five hairless, humanoid beings came out.


They coughed, as it was hard to breathe because they had just gotten up. Nonetheless, their breathing quickly stabilized.


Monitor screens rose from the floor and stopped in front of the five humanoid beings. A man with a mask that had a visibly engraved letter 'A' on his face was seen on the monitor.

A voice came out of the speaker and spoke to the five at the same time.

"First, I would like to apologize that the plan went a little off. With the data transferred, you have to block the incoming man until the main man arrives."

In response, the five beings adopted an absurd expression.

"Main man?"

Meanwhile, Chun Yeowun was passing through a sector called Sector 8. Numerous people jumped to intercept him and used many techniques to stop Chun Yeowun, but he was still taking them down without using his hands.

He was completely unmatched in power.

Chun Yeowun was actually able to reach the center much more quickly, but he decided to slow down and take care of the people for two reasons.

The first reason was to remove all the power and development within MS, and the second was to distract the enemies from Blade Six, who seemed to be facing trouble.

'I seem to be destroying the base rather quickly.'

In the current state, it seemed like Chun Yeowun wasn't facing many difficulties as he breezed through the base. However, Chun Yeowun's eyes noticed something strange as he was moving.

'They're moving away.'

The enemies that had been running towards him previously were now backing out, as if someone strong was coming for backup.

Chun Yeowun detected numerous beings with weird killing intents approaching him.

'Are they coming now?'

However, something was strange: those approaching him seemed to have similar energy. Chun Yeowun held out his hand.


Hundreds of Air Swords formed as Chun Yeowun grabbed onto one of them with his hand and directed the rest ahead.


The swords, which filled the hall, moved to the new enemies, but a red flash appeared from afar as the Air Swords suddenly disappeared.


The beings who got rid of the Air Swords flew in at an incredible speed.

They were naked, muscular, and had no hair at all. Chun Yeowun felt intrigued by their entrance into the battle and held out his hand.



The space distorted, twisting in front of them as they approached him. The reckless ones who continued to run at the forefront, ignorant of his spatial attack, were swept into the space.


Thanks to that, the other ones decided to withdraw. Their desperate response was to break through the wall, ceiling, or even underground; they were doing anything to get away from the twisted space, which was the right choice.


Immediately, the ceiling above Chun Yeowun was pierced as one of the beings approached Chun Yeowun. His eyes shone.

'This is?'

It was Shaolin Temple's Chained God Kick technique, which was performed so skillfully and perfectly that it looked like a Shaolin Monk had appeared.

Chun Yeowun blocked the attack with one hand.


At that moment, two of the humanoids appeared on either side. Chun Yeowun intently looked at the martial arts they performed.

The technique that the being to his right performed was none other than the Five Demon Faces technique, which belonged to a clan under the Sky Demon Order.

'An Evil sect's martial arts?'

The being to his left was using the technique of a sect under the Forces of Evil. These beings seemed to be using the most potent martial arts and performing them perfectly without any gaps.


Of course, normal warriors would be flustered by their sudden and coordinated attacks, but those beings were dealing with the strongest being on Earth. Chun Yeowun moved forward with one hand behind his back.


At that moment, a crack formed on the floor, causing fragments to bounce in all directions.


'Should I imbue the fragments with Sword Energy?'

Chun Yeowun decided to try it out.

His planning became even more complicated.

'Each of their blood points needs to be targeted.'

The fragments weren't just loaded with sword energy but were being controlled very cleverly.


Ultimately, Chun Yeowun used the fragments to hit three of the humanoids, and those three were thrown back and hit the wall, while the one coming from the ceiling was blown up.

Chun Yeowun mumbled,

"Did he avoid it?"


When Chun Yeowun took a step forward, the floor cracked open as a being from under the ground came up. The being was trying to aim for Chun Yeowun from below, but he had managed to move in time.


When Chun Yeowun held out his hand, three Invisible Swords formed in the air. Seeing the Invisible Sword, the being held a blade with both hands and raised it.

However, as the swords moved, the being with a blade mumbled,

"You did something stupid."


One of the Invisible Swords pierced the being's head, and the remaining swords went for its heart and stomach.

The being seemed dead, but Chun Yeowun's eyes caught something.


The damaged bodies of the beings were rapidly recovering, but that wasn't what shocked Chun Yeowun.

'Blue blood?'

There was blue blood dripping from the beings that had been stabbed. It was strange that they had no hair, could use martial arts, and even had blood that wasn't red.

Chun Yeoun reached out to the dead one.


He turned the body over onto its back. Something was protruding on its side where wing bones were located on the being's back.

Chun Yeowun looked at the strange form curiously when one of the regenerated beings used Sword Energy against Chun Yeowun.


A white light condensed on its hand, similar to the way that martial artists used sword energy, but it was slightly different.

Chun Yeowun used Sword Energy against the being's attack to stop it.


Blue sparks flashed. Chun Yeowun narrowed his eyes.

'No internal energy.'

Chun Yeowun subtly felt something strange, and when he clashed with the being, he became aware that the being could use martial arts without having any internal energy.


The being unfolded two strong techniques at a highly skilled level, but its techniques weren't just any techniques: they were the best techniques from the Wudang clan and the Mount Hua clan, and it was unfolding them simultaneously.

'What's this?'

It was the first time Chun Yeowun ever saw anyone perform two different techniques at the same time.

Chun Yeowun had to learn all the martial arts with the Nano's, but this being seemed to be different. It wasn't just this being, but other ones also seemed to have the same capabilities.

'Even if they aren't martial artists, they keep changing their techniques and don't seem flustered when blocked.'

Since Chun Yeowun knew the techniques, he knew where to look for gaps.

At that moment, Chun Yeowun grabbed the wrist of a being that was in the middle of changing techniques.



The being raised the energy in its body, but that wasn't enough to shake off Chun Yeowun. Chun Yeowun opened his mouth and said,

"You guys… must be hiding a lot."

At Chun Yeowun's question, the being smiled and said,

"We aren't hiding anything. With this body, we've reached our limit."

"This body?"

Chun Yeowun was puzzled; it seemed that this wasn't its original body.

"What do you mean?"

"If it weren't for this body, this would have been a fun fight with you, Demon God. It is a pity that my role is small."


At that moment, Chun Yeowun sensed a strong presence at the end of the passage he was passing through.

An intense energy approached, trying to overthrow everything with killing intent. The smell of blood all around hurt Chun Yeowun's nose.

Step! Step!

A being with a blood-red mask and blood-stained body walked in.

Looking at the newcomer, the caught being seemed to like his smell of blood.

"Hmm, you must have enjoyed it."

"Well, it's me,"

The red-masked man said, looking at the being. The being responded with a bitter voice,

"I didn't know this would be such a time-consuming role, but clean this up, main body."

The man in the red mask nodded.

"Good work. Now, let this old man take charge."


At that moment, another being flew towards Chun Yeowun, who lightly flicked his finger behind him without watching.



The being flew back while screaming in pain; there was a noticeable hole in its chest as it flew back.


The being that had its wrist held seemed surprised by the outcome of the sudden attack. Yeowun looked at the red masked man and said with a smile,

"Do you people really think you were able to stall for time?"

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