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Descent of the Demon God 222: Cho Yushin (3)

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'He was the one acting.'

The surprise was brief.

The reckless being returned to his original form and shook his head.

Then, he said to Chun Yeowun,

"Looks like you did what you intended, Demon God. You definitely succeeded in getting attention."

Thanks to this, Hwang-heol and Geum Seong-ryong, the last of Blade Six, survived. However, the being didn't have regrets; instead, he smiled.

"But you made a mistake of gathering all your enemies into one place."

"Well, this is a one-time chance."

Chun Yeowun seemed relaxed, and the being spoke.

"We know your strength, but do you know of us?"

Something flew towards Chun Yeowun's head as soon as the words were finished. It was the Energy Sword of the Five Spirit Beasts.

'Five Spirit Beasts' energy sword?'

This meant that his opponent reached the Heavenly Master level.

The sword flying in intends to pierce Chun Yeowun's head, but Chun Yeowun would not let that happen.


His own Five Spirit Beasts' energy sword appeared like a shield.

Pang! Kwakwang!

A powerful wave was created when the two collided, and the basement sank 50 meters below ground. Nature's energy imbues the Five Spirit Beasts' energy sword. It was something more powerful than the invisible sword.

'As expected, it's fast.'

The being stuck his tongue at the speed of Chun Yeowun controlling his sword. And then he decided to play his part even though his body was controlled by internal energy.

'The self-destruct has been activated.'


The entire body of the being was dyed in red, and heat soared. Chun Yeowun, who held the wrist, began to use Ice Qi.


The being froze before he could explode. He was shocked that his self-destruction was stopped.


At that moment, the red masked man appeared in front of Chun Yeowun and tried to attack with his fist, and Chun Yeowun responded in the same way.


As they collided, they bounced off by force.


Chun Yeowun's eyes widened in surprise as they collided and moved backward simultaneously.

It was because the power of the red-masked man was stronger than what he expected. The energy he used in his fist was to block, but given how far back his weapon had moved, his enemy had to be more powerful than demons.


The red-masked man came out of the crumbling wall and tried to relax his neck muscles.


The red-masked man took off his mask and threw it to the floor. Seeing that, Chun Yeowun narrowed his eyes.


He had the same face as Sayogi, the Heavenly Killing Star.

Chun Yeowun remembered the clones of Sayogi he saw in MS' hidden base.

"Are you a clone too?"

At his question, the man with Sayogi's face laughed.


He was laughing like an old man. It was natural, but the voice didn't match the body.

The man looked at Chun Yeowun and said,

"Unfortunately, you are wrong. I am the original."


"Well, I really wanted to see you. That was why this old man put so much effort into raising that child."


Hearing those words, memories flashed through Chun Yeown's mind. Sayogi talked of another person like him. And he heard of it from the Eun Jarim, about a warrior who lived for long being related to MS Group.

With that, Chun Yeowun guessed who this was.

"Cho Yushin."


"You are the old man who raised Sayogi."

"Do you know me?"

This man, Cho Yushin, seemed surprised.

There were very few people who knew about him, even in the Eun Jarim. However, Cho Yushin never controlled information about him; living for so long, he knew the information was bound to come out.

Step! Step!

Chun Yeowun stepped ahead and said,

"If you are the original, why did you make clones similar to you? Were you trying to mess with the world?"

"Mess the world? Hahaha."

Cho Yushin laughed as if that was absurd. Then he continued,

"If that was the purpose, the old man would have stepped ahead right away. Wouldn't I have?"

The killing intent from the words of Cho Yushin went beyond the ordinary.

The killing intent was as if he resented everything about the world. Chun Yeowun couldn't understand how the man could still smile with so much killing intent.

"Humans are truly fragile creatures. Even though there are numerous developments, it is finite like a flower which will eventually fall into darkness."

He seemed skeptical of the human lifespan.

Then, Cho Yushin continued.

"Where in the world is this foolish body, which dies no matter how powerful it becomes?"

Chun Yeowun frowned at those words. At first, he thought the purpose of the clones was to increase crazy people like him—to create a group of them. But listening to it, it seemed what the man wanted was eternal life.

But what did that have to do with making clones?

Suddenly, Chun Yeowun thought of Cho Yushin's conversation with the other being.

[It's me.]

[I didn't think this would be so time-consuming, but please clean up, main body.]

[You did well. Now, let this old man take charge.]

Cho Yushin called himself original, and Chun Yeowun thought so...

'He can clone himself and not just the body?'

The answer was given by Nano.

[It isn't impossible. It is possible if it has the technology to transfer the forebrain, which has converted all the memory information of the brain to data and into another body.]

It is not a complex technology in the environment in which Nano was created. The technology, however, was legally prohibited. A SOUL's existence was controversial at the time. Nonetheless, there was a general belief that just copying memory does not contain a person's soul but rather simply breaths memories into a body.

Just because they had the technology, it didn't mean it could be done.

Chun Yeowun shook his head.

"You are crazier than I thought. Do you want to covet eternal life?"

In the end, the clones were created to extend his lifespan. Chun Yeowun had an open mind more than others, but he had contempt for those who thought like Cho Yushin.

At Chun Yeowun's words, Cho Yushin laughed and said,

"Do you know how big this old man's will is?"

"'Big' in what way?"

"Eternal life? It is just an addition."

"Addition? How nonsense."

"I seek nothing but perfection. Even if there is a perfect mind and the body doesn't follow, it is meaningless."



As soon as he said that, the energy around Cho Yushin increased rapidly, and hundreds of weapons with the Five Spirit Beasts' energy were created. Chun Yeowun's eye narrowed at it.

'A perfect Heavenly Master level.'

Taking in the cores of the beasts. If this was the case, it indicated that this individual had no internal energy constraints.

Cho Yushin smiled.

"Such unfortunate times. I had a regret after hearing the story that the second Chun Ma destroyed the one who managed to defeat this old man. Finally, I can relive that regret."


Then Cho Yushin moves toward Chun Yeowun while hundred of the weapons are ready to move.

"Try handling the Hundred Blades."

Cho Yushin waved his hand, and the blades around the area unfolded techniques showing how expert the one handling them was.


Even Chun Yeowun felt amazed.

'He can handle all hundred of them?'

Chun Yeowun could do that because of Nano's help. However, Cho Yushin could do it with pure talent and effort alone.

What was more was that each blade was moving in the best way possible.

'How to stop it?'

This man was aware of the abilities of Chun Yeowun. That was why he was confident that he wouldn't lose to him. At that moment, Chun Yeowun raised his hand.

And then…


The space in all directions twisted with intense energy flowing out. The space itself moved like a sword.

Cho Yushin's eyes twinkled at it.

'As expected, he can handle space.'

He watched it from afar but seeing it in person was very different.


The blades that held such strong power collided with the twisted space and were shattered.

Even Hwang-heol's blades could work against him. As his blades disappeared, Chun Yeowun walked toward him.

"I stopped it. What else are you going to show me now?"

At Chun Yeowun's question, Cho Yushin applauded.

Clap! Clap!

"Amazing! You are really amazing!"

"There is no need to be that shocked."

"I was convinced that the Heavenly Master level wasn't the end, but seeing it in front of my eyes made it clear!"

At those words, Chun Yeowun narrowed his eyes. Even though the opponent he is facing is overpowering him, he still seems excited. It's as if he wanted to also use the Space Sword.

"Thank you because you've shown the old man the way."

"You are overconfident. Do you think you will survive here?"

At Chun Yeowun's words, Cho Yushin smiled.

"You made the mistake of coming here."


Chun Yeowun, who thought that something was up, reached out to his enemy. Sharp anticipation sprang out and twisted the space, then surrounded Cho Yushin.

It was then.


The anticipation aiming for Cho Yushin turned at once, and Nano said,

[The vector values and direction have been forcibly adjusted.]


His attacks were moving and destroying the base but not the target. Chun Yeowun frowned at the strange power which even affected his space.

Cho Yushin smiled.

"You are late, B."

At that moment, the place where Cho Yushin was standing opened, and something like an elevator came out. Someone appeared wearing a silver mask with a letter B mark on it.

'A B mask.'

He is one of the 10 executives of the MS Group that was the closest to the commander.

Most of the executives have died at the hands of Chun Yeowun, but one or two of them weren't found.

"Sorry. It took me some time."

"It does not matter since you came when it mattered. Now, A!"

A voice was heard at Cho Yushin's cry.

— EV will operate in the industrial field.


At that moment, energy beyond imagination surged from the base.

'What is this?'

Chun Yeowun looked at the floor. The moment different energy was released, the energy around and the one in Chun Yeowun's body scattered.

— The acetic acid hole system and the wide EV field have been successfully activated.

The altered voice of A said from the speaker. Then Cho Yushin smiled.

"You entered your grave."

"You prepared a lot."

"It will be different from what you experienced outside. Being in the base is real perfection."

He could feel it. The energy flowing from the bottom of the base was so intense that it couldn't be compared to the one Murim Association used.

"You guys must be the same."

Everyone was in the same position. At that, The person wearing a B mask, who is also presumed to be called B, flicked his fingers.


The ceiling around Chun Yeowun collapsed and fell around him.


To be precise, it was everywhere except for where Chun Yeowun stood.

The person wearing a B mask saw an energy device emitting a blue magnetic field attached to Cho Yushin's chest.

"This has nothing to do with us."

The device was made for the abilities to be used. Cho Yushin tapped B's shoulder and said,

"Even without this kind of thing, this friend and this old man have the strongest abilities that are enough to defeat you. But you see, a tiger should do its best even when hunting a rabbit1."

Cho Yushin considered B to be someone with the strongest ability. Come to think of it, H, who was now one of Chun Yeowun's subordinates, said something.

[I heard that one of two—B or C are the most powerful.]

He didn't know their abilities, but what was certain was that when it unfolds, Chun Yeowun's Space Sword is made to change directions.

Then, as Nano said, he could manipulate the vector values or directions. Then, the man had to really be the strongest.

Tok! Tok!

Something like water dripped. Cho Yushin turned and looked at B.

There was blood dripping from B's chin.

'He overdid it.'

Cho Yushin bit his tongue. B's brain must be overloaded.

He thought it would be daunting to use his ability that warps space, but he couldn't fight Chun Yeowun alone.

B bleed with just one attempt.

'It doesn't matter. If B controls the vector value once or twice and blocks the attacks, the old man can kill him.'

In that fleeting moment, he could end it.

The result is obvious.

Now, Chun Yeowun was caught in their trap and could do nothing. Even if he forced himself to get past the system and try to do something, he could never defeat the two of them.

Then a voice from the speaker was heard.

— He could be a test subject with the best conditions. Catch him, Cho Yushin.

"Even if you didn't say it, I would do it."

The body of Demon God, known to be the strongest on earth, was what they wanted the most.


Cho Yushin walked toward Chun Yeowun. The magnetic field device on his chest made it possible for him to use his internal energy, but it was still challenging to use the Five Spirit Beasts' Energy Sword.

Perhaps, the only space B could control was in this area, so his space to attack was limited.

'Maybe, we should just be prepared to stop him?'

It couldn't be figured out for sure. Cho Yushin smiled and said to Chun Yeowun, who was silent.

"It isn't the strong one who overcomes things, but the one who overcomes is the strong one. Demon God."

At that moment, Chun Yeowun looked at them and said,

"Can a will be defined as a vector?"


Hearing that, Cho Yushin was puzzled for a second, then he shouted nervously as he realized something.

"A! Let B get down—-"

It was then.


B grabbed his chest.

Blood gushed out from the cracks of the mask.

"W… what is this?"

Then he fell down.


"Heart Sword!"

Cho Yushin grunted. He thought he had calculated everything, but he was wrong.

The Heart Sword is the power of the user's will. Even if B could control the vectors, his ability could not do much when it came to the sword made by the user's will.

"He should not live. A, I will kill him."

Cho Yushin thought it was a problem they could not control. The monster that could open his path with the slightest gap: Chun Yeowun.

Then Chun Yeowun held out his hand.

"It is impossible! No matter how much you go beyond the Heavenly Master level, in this area—"

Before he could even finish speaking, Chun Yeowun moved his hand up as if lifting something. Cho Yushin didn't know what his opponent was doing. It was trying to force his internal energy to flow.

"I said it is impossible."


The earth's axis shook violently.




The entire base was destroyed. The vibration was so strong that the whole ground and walls cracked.

It was shaking severely that they couldn't stand.


Even A's voice came from the speaker.

— How can this…

Cho Yushin couldn't understand.

"W-what happened?"

— The entire base… is rising.


It was something one wouldn't know if they were inside. This massive earthquake was happening because the base of MS Group was rising.

Outside, the entire mountain was rising, and something unbelievable happened.


Chun Yeowun spoke to Cho Yushin.

"Your trap is too small."

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