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Descent of the Demon God 223: Commander A (1)

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No matter how perfect the plan was, who could have foreseen a future like this? As if Earth’s gravity had vanished, the stone mountain was rising.


This was a situation that Commander A and Cho Yushin both didn’t expect. The biggest problem was the base rising up.


The entire interior was cracking and shattering while lights began to flicker out of control; it seemed like the entire base would be destroyed at any moment.


A problem was encountered as the powerlines in the base were cut when the stone mountain rose out of the ground. Because the ventilation system and a wide EV field required a lot of energy, the MS members would be in trouble.

‘Did he do all that just for this? Ha!’

Cho Yushin couldn’t hide his shock when he realized that the previously dispersed energy began to flow once more. Then, he thought,

‘He needs to be stopped.’

It would take time for his mind to transfer to the rest of the clones, and that process wouldn’t finish if Chun Yeowun’s interference continued. This was his only chance to save his end goal right before every connection was cut. Cho Yushin’s killing intent, which he had been suppressing, suddenly exploded.


A blood-red energy began to exude from his body as he began to release the true power of the Heavenly Killing Star.

His bloodlust to devour everything began to grow rapidly; it was a vicious energy that wanted to destroy everything around him.


Cho Yushin concentrated all of his bloodlust at one point and began to release energy full of killing intent into his Five Spirit Beasts’ energy sword to kill Chun Yeowun.

Chun Yeowun’s eyes shone as he continued to levitate his surroundings..


Do those who follow the path of martial arts think the same way?

The surrounding energy exploded when the unification of Five Spirit Beasts’ energies merged with the sword full of killing intent. Instinctively, Chun Yeowun knew that this sword’s power was comparable to that of the Supreme Sky Demon Sword.

Judging from his expertise in energies, Cho Yushin was indeed a martial artist.


A ferocious red line was drawn in the air as Cho Yushin’s sword moved. Cho Yushin’s eyes were locked on his target, but at that moment, Chun Yeowun smiled.

‘Is he smiling?’

Suddenly, Cho Yushin, who was still wielding the sword full of killing intent, was thrown into the ceiling.


The impact caused by the collision between Cho Yushin and the ceiling was incredibly painful.


Cho Yushin’s internal balance was broken.


Cho Yushin clenched his teeth.

‘This bastard!’

He could guess what had happened: the base, which had been rising, was now falling back to the ground. No matter how strong Cho Yushin was, the weight of tons of buildings suddenly crashing down on him would temporarily disturb his balance.


Cho Yushin, who was being crushed by the falling base, looked at Chun Yeowun, who was moving as if he were launched like a rocket and drawing his sword towards Cho Yushin.


At that moment, a black straight line was drawn by Chun Yeowun’s Supreme Sky Demon Sword.

Cho Yushin couldn’t afford to take his eye off Chun Yeowun, picking up a sword and imbuing it with his energy.

Chachacha! Kwakwakwa!

Cho Yushin bounced back from the impact as the Supreme Sky Demon Sword and the bloodlust sword clashed. However, Chun Yeowun was quite surprised because Cho Yushin was the first to ever escape the Supreme Sky Demon Sword.

‘He stopped it?’

The power and hunger for blood and annihilation he felt from Cho Yushin was like seeing another side of the Sky Demon energy’s darkness and destruction.


Meanwhile, the falling base collided with the ground. As the 3-kilometer-wide stony mountain fell to the ground, the base shattered and collapsed from the impact.


Blue lights and sparks filled the interior of the base. The collision's aftermath caused the base to blackout, resulting in the termination of the EV field and the ventilation system. All that was left was the menacing red aura and the emanating kill aura that wanted to destroy everything.

“Demon Goddd!’

Cho Yushin was filled with anger. At the same time, his weapon emitted a red light that shone in the darkness as hundreds of swords with the bloodlust energy formed.

‘I need to win.’

This was the Hundred Blood Kill Martial Arts: a technique that held Cho Yushin’s ultimate realization. Because his opponent was so unfathomably strong, Cho Yushin was forced to use his strongest attack, which he had never attempted before.


Blood began to drip from the corner of Cho Yushin’s lips. Because it was so dark, it was impossible to see the blood pouring out of Cho Yushin’s chest, as he couldn’t block Chun Yeowun’s earlier attack.


The two warriors seemed to use the same martial arts, but there was a significant difference: the Supreme Sky Demon Sword had the will to kill its opponent.

“Thanks to you, I’ve figured it out.”

Cho Yushin’s clashes with Chun Yeowun allowed him to fill the gaps in his martial arts and reach the complete form of the Hundred Blood Kill martial arts, which required the willpower to kill someone.

‘I am lucky to have met you, Demon God.’

Cho Yushin’s red eyes became darker as he extended his sword towards Chun Yeowun’s form, which he could barely make out in the darkness. He then unfolded his technique.


Numerous red lines were drawn as the swords cut through the darkness; the scene was both beautiful and terrifying. Cho Yushin’s eyes, full of intent, were only aiming for Chun yeowun alone.


He felt a single presence of energy that stimulated his senses—a vortex of chaos in the darkness—as Chun Yeowun’s blurry form was sucked into the vortex.

‘What’s this?’

At that moment, he was shocked; the entire area had halted like a vacuum. He couldn’t see or feel anything, but he sensed something moving as his swords suddenly turned and thought,

‘I need to stop it.’

His sixth sense overpowered his other suppressed five senses, and Cho Yushin tried to move through the stopped time, but then something happened.


A sharp sensation passed through him.



Cho Yushin was spun around with a scream and thrown back with a force so strong that he seemed to pierce the air in his path.


He couldn’t stop the attack's aftermath; along with him, his attack was destroyed.

Cho Yushin finally stopped looking around because his eyes were blank and his chest had been pierced.

“Kuak… kuak…”

Even though he had absorbed the cores of the Five Spirit Beasts and gained immortality, his pierced chest didn’t heal, as if he no longer had the ability to recover.

Along with the pierced chest, his lungs seemed to be damaged, as he was unable to breathe properly.

‘That technique was…’

Even though it looked like he was about to die, Cho Yushin could only think about Chun Yeowun's technique.

Inside his mind, he replayed what he had seen. Although there was a difference in power, he thought he would be able to cover the gap with enough willpower. However, he now realized that he had been misled and understood Chun Yeowun’s power.

‘… perfect.’

Chun Yeowun, his sword, and space became one and couldn’t be stopped.


In the dark, Cho Yushin heard familiar footsteps approaching him.

“Immortality… isn’t such a good thing, Cho Yushin.”

“Huk… huk… huk.”

Chun Yeowun looked down at Cho Yushin’s body, which had been pierced, causing Cho Yushin to struggle to speak to Chun Yeowun.

“Huk… the… martial… arts… now… what… was… that?”


Chun Yeowun stroked his chin.

There was no martial arts technique there, but rather the realization of the technique that Demon King Taura used in the memories Chun Yeowun saw. However, if he had to come up with a name, it would be:

“Supreme Sky Demon Void-Sword.”

As Chun Yeowun wondered if his ancestor would have called it that, Cho Yushin mumbled,

“Sky… above...the… sky…”

It was like seeing another sky above the sky. Chun Yeowun looked at him and asked,

“I heard that your purpose is to create God. Why is that your plan?”

Creating a God was absurd.

He thought there would be a purpose for them to create such a being, and the reason for asking someone who couldn’t speak was simple:

‘I’ll make him into a Ghost.’

After all, as long as someone was human, Chun Yeowun could turn them into a Ghost. However, although he wasn’t sure if it would work on immortal beings, it was worth trying. The next question was the most important one.

“Who is your commander at the base—”


It was then:

Small sparks began to fly before Chun Yeowun could even finish asking his question.


They seemed like simple sparks, but there was energy in them. Chun Yeowun frowned.

The base was programmed to prevent the enemies from attempting anything.

‘The system is alive.’

Chun Yeowun grabbed Cho Yushin’s head and moved it to catch the commander before he left the base.

“Huk… huk… worthless… attempt.”

Chun Yeowun responded to Cho Yushin’s discouraging words,

“I think I’ll be successful.”

He was going to end everything right here. If he could catch the commander behind MS Group, he would be able to find out all of its secrets, along with what had happened to his descendent, Chun Mu-seong.

[For a year… I spent all my time digitally recording my brain. I don't know if this will work, but I am trying to update my brain records onto the supercomputer Demon God’s AI.]

This line from his descendant intrigued Chun Yeowun.

The main system was severely damaged by the fall. 80% of the tubes inside had shattered and the beings inside them collapsed as the computers sparked.


The only computer that had survived was the main computer: the supercomputer’s body was made of special titanium that occupied a considerable space.

On one side, the text ‘MASIN-2069’ was engraved.


Among the hundreds of screens, the computer displayed a vast amount of information. One screen was tracking the data transfer.

[Transmission: 98% complete]

Most of the transfer was complete; once it was finished, the supercomputer could be destroyed.

[Upload: 90% complete.]

[Upload: 91% complete.]

[Upload: 92% complete.]

Memory, too, was being transmitted to whichever bodies survived the disaster. Although 80% of bodies no longer were suitable, there were still around 132 viable bodies.

It would only take a small amount of time to regenerate them.

[Upload: 95% complete]

Clank! Clank!

As the glass tubes shattered, the sound of brains cracking filled the room.

[Bodies 32, 48, 74, 76, 84, 93, 329, 322, 411, and 513 have failed.]

Now, only 121 bodies were left.

[Upload: 98% complete.]


[Bodies 21, 49, 86, 97, 134, and 240 have failed.]

Of the remaining 121 bodies, six more failed before the upload was finally complete.

[Successfully uploaded to 115 subjects.]


The liquid was drained as a door opened for the 115 beings, which opened their eyes. Red eyes began to flash as A’s voice rang out from the speaker.


“The data about the enemy has been sent. This is an emergency. Hold on until the data transfer is complete—”

It was then:


The huge metal alloy door was torn open. Behind the door was Chun Yeowun, holding the head of Cho Yushin.

“Stop him!”

A then yelled to the red-eyed beings,

“Stop him!!”

“I don’t have time to deal with you all.”


Chun Yeowun lowered his hand as the heads of the red-eyed beings were crushed and instantly exploded.


The beings whose heads had exploded fell limp to the round—all in one second.


Surprised, mask A didn’t say a single word. Chun Yeowun looked at the systems inside and tried to detect any energy, and was able to feel something.

“Over there.”


Chun Yeowun's form disappeared and suddenly reappeared 30 meters away from the system room.

Chun Yeowun then lifted his hands as if he were lifting something up.


Something hidden underneath the floor came up: a hidden room made of superalloy.


When Chun Yeowun attacked the safe, it opened and revealed its contents.


“You are… commander?”

Chun Yeowun narrowed his eyes. He thought he had found the commander, but he never expected to see the person within the hidden room.

Inside the hidden room was someone’s body that had been restrained and tied up.

It was none other than:

“Elder Jeok-mi?”

All the hair on the man’s head was red from his hair to his beard: the man was undeniably Elder Jeok-mi. With tired eyes and a weary face, he seemed unable to come to his senses.

‘Why is he here?’

As far as Chun Yeowun knew, Elder Jeok-mi was one of the executives of MS Group. However, it looked like he was being tortured.

‘I don’t feel anything else around.’

All the living things inside the main room were dead, and the remaining modified humans had also been taken down. Then, where was A?

Chun Yeowun asked Cho Yushin,

“The commander isn’t here?”

Cho Yushin, who was dying, gasped and groaned as he answered,

“You… can’t… find…him… even… in… front… of your… eyes.”

“Can’t find him even if he’s in front of my eyes?”

Chun Yeowun looked ahead. There was a giant supercomputer with broken screens. And Chun Yeowun’s mind turned confused.

It was difficult for him to understand what it meant.

‘There is only a computer in here, wait a second.’

At that moment, Chun Yeowun thought of something.

[...attempting to update the supercomputer Demon God’s AI.]

These were the words of his dying descendant. Chun Yeowun looked at the label on the computer.


Seeing the name, Chun Yeowun mumbled,

“AI… artificial intelligence.”

AI meant artificial intelligence; Chun Yeowun felt like he had been hit with a hammer.

“So he wasn’t human all along.”

Commander A’s existence had never been confirmed by anyone other than B or C through the screen because A was an AI, not a human.

“That must be why he’s called A.”

The ‘A’ was for Artificial Intelligence.

At that moment, Chun Yeowun’s eyes saw white letters forming on the screen:

[Transmitting 99% of the key data. Giving up the remaining 1% of data and burning everything.]

Judging that it couldn’t stop Chun Yeowun, the AI had decided to incinerate the system. Cho Yushin laughed at the scene.

“Y…ou are… late.”

The supercomputer Demon God’s AI was close to perfection. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it was ahead of modern technology by 100 years.

There was no way to stop it now.


At that moment, Chun Yeowun went to the computer as A’s voice rang everywhere.

“Give up. Most of the important data has been moved. What you’ll recover is the wreckage of a broken computer—”


Chun Yeowun put his hand on A’s body as his Nanosuit enveloped Chun Yeowun’s hand as blank cables came out, connecting to the supercomputer.

“Hacking isn’t possible. This is my body. No hacking technology on the planet can stop… kik!”


At that moment, 0 and 1s filled the screen as the data incineration was stopped.

“What happened?”

The emotionless computer began to speak, flustered. Chun Yeowun smiled and said,

“Don’t look down on Nano.”

The 7th generation Nano Machine was created in 2940 AD.

Nano’s self-computation power and self-updating capabilities came from a distant future where even faster supercomputers were present.

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