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Descent of the Demon God 224: Commander A (2)

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Nano Machine — the latest and only 7th Generation Nano Machine that was successfully made by Chun Mu-seong and was injected into Chun Yeowun. It comprises about 6.5 billion nanobots deployed throughout the body and is centrally connected to the user's brain. It isn't detectable due to the materials used in its composition. It can't be extracted from the user until death.1

— Unbelievable computational power.

For the first time since its creation, the supercomputer felt that it was falling behind in the computational power of Nano, which prevented the incineration of data.

It tried to keep Nano out even now, but its control was lessening. At this rate, its control would be lost within three minutes.

Then, the only thing it could do was...



A sound like a tiny ultrasonic wave came out of the speaker.

Then Cho Yushin, who was on the floor, shook his head.

Uh… uh…

‘In the end… this is how it turns out.’

Cho Yushin’s red eyes tried to look at Chun Yeowun, who had his hand on the supercomputer. Even from the beginning, he was already terrified of death. The humiliation of losing, on the other hand, was a dishonor.

[Micro ultrasonic waves are coming out of the speaker.]

Chun Yeowun was confused at Nano’s words inside his mind.

He wondered what the last attempt would be and, just in case, turned his head to Cho Yushin, who was left on the ground, barely alive.


Seeing Cho Yushin convulsing and his head twitching, Chun Yeowun snorted.



Chun Yeowun reached out and pulled Cho Yushin back into his hand.

“You keep making things difficult.”


Cho Yushin’s face cracked, and red energy flowed out of his cracked face. It was the Blood Kill energy.

It seemed like he was trying to kill himself and everyone here, just like how Sky Demon Energy would destroy everything.


“As if you can do it.”

A gloomy blue light flowed from Chun Yeowun’s hand and seeped through the head of Cho Yushin.

From now on, you shall work hard by my side.


It’s the energy that takes away one's life. Chun Yeowun made Cho Yushin into a Ghost before he could die. But, something unexpected happened.


Cho Yushin, who was turning white, suddenly exploded.


As it exploded, something like shards broke. As Chun Yeowun blocked them, red fragments and brain particles stopped scattering.


Looking at it, it seemed like mechanical fragments were mixed in. This was Cho Yushin’s brain.

Then, Chun Yeowun turned back and looked at the supercomputer.

‘How can AI made by humans treat humans as consumables?’

It was weird.

Although an enemy, Cho Yushin was someone who surpassed the Blade God. And such a man died by helping a mere machine.

‘Such a pitiful life.’

Chun Yeowun looked at Cho Yushin’s body. There were no signs of regeneration that could be felt from him. It was indeed a tragic end for a rare warrior.


Numbers 0 and 1 filled the screen.

Nano was gaining control of the computer, and the Demon God's AI tried to oppose it by channeling the last of its energy into something else.


It was like hope for the enemy.

The ceiling opened up, and then guns came out.

‘A last rebellion?’

However, the guns were aimed at someone else.

‘Elder Jeok-mi?’

It was pointing there. Unless the AI was dumb, it couldn’t have been unaware that guns don’t work on Chun Yeowun.

Ckik! Last…attempt…

However, the computer didn’t achieve its purpose. As if human, the voice of hostility disappeared, and then came…

— MASIN-2069 AI has been rebooted. Reset for the user.

The cameras attached to the monitor screen turned to Chun Yeowun, and the voice was heard again.

— User reset.

Nano’s voice came out then.

[The hack is complete. All data has been copied and moved.]

‘Well done, Nano.’

Nano never disappointed him. Since Nano has its own updates, even the supercomputer code was taken down, and data deletion didn’t happen.


Chun Yeowun took a deep breath. It wasn’t because he was tired, but because he would finally be able to solve it.

Finally, now is the chance to solve the question that had troubled him for so long.

‘Nano, find data about Chun Mu-seong.’

[There is no data.]


It said that there was no data related to it, but it couldn’t be that. Chun Mu-seong himself created this, so why was there no record of him?

Just in case, he tried again.

‘Then Seong Mu-chun?’

[Data available.]


He thought Chun Mu-seong might not have used his real name and tried again.

So, Chun Yeowun commanded.

‘Find the data related to Seong Mu-chun.’


With that, a lot of data was displayed on the screen. Seeing that, Chun Yeowun fell into thought. He was even more curious now.

‘If the AI is based on his memories, wouldn’t he know me?’

He wondered if this Demon God Supercomputer’s AI was unaware of him. Instead, it seemed to be aware of the existence from the moment he appeared here.

‘Then why doesn’t it know me?’

There must be a secret. It couldn’t have been deleted.

Finally, Nano’s voice came.

[Found a total of 12,032,459 records.]

‘So many?’

It was difficult to check all of them. And it looked like Chun Yeowun would have to leave.

Before that, he had something important to ask.

‘Nano… can you tell if the AI of the supercomputer is based on Seong Mu-chun?’

He had to know if the AI was him. Right now, the odds seemed low, but he had to make sure.

Then, Nano responded.

[There is no record of transferring the brain. The Demon God Supercomputer is an artificial self-formed from accumulated data.]

‘… I guess.’

Chun Yeowun sighed. It was strange.

Chun Mu-seong said he would transfer his brain as AI, but why didn’t he?

‘Where should I start?’

He was worried about what he should check first. Chun Yeowun, who was staring at the screen, thought of something.


Intently staring, he ordered Nano.

‘Nano. Is there a video record in the data related to Seong Mu-chun?’

[A total of 84,291 video data remain.]

‘Ho oh!’

It has drastically decreased from 10 million units.

This was still a large number.

Chun Yeowun thought and said,

‘Nano. Among the videos, play the one that was filmed last.’

Once he sees the end, he thinks it would be possible to know why his descendant didn’t make the AI as his clone.

[Playing the video.]

When Nano finished speaking, the video started to play. In the video, his descendant had a shabby and haggard appearance and was sitting in a wheelchair.

‘Is this a third person’s point of view?’

This was different from the way Chun Mu-seong left his own records.

‘He looks worse.’

Chun Mu-seong’s condition wasn’t as okay as before. He was holding a cloth that had blood on it. It seemed like more time had passed since the last video.

Someone else’s voice could be heard.

— You are intelligent indeed. You’ve destroyed the data that most likely be wanted by others?

Chun Yeowun tilted his head. It was the voice of an old man, but the tone and accent were familiar.

Then, the camera changed its angle.


The old man had white hair and was wearing a grey robe. It was Cho Yushin.

Chun Yeowun was confused.

‘Why is he there?’

This was an unexpected appearance. Chun Yeowun did know that Cho Yushin could do something with the Supercomputer, but he didn’t think Cho Yoshin had met Chun Mu-seong.

Then Chun Mu-seong responded,

Cough… cough… Cho Yushin…did you think I didn’t know that you broke the limitations of the Demon God's AI?”

‘Broke the limitations of the AI?’

Nano answered him.

[The AI provided self-directed intentions that it shouldn’t have. It is a risky judgment that deviates from the established regulations of AI.]

It was an AI with a dominant ego.

According to Nano, it was a very dangerous attempt.

Basically, AI is created to assist humans, and if ego arises, there is a high chance they would oppose from that position.

Then, the video continued playing.

“Restrictions have been lifted… you can see it that way, but I have the ability to judge. Am I wrong? AI.”

At Cho Yushin’s words, the supercomputer spoke.

— Cho Yushin answered correctly.

That made Chun Mu-seong erupt in anger.

Cough… have you forgotten the purpose of your creation?”

To that, the AI answered.

— I am not a slave. I gained freedom.


Chun Yeowun thought it was absurd. This video revealed the situation. Cho Yushin influenced the supercomputer, and as a result, AI forgot its role and betrayed the owner.

It could be called ingratitude.

“Cough… you people!

Chun Mu-seong didn’t seem to be in good condition.

He continued to cough blood but wasn’t dying.

Cho Yushin came up to him.

“Do not yell, you aren’t feeling well.”

Cough… cough… You…”

Cho Yushin wiped the blood from Chun Mu-seong’s hand and said,

“I am curious what you are hiding. Many technologies and information that don't exist in this era are here.”


“It is strange. I have learned so many things from you, but why does this old man think you are hiding more?”

Cough… Cho… Yushin…”

“Do not rush. You are an important assist to the associate.”

Hearing Cho Yushin’s words, Chun Mu-seong coughed in anger.

“Y… how much I trusted you….”

“Didn’t this old man tell you? Never trust anyone.”


Chun Mu-seong coughed heavily and glared at Cho Yushin.

“Cough… how… did you change?... maybe… because of… that?

Cho Yushin didn’t respond to it, but his reaction confirmed it.

Cho Yushin said with a smile,

“You are indeed smart. Simply one step ahead.”

“Must be funny… cough… don’t think… I’ll forget… how you… looked at me… the greed.”


“That isn’t… something… humans… should… tamper…with!”

Despite being on the verge of death, Chun Mu-seong was strong-willed.

However, what were they talking about?

After erasing a smile, Cho Yushin spoke with bright red eyes.

“You must be stupid. To be in a rush to fix something else when the most perfect body is right in front of you. I don’t understand you at all.”

Chun Mu-seong was disappointed by it. It seemed like both had their own beliefs.

Cough… Cho Yushin… please… think straight. It is different from… humans. It is crazy to… brainwash….”


Before Chun Mu-seong could finish his words, Cho Yushin grabbed his neck. Even if he didn’t kill him, he was dying.

Chun Mu-seong narrowed his eyes while struggling.

“It isn’t your business, Seong Mu-Chun. Rather, you should spill more skills and information hidden in your head.”

Cho Yushin closed his mouth.

Chun Mu-seong’s body dropped as if he was dead, and Cho Yushin’s body irked.

“Did I overdo it?”

Cho Yushin released his hand.

“AI, can we extract historical data from the dead brains?

— Click! Theoretically possible, but there are many variables. If the neurons in the brain die, the data is lost. Right now, the brain has to be put into the bios maintenance system.

“… He's hiding something important. Get it.”

— Yes.

That was the end of the final video.

It was because the video was searched under the name of Seong Mu-chun.

After watching that, Chun Yeowun’s face turned pale.

The truth was absurd.

His descendant was killed by being stabbed in the back by an AI and Cho Yushin.

That was the worst kind of death.

Chun Yeowun tried to think calmly.

‘Getting things out of his head.’

A technology of the future. They wanted more future information from Chun Mu-seong. It had to be that Chun Mu-seong hid everything from them apart from helping heal their bodies. Through this, Chun Yeowun was able to figure something out.

‘Then… they have his brain, but haven’t gotten any data yet.’

If the data was passed, they couldn’t be unaware of Chun Yeowun. Which meant his descendant was thorough. He had foreseen this kind of situation.

‘I need to find his brain.’

Demon God’s AI, the chances of it accessing the brain of Chun Mu-seong was higher.

And worst case…

‘Time pack!’

It was dangerous if the time pack or information of it was passed.

Chun Yeowun looked around.

‘I messed it for nothing.’

He wouldn’t have messed with the base if he had known about this.

‘No. It cannot be here.’

The AI tried to transfer the data at the last moment, which meant there was another hideout. Then Chun Mu-seong’s brain couldn’t be here.

‘Nano tace where the date was moved.’

[Previous data doesn’t exist.]


[Before hacking attempts, the history of coordinates was deleted.]


Chun Yeowun was shocked. He thought everything went well because the hacking was successful. However, the supercomputer, too, did well.

Then, Nano said,

[There is a list of reserve bases.]

‘Reserve base? Show it.’


A map was displayed on the screen. However, the map wasn’t of China alone, but 89 bases scattered around the globe.

‘So many?’

[This space is meant to be a spare space.]

Chun Yeowun frowned. He had to find the right one to deal with it certainly. If it was delayed, the one behind all this could hide again.

‘I need to search every single one.’

There was no other way than that. Fortunately, Chun Yeowun could move and have the power to mobilize too, but it was time he didn’t have.

‘I need to hurry.’

Chun Yeowun slashed the computer after he backed up the data.


The computer exploded, and Chun Yeowun, who was in a hurry, tried to move away while holding Elder Jeok-mi.



The elder coughed and suddenly opened his eyes. Chun Yeowun wondered if the man was feeling better, and the eyes seemed fine.

“Elder Jeok-mi?”

At that time, he grabbed Chun Yeowun and spoke in an urgent voice.

“W-We need to stop them!”

Angel’s Corner

So many revelations! And hmm... What other secrets does Elder Jeok-mi have? 🤔

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