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Descent of the Demon God 226: Counting the Traces (2)

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[Yin… he is dead.]

[He is dead? W-who could have?]

[… Demon God.]

It had been less than 30 minutes since they heard the news. Usually, he was the kind to handle the mission in silence, but then he seemed to go out of his way, unable to control his emotions, and massacred a place.

Thanks to him, two hundred civilians at Yeon company were killed.

[Message from A. He told me to tell you to choose self-elimination if you can’t escape and collide with Demon God.]


It meant to kill themselves. It was a command that the Zodiac, who were taught directly from Cho Yushin, had never heard.

‘It wants a warrior to die without even going into a proper fight?’


The man ground his teeth. He heard directly about the strength of Chun Yeowun from Cho Yushin. However, that didn’t matter.

‘He is the enemy!’

It was the person who killed someone who had taught him since his childhood, someone who was like a father to him.

‘Even if the win rate is 1%, a warrior needs to jump into it.’

The man who raised his courage by thinking such things yelled angrily.

“Demon God!’

“I am asking you right away. Talk about where the data was moved.”

In response to the question, he clenched his teeth and yelled.

“His enemy!”

“That isn’t the answer I want.”


Chun Yeowun broke the ankle he was holding.


The man screamed in pain. But Chun Yeowun was holding his leg so he couldn’t fall. Chun Yeowun glanced at his hand, which was burning in Flame Qi.

“How did you get the Flame Qi?”

He could feel the energy of the spirit beast, Flame Qilin. However, he found out that the man had stronger Yang than an average person when he held him.

He couldn’t accept the Flame Qi into him in the usual way.

At his question, Yin, who was groaning in pain, yelled.

Kuak… thank you. Your hands touched me.”


Yin sucked internal energy from Chun Yeowun, who was still holding his broken ankle.


And as the internal energy was sucked in, Yin’s broken ankle straightened and regenerated.


The technique where he was absorbing the internal energy of the opponent. Just absorption.


He grabbed Chun Yeowun’s wrist as if trying to absorb more of it, and Yin’s body was covered in flames.


His eyes opened wide in shock.

‘What endless energy!’

Yin had already absorbed a lot, yet he could feel that there was a lot more inside. His Flame Qi had doubled because of what he sucked in. Usually, the other person would go weak when that happens, but now it seemed like he didn’t.

‘If I absorb all of his internal energy!’

The man was delighted at what he found and couldn’t hide his excitement.

Kuhahahaha! This body of mine will suck you dry, Demon God….”

At that moment, he felt intense pain inside his Dantian.

Until recently, he was interested in taking all the internal energy from Chun Yeowun, but his thoughts have changed.

‘I-I can’t control the internal energy.’

Absorption is different from controlling it. He managed to take it in right away, but it would be incomplete or foreign energy invading him without properly infusing it into the body.


Blood gushed out of his mouth. The nature of the internal energy which entered his Dantian seemed different. And he could see Chun Yeowun smile.

‘W-was that why he was still?’

He thought Chun Yeowun was too shocked by his technique.

But looking at his face, it seemed like he had it all planned.

Wheik! Swish!

Yin’s entire body suddenly felt a shock run through him, and he trembled as the flame spread even more.

‘N-No. how can a single man have so many elements….’

Just Flame Qi was different to control. But Chun Yeowun seemed to have the Flame Qi, Thunder Qi, Ice Qi, Earth Qi, Wind Qi, Yokai Energy, Sky Demon Energy, pure energy, and chakra in unity.


And these various things were out of control in Yin’s body. His vessels were popping.


In the end, Yin took his hand off Chun Yeowun and dropped to the floor. His body was raging from the inside as various qi’s clashing within him, and he couldn’t do anything about it.

“That is the price of coveting something you can’t handle.”

Chun Yeowun placed his hand on Yin’s back. And absorbed all his energy back to him.


Yin didn’t think the Demon God would save him, but then he realized why he did it.

“This Flame Qilin’s energy isn’t yours. I will take it back.”


He shouted with his face down. The Flame Qi was something he trained for a long time to embody him entirely, but that wasn’t something Chun Yeowun knew.


In an instant, Chun Yeowun called it back.

“If the Great Elder was awake when this happened, there was no way that you would have gotten close to it.”

That was true.

This Qi was in Mun Ran-yeong’s possession.

Flame Qi, which was embodied over the years, was pure, so Chun Yeowun noticed it.

The man who lost everything was desperate.

Since he lost his own energy, he couldn’t use martial arts any longer.

‘Even if only that one could be left….’

It was a pity that he couldn’t embody the energy he stole from Chun Yeowun.

Looking down at him with arrogant eyes, Chun Yeowun mumbled.

“You can’t even handle 1 angstrom.”

‘One angstrom?’

It means 0.000000001 in decimal units. Hearing that, he was stunned.

‘T-that was just one angstrom?’

The slightest amount of energy for Chun Yeowun was a fortune for someone else. It was different for others.

“Shall we take the memories in the head now?”


A faint blue gloomy energy rose from Chun Yeowun’s right hand.


Elder Jeok-mi appeared in the office of the Yeon Company. The flames were all put to rest, and now meeting room was now filled with a different energy.

Then, he found Chun Yeowun, who was treating the internal injuries of Lee Myung.


Lee Myung, who had been healed of his internal injuries, coughed blood. Even if he had a body suited for martial arts, what he faced today went beyond his limits. It was difficult to heal wounds caused by Flame Qi.

“Thank you.”

Lee Myung bowed his head with a bitter expression. It was no wonder he didn't like this as there were too many losses.

“The sect will provide support in terms of reconstruction and manpower. So you should take care of yourself now.”

“… thank you.”

Chun Yeowun promised to rebuild the company for them, but he couldn’t console what happened.

Then, Elder Jeok-mi approached.

“The ones outside were taken care by me.”

While Chun Yeowun dealt with Yin, he dealt with the masked people outside. He saw just how many employees were killed while he came here. He couldn’t even look the man in the eye.

To change the topic, he spoke to Chun Yeowun.

“I found the location where the data was moved….”


Before he could even finish, Chun Yeowun grabbed him by the head and smashed it to the ground.



Because Chun Yeowun didn’t do it earnestly, it was just blood that flowed out of the Elder.

Chun Yoewun spoke in a cold voice.

“If you had answered my question right away, such sacrifices wouldn’t have happened.”


Chun Yeowun pressed him down and then asked.

“I don’t have time, so I will ask you one question. if you talk shit again this time, I will deal with you right away and leave.”

At the sound of it, Elder realized that he was being sincere. In the first place, he wasn’t a person who followed the teachings of the Forces of Justice.

“Seems to be okay. Fine. Can we move places?”

He seemed conscious of Lee Myung being there. Chun Yeowun glanced and nodded at him and then waved his hand.

The space distorted as they moved to a higher sky.

“Speak quickly.”

At the urging of Chun Yeowun, he opened his mouth with a serious face.

“Remember what the old man said to you that you aren't of here?”


When he met Chun Yeowun, he first mentioned that he wasn’t someone who should exist at this time.

“You were walking in the path of dao and stepped on the border, so you will get a glimpse of it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Behind the border, you are treading the truth of the world.”


“And those who realize the truth will be able to enter the realm of those who attained realization, which is called ascension. They are called sages, or transcendents.”

Chun Yeowun narrowed his eyes. What was being said was something he was aware of.

“The moment you enter the fourth dimension by mastering the sixth sense, you have the eye to see the three-dimensional world.”

“What do you even mean?”

Chun Yeowun didn’t like where this was going. This was the second time it had happened.

The moment he realized the chakras and tried to peek into the truth of the universe, Chun Yeowun couldn’t see the whole truth.

He regretted it, but he didn’t regret crossing into the other side of the truth.

“To read into the Heavenly Qi is to say that.”

“What did you see?”



The elder hesitated but then opened his mouth.

“This world is bound to perish.”


For a moment, Chun Yeowun was speechless by the words he heard unexpectedly.


If his ears weren’t wrong, he was told that this world would be destroyed. And fate is set in order.

So Chun Yeowun asked for the reason.

“Why will it perish?”

“An artificial god which only wants extinction is born… kuak!

At that time, Elder Jeok-mi groaned in pain and Chun Yeowun, who was looking at the elder, realized that something strange was happening in his body.

His body was turning transparent.

“Why is your body like that?”

Chun Yeowun reached out to grab him, but his hand brushed past it.



This was different from some projections.

Elder Jeok-mi looked at his hands which were changing and smiled with a bitter expression.

“I guess this is the end for me. Huhuhu.

“Why is your body disappearing?”

“Did I not tell you? To divulge what we see with Heavenly Qi is to go against the destiny and the truth.”

And now he was paying the price for it.

Angel’s Corner

Elder Jeok-mi, your sacrifice will be worth it.

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