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Descent of the Demon God 229: Demon God (1)

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Chun Yeowun’s subordinates, who were watching the broadcast on their phones, cheered at the same time.

They were worried that they had suddenly lost contact with their Lord, but when he showed up against the enemy without any wounds on his body, their fears disappeared.

“Ah! As expected of my Lord! Hehe! He surprised even me!”

Hu Bong ran excitedly all over the place. Baekgi just shook his head at the scene. Like Hu Bong, he too was relieved but was even more shocked at the power he saw.

‘He got stronger?’

He wondered how much his Lord had become stronger, as the strength Chun Yeowun displayed now was extraordinary. In a matter of seconds, the chaos was put to sleep, and the massacre was stopped in an instant.

‘Lord has been that way since the past.’

Baekgi smiled; Chun Yeowun was someone with such overwhelming strength that he was a form of support for those who followed him.

“Chun Ma.”

The golden Gumiho’s eyes fluttered when she looked at his subordinates. No one recognized it since she was in fox form, but she wasn’t in awe of his power but rather full of sadness.

‘Is he… even higher?’

The power that Chun Yeowun just displayed was too high. The first Chun Ma began to slowly drift away once he had reached this level, so her heart grew bitter.

Meanwhile, there was cheering from the others in China.


Everyone cheered for their savior.

The broadcast, which was happening in real-time, was the prelude to the end.

Everyone watched it with despair and horrified faces, but Chun Yeowun was a ray of hope now. People clasped their hands together and hoped for him to succeed.

‘May that man stop this apocalypse.’


‘I don’t know who he is…’

‘Please take this disaster down… please.’

Earnestness shone from the deep darkness, and the fear that had taken over China was finally overtaken by the light. God narrowed his eyes.

‘Fear is dying.’

Even if he was artificially created, he was definitely a transcendent being. Since he was born with malicious intent and negative emotions, the despair of the humans amplified his power. However, people were now full of hope.

“You are obstructing the cause till the very end, Demon God.”


With that, God spread out his eight red wings and the space around shook. It had the momentum to take down the entire city, but God then frowned.

[What are you doing?]

[Let this old man take over from here.]

Another voice said,

[And pass this chance? That is unnecessary]

[I, the king, agree. We are Gods, so we should focus on achieving the purpose over going after such victories.]

[If that man isn’t killed, we can’t achieve any purpose.]

[No matter how it goes, defeating him won’t be difficult.]

[Then give the body to this old man.]

[You are bound by foolish feelings and stubbornness.]

Two personalities were on one side, and the third on another. A red glow began to emanate from God’s eyes as an unimaginable killing intent rose.


The two angels to God’s side were taken aback, and their bodies began to scatter from the bloodlust.




The two angels couldn’t hide their shock. God slowly spoke to them,

“You are afraid.”

“T-that’s not true.”

“You have proven to be unworthy.”

One of the angels begged,

“G-God, please give me a chance for the sake of the relationship—”


However, before the angel could even finish pleading, his body turned to dust. Chun Yeowun was awestruck by the sight of God throwing away his own angels just because they showed fear.

“You are truly crazy.”

At those words, the being called God smiled.

“Well, they were just objects that needed to be purified.”

“You will be the only one left in the world then.”

“Purification shows no discrimination. It is the ultimate mercy to make sure everyone has an equal end.”

“Mercy? You think that is mercy? You’re hilarious.”

Chun Yeowun took care of his subordinates, so God’s mentality didn’t sit well with him. Looking at Chun Yeowun, God spoke with his arms wide open,

“The world is full of selfishness, discrimination, persecution, and filthy desires. How can a mere human like you understand what it means to purify the world anew?”

God harbored a bizarre amount of anger towards the world.


Chun Yeowun snorted in response. Chun Yeowun had never thought that the world was clean, but he could never agree with the absurd conclusion that only one entity should handle the cleansing of all filth.

“Are you bringing the end?”

“This is what I, as God, should have done in the first place, so that such beings don’t remain in this world.”

Chun Yeowun frowned. It was absurd to hear God spout such nonsense.

“Someone has to do it, and the only one who can do it is me.”



As the space shook, the artificial God created a blood-red sword.

The moment Chun Yeowun saw it, he recognized it.

‘Space Sword that I used.’

It was the sword that held the power of space: Chun Yeowun’s Supreme Sky Demon Sword synergized with the void, which had dealt the final blow to Cho Yushin.

God smiled and said,

“Although you are just a human, I have learned a lot from you.”


The whole place, when struck by the blood-red sword, shattered.

“My body surpasses you.”


The space shook, and God disappeared, suddenly reappearing in front of Chun Yeowun and trying to stab him in the neck.

It was a simple stab motion, but it had the force to pierce everything in existence.


Chun Yeowun’s hand motioned, distorting the space and creating a dark sword to block God’s attack.


When the two swords collided, the space around shuddered. Storms were created from the impact, and they wreaked havoc when the aftermath reached the ground.


The buildings, which couldn’t survive the impact, turned to ashes. Hundreds of people who were unconscious on the floor disappeared.

“You haven’t been able to stop the purification.”


God spoke in a sarcastic manner while still wielding his sword. Looking at his relaxed attitude, he wasn’t even using his full strength.

God, who judged that he was stronger than Chun Yeowun, smiled.

“Is this really the end?”

The God raised more energy, and the entire space around Chun Yeowun distorted as he was pushed back. Then, God said,

“You seem to be stronger than before, although it will end here.”

At those words, Chun Yeowun raised his head. A light shone in his eyes.


It wasn’t sky demon energy, and it wasn’t the killing intent either. It was a strange feeling, like the chaos around. Chun Yeowun said,

“I asked if this is the end.”

“I see that you have energy—”


At that moment, as Chun Yeowun was being pushed, he started to raise his arms. God increased the power he was using to push Chun Yeowun back, but God himself began to be pushed back.


Chun Yeowun spoke coldly to God,

“Do you think such a dry reason would work on me?”

“What are you talking…. Huh?!”


The artificial god’s body was suddenly thrown up. God was flustered; he didn’t expect himself to be thrown.

Considering that he had been careless because of his new body, God still tried to show his power to Chun Yeowun, as a bloody, red aura swirled around like a halo.


Chun Yeowun appeared right in front of him, and lowered his sword as he spoke with a meaningful voice,

“This world belongs to me.”


The artificial god pulled out his Space Sword up in a hurry.

The moment both swords touched, something shocking happened.



The artificial god broke through the wall behind him and bounced back. His body was pushed so far back that he crossed the borders of Xi’an city and beyond.


Only after being hurled back for over 3 kilometers was he able to stop his motion. Unable to hide his shock, he raised his head.

[What is that power? That force!]

The other two personalities inside, too, were shocked. They all knew about Chun Yeowun’s power because their memories were shared, but it seemed like he had grown even further. Talisha’s voice said,

[Change right away. That guy is dangerous.]

However, Cho Yushin rejected the idea.

[No, I couldn’t have a proper fight with him.]

[That machine and you cannot handle him. Stop being stubborn—]


Chun Yeowun appeared right in front of them. Talisha could no longer look down on this human with any arrogance. Cho Yushin then said,

“Are you trying to protect the humans?”

He thought that was why Chun Yeowun had blown them out of the city. Chun Yeowun smiled,

“No, I was just showing off my power.”


Chun Yeowun’s form disappeared again. God used all his senses to calculate Chun Yeowun’s position and properly defend himself, swinging the Space Sword to the right.


As expected, Chun Yeowun appeared to the right.

‘Got you.’

But when both the swords collided, the result was shocking.


The Space Sword that contained the destructive killing intent shattered into pieces.

Once again, the body of the artificial god flew back.



Again, several kilometers of land passed by as God’s body flew through the air. When half of God’s strength was exhausted to stop flying back, it seemed that his upper body was gone.

Seeing that he had lost the body of a transcendent being, Cho Yushin thought that the situation was absurd.

‘How… How can this happen…’

He couldn’t understand it. The realization of the universe that Chun Yeowun obtained was something that Cho Yushin had realized in his final moments. This realization, along with the AI’s computation powers and Talisha’s strength, were used to create the artificial god.

Even though all of these components had come together to create this God, such a being couldn’t stop a mere blow of a human.


God then saw Chun Yeowun walking toward him while giving out tremendous intimidation. It was hard to believe that a human was exuding such pressure.

“Is this all?”

God clenched his teeth.


“Every single time, you’ve blocked our path! Demon Goddd!!”


God’s body was restored instantly, displaying an amazing regeneration ability.

“I will see the end along with you!”


Brilliant blood-colored wings spread across God’s back. Blood-red feathers came out from them and surrounded Chun Yeowun as if they were weapons.

When the artificial God held his sword, the blood feathers turned into a Space Sword.


‘I will bet everything on this one strike.’

A Hundred Martial Arts of Blood Killing Sword and Ever-changing Blood Flower.

The synergy of these two forms was the manifestation of Cho Yushin’s realization after getting the body of God.

‘If he stops this, then I will admit that he is the best in the world of martial arts.’


As soon as the artificial god stretched out his sword toward Chun Yeowun, the Space Sword surrounded him in all directions, and petals drew red trajectories in the air.

It was impossible to know where the petals were flying in from, as their trajectories couldn’t be read.


This sword formation would be considered to be the best, as it was the greatest technique of Cho Yushin, who was a genius in martial arts. At that moment, Chun Yeowun held his own black Space Sword.

‘That’ll be useless.’

The artificial god had faith in his technique and confidence that no one could stop him.

Chun Yeowun slowly lowered his black Space Sword.


However, he lowered his sword to reach the space and not the floor. The floor rattled like glass around the space he struck, which split into thousands and then tens of thousands of shards.


This was the Supreme Sky Demon Void-Sword, the signature Demon God Sword Art technique. Innumerable black lines soared in the cracked space and penetrated the red traces around Chun Yeowun.


God’s eyes shook. His trust in the skills was shattered in an instant.

‘How can he have such a sword…’

The soaring black lines were beautiful.

His technique, which he thought could never be stopped, was taken down by the countless black lines created by Chun Yeowun.


‘His… martial arts… is…’

In the end, he couldn’t get past Chun Yeowun even if he had turned into a transcendent being.


Blue blood gushed out of the artificial god’s mouth.

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