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Descent of the Demon God 230: Demon God (2)

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6th Talisha — the worst Talisha in history. He was known as the Golden Heavenly King of the Heaven clan. He went to earth to look for his nemesis, Arisha, but was captured and experimented on by MS Group instead. His body was used to make the artificial God.

As his final attempt was broken, the artificial God staggered back from a probable internal wound.

He mumbled in shock.

“This world is cruel to me till the end….”


He knelt on one knee. His eyes gave out a red gleam that seemed dull like a dead human.

It was a defeat that couldn’t be changed.

Rather than the pain in his body, his mind seemed dead.



Chun Yeowun, who saw that, withdrew the black space. He certainly drove the mind of the opponent into the abyss.

‘Then, only one thing is left?’

Chun Yeowun breathed Sky Demon Energy into the wrist, and the Sky Demon Sword came out.


Holding it, he approached the God who was dead on the inside, and then he heard someone’s cry.

[Look! What are you doing?! Hurry up and annihilate the body!]

It was Elder Jeok-mi.

He was watching this from far, urging for God to be killed. Chun Yeowun shook his head.

‘I have to figure out more things about this.’

The last person to know the whereabouts of his descendants was this artificial God. It wasn’t known if they knew about the time pack, but he had to try.

[There is no time for that. No matter how it was created, it is a transcendent being. It means that a small gap is enough to turn things around. Hurry and kill it!]

Elder Jeok-mi didn’t seem comfortable with this. Despite seeing the power of Chun Yeowun, he couldn’t calm down. The entire area was still in red and filled with despair which could bring back chaos at any time. However, Chun Yeowun ignored the Elder's words and used the Ghost Qi into the sword.


Negative blue energy rose from it, and then Chun Yeowun looked at the artificial God.

“You know about it, right? Where is the brain of Chun Mu-seong?”


Then, the wings of God, who was kneeling, were dyed in gold from black. And the eyes lifted weren’t red anymore.

The God spoke with an ominous smile.

“Thank you for freeing me.”

A completely different atmosphere.

Chun Yeowun frowned.

Previously, the artificial God seemed like a supernatural one, but now he felt some glorious feeling coming from his opponent.

“Let me treat you right.”

The God tried to keep up from the kneeling position.

“So tiring.”

Chun Yeowun used the black space sword again and tried to slash the God again. The artificial God tried to block as he felt the vicious energy.

His eyes fluttered.


And his eyes turned golden.

At that moment, the world seemed covered by white light.



Elder Jeok-mi was in despair as he witnessed the black Space Sword trying to cut the God down slowed down.


That wasn’t the only thing that stopped. The flowing light, the wind, and everyone's movement stopped. The world was colored in silence and stillness.


And the form of God appeared from high above the white light where everything stopped. A cold sweat ran down his face.


Blue veins appeared on God's face, and there was anger too.

‘This guy.’

God didn’t think he would have to use his power to stop time like this.

However, he was angry because he couldn’t overcome the fear of being hit by Chun Yeowun’s sword aiming at him, so he flew up.

‘Why… why did it come from a lowly human?’

This wasn’t the first time he felt the fear of death. The fear of that sword killing him was engraved into his soul.

As a result, he couldn’t stand staying in front of it and stopped time. This was shameful to him.

The shame turned to hatred and anger.

“I will destroy it. I will destroy everything. I will leave nothing behind here!”

The artificial God raised his hands, and a giant golden sphere began to form.


It was a gigantic sphere of 500 meters in diameter. An unimaginably enormous amount of energy was used. Even a nuclear bomb would seem ridiculous. The moment this falls, it will destroy the entirety of Asia.

“This is God’s gift. You lowly beings will perish without even realizing that death came.”

His eyes were dyed in madness. Driving people into fear was good for him, and now extinction would fall on them.

Then, the sphere moved.


If the time hadn’t stopped, everyone would have been in fear because they would be watching the end with their own eyes.

The golden sphere began to destroy the land.


Chun Yeowun was on the ground as he also couldn’t move. Even if death was upon him, he was bound to the time. As a human, he couldn’t escape it—no one can.


He heard his heart beating. In the still time, Chun Yeowun’s eyes shrank. He focused and looked at the place—the moment he was caught up in the explosion.


In that brief moment, while enormous energy was raging around exploded, the Realization of the Universe and the truth that he had been stopped in time were understood.

As his 6th and 7th senses were awakened in the moment of crisis, Chun Yeowun’s eyes broke the boundary between the three dimensions and saw a new dimension.

He was thrilled with joy and thrill and saw Mun-ku, whom he missed so much.

‘No… No... I need to stop this.’

He wanted to dodge this. He didn’t want to enter some new realm.

He didn’t want to become stronger; he wanted to return to his people.

However, the truth and the new world (after death) were so powerful that it wanted Chun Yeowun to give up this world. At that moment, light and darkness shone together, and someone appeared.


This new world that was pulling in Chun Yeowun was stopped. And from there, a man stood tall, supporting Chun Yeowun.


To Chun Yeowun, who didn’t escape from the crisis by himself, this someone that helped him seemed familiar. And then he heard the voice in his head.

— You are such an odd one.

The voice he heard here was so familiar that he mumbled.


It was the voice of his ancestor. It looked like a haze between the borders to him, and the one who stopped him from being pulled into another dimension was none other than Chun Ma.

— How come you don’t want to enter where everyone wants to go?


— Is it because of longing or regret?

Despite Chun Yeowun not answering, he knew.


As the haze rose, the figure of his ancestor could be seen.

— I came out to meet you, thinking that a guy who can barely deal with me was finally coming. The man who left a lot behind is here. Hahaha.

His ancestor laughed. There was arrogance, tenderness, and even boldness oozing out. He was laughing toward the boundary.


Chun Ma spoke to the bewildered Chun Yeowun without looking back.

— How can I, as your ancestor, just watch you silently when you are going through so much?


He was crossing the border. It will be difficult to pull him back. At that time, Chun Ma reached out and pointed to the boundary.

The boundary swayed like a wave, and soon the will, which had drawn Chun Yeowun to cross it, waned.

‘Blocking the will of dimensions… beyond borders?’

It was amazing. His ancestor blocked the interference.

— My descendant, the one who will inherit the will of this throne of mine, get rid of all your regrets and troubles first and then come. Until then, I will be here protecting this.

Hearing that, Chun Yeowun cried.

He was filled with the feeling of knowing that someone stronger was firmly behind him. And the fact that this man believed in him touched his heart.


The open boundary to cross was closed. He looked at the strong back of his ancestor, which was turning to a haze.

‘… be there till the end.’

— If you have an infinite amount of will to do something, there is nothing you cannot achieve.

The final words of his ancestor, Chun Ma, resonated in his mind.

It went deep inside him.


‘With infinite will, anything can be achieved.’


‘Infinite will.’


“One’s will.”

The path of the sword broke the stillness in the currently still world. It moved slowly and then a bit faster.


The eyes of the God went wide.


Time stopped. However, in this still world, the sword of Chun Yeowun was moving.

‘It cannot be! It cannot be! There is no way a bug like a human can surpass the power of this body who obtained the level of a God!’


The golden sphere fell, and the sword of Chun Yeowun began to move faster and faster upwards, pointing to the sky.

‘Supreme Sky Demon Sword technique—Will of the user.’






Countless black lines hit the golden sphere. Then, the sphere began to disintegrate as if it didn’t exist.

The God who was supposed to be on top of everything was shocked and in ruins.

Then, he looked at the form of Chun Yeowun, who was flying up at a tremendous speed.

In his fear, a single form overlapped.


He couldn’t figure out why he thought of that man, but then Chun Yeowun’s form passed by him.


And with a sharp sense spread around his whole body—the feeling of being cut into pieces.

God shook his head and turned back.

He saw the hand of Chun Yeowun holding a ball that was the size of a fist, with golden, red, and grey colors.

“No… that… is?”

He was bewildered. However, Chun Yeowun broke it right away.


As the trapped lights were broken, they seeped into Chun Yeowun’s palm.


As the light seeped in, numerous visions were seen. They were memories.

[I am not a mistake. I am not a mistake!]

[Right… if you people want it, I will become the Heavenly Killing Star and kill everything! I will destroy it all!]

The emotions of a life full of bitterness and madness.

[Arisha lost all his powers and is on earth?]

[How can… with a human body… like this?]

Memories of Talisha being taken down with a sword.

[Yes. From now you are Demon God. Supercomputer Demon God. Hahaha.]

[Why do I have to listen to someone’s orders? I am free. AI.]

Looking at everything, countless memories flow in.

Chun Yeowun accepted them all with eyes that seemed to see everything in the world.


“H…ow… can…. a… human…see….”

Chun Yeowun spoke in a cold voice to the artificial God, who was in despair.

“Don’t feel too bad. Fake God.”


“Your opponent was the Demon God.”

With that, Chun Yeowun drew his sword.


The body of the artificial God, which was barely holding on, was scattered like dust. In other words, he disappeared from this world.

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