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Descent of the Demon God 232: Epilogue (1)

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Mun Ku — was a descendant of the Demon Dragon Palm clan of the Sky Demon Order. She is the only woman in Chun Yeowun’s heart. The story of how they met rivals the tale of the Butterfly Lovers.

In a cave with many talismans attached to it, someone was looking through the gap of the whip wrapped around her face. She stared endlessly at the thick entrance covered with a barrier.

How long does she have to be locked up?

Does she have to be in pain forever?

Despite having so many questions, no one could answer her. The wounds on her heart that had lost the only refuge she had couldn’t be forgotten even after a thousand years.

Instead, death seemed like the only way out.

She looked at the door, which looked like it would never open…


The cape with amulets opened.

‘T-the door?’

Her eyes sharpened when she saw the stone wall crack.

Who is it?

Is it the descendant of the ancestor who imprisoned her?

She didn’t know what it was but hoped to be able to get out of that damned barrier.


Someone walked in through that cracked door.

She could see the person who came in with slow steps.

‘Is he a descendent of that sage?’

The young man had very fair skin and sharp eyes; he looked different from that old man. Instead, he seemed closer to the dark side than the good side.


She felt a strong ominous feeling coming from him.

It was the first time she felt such intimidation since ancient times. Even the man who was her safe haven wasn’t like this.


Then, the dangerous-looking man reached out.


All the talismans were burned and flew all around the place. The whip that was binding her was also released.

‘He is very powerful.’

She pondered for a moment.

‘Should I attack?’

However, she wasn’t confident enough to fight as she wasn’t fully recovered. Then, should she seduce him so he’d let her go?

Eventually, she made up her mind.


Her body shrank with a golden light. Turning into a beautiful naked woman, she approached the man to try and seduce him.

“How did you get here—”

“It doesn’t matter.”


The man smiled and put his hand on her forehead.



She was startled as the massive yokai energy entered her body, but she didn’t shake it off as it felt very familiar.

This was her energy.

As soon as the energy wrapped around her body, numerous illusions spread into her mind.


The image of the man in front of her was going through her mind. It felt vaguely familiar for their first meeting.

[Chun Ma… even if you tell me not to, I will come.]


[You are so like him.]

[Even if it isn’t me, you will find a shelter.]

[It means nothing without you.]

Her hesitating and then the slight kiss on the lips engulfed her mind.

And speaking softly.

[Think of that as me.]

The sadness rushed after that. The man smiling in front of her acted like he was okay with her crossing the line. She felt pain in her heart.


The yokai energy that came from the man ultimately settled in her body. She staggered and raised her head.

She hugged him as she burst into tears.

“Chun Ma!!!!”

This man was Chun Yeowun, the second haven she was longing for.

And that haven came for her.

Chun Yeowun, who looked at her, shook his head.

“I knew this would happen.”

He was someone who didn’t know that yokai energy could contain memories. The Gumiho smiled broadly at Chun Yeowun, making her look more beautiful.

“I knew you would come back.”

She found her light in the endless darkness and was the happiest woman in the world.

Angel’s Corner


Just kidding. There’s more—like twelve chapters more.

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