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Descent of the Demon God 70: Right Guardian (2)

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The expression of Ko Wang-hyeon and Sub-hyung stiffened at the word of Chun Ma.

It was the existence that Baek Jong-so kept talking about.

‘Chun Ma? Him?’

As it happened suddenly, Sub-hyung couldn’t respond right away, but then he pulled out his sword.


He immediately jumped at Chun Yeowun, who was standing on the ceiling of the van.

His thin blade of light fluttered like a butterfly.


He used the technique of subjugating the opponent with a series of agile and successive techniques.

The most effective ones too.

‘To suppress him at once.’

The opponent seemed strong since he could stop a moving van, which meant that Sub-hyung had to rely on speed.

It was then.



Sub-hyung was shocked.

A strange thing happened before his blade could even fully unfold.

‘No way…’

His blade was blocked by Chun Yeowun’s finger.

Instead of cutting down the finger, the sword was trembling, unable to move.

‘I need to pull it out.’

He tried to retrieve his blade.

At that moment, Chun Yeowun grabbed the blade at lightning speed and pulled it away.


“Crazy Blade. It has been a while since I held this.”

Chun Yeowun looked down at the sword he caught with a smile.

Considering that this era was a thousand years later, a lot of time must have passed, but the blade was well maintained despite a bit of fading in color.

“Give me my blade!”

The biggest shame for a warrior was to lose their weapon.

It was an insult.

Sub-hyung tried to take back his blade.


Sub-hyun moved and aimed for Chun yeowun’s wrist, but before he could even attack, the Crazy Blade was aimed at his neck.



The energy around the Crazy Blade said that it was ready to cut down its own master. Sub-hyung was scared.

Everything happened in front of him, but he couldn’t really understand it.

“Slow! Your swordsmanship needs to be faster.”


“What do you mean how? Like this.”


The Crazy Blade in Chun yeowun’s hand started to cause afterimages while moving like a butterfly.

Behind the sunglasses, Sub-hyung’s eyes were wide.


“However, you still need to pay.”


At that moment, the shaking Crazy Blade brushed Sub-hyung’s wrist.


A red line appeared on the wrist.


The wrist, which was cut, fell into the van.

The members of the Cult inside the van were shocked.

“Ahhh! My! My hand!”

The Right Guardian, whose wrist was severed, screamed.

“How dare you!”

Ko Wang-hyeon, who watched that, raised his huge body with an angry face and blew like a cannon towards the van's ceiling.


Any remaining part of the ceiling was shattered.


‘It didn’t reach him.’

Ko Wang-hyun frowned.

He thought that the young man would have definitely been hit, but only the ceiling broke.

He could see that Chun Yeowun was still floating.

“Think you can avoid this!”


The entire van shook as he jumped up.

Ko Wang-hyeon jumped into the air and unleashed 3 Second Strike against Chun yeowun.


It concentrated on successive hits to take down the opponent at once.

And the power was strong enough to break down a rock of over 5 meters high.

“You can’t avoid this!”

He aimed for a time when the opponent would have a hard time moving.

However, his opponent was Chun Yeowun.

“You must be the descendant of Ko Wanghur. You have the same body size too.”




Chun Yeowun held his fist.

“Fi-fist energy with bare hands?”

The energy used on his fists was the strongest, but the attacked hand was fine, and the one which attacked was trembling.

“A soft fist.”



Chun yeowun clenched the fist harder.

Confused, Ko Wang-hyeon tried to pull out, but.



The bones were crushed.

Chun Yeowun threw Ko Wang-hyeon into the middle of the road.

Swish! Thud!

His body flew down and rolled a couple of times.

When his body stopped, he tried to get up, only to cough up a handful of blood.


Despite using his full power, the opponent didn’t seem bothered at all.

‘What strength!’

The Right guardian and himself, who were in the top ten inside the Sky Demon order, were quickly subdued.

This man’s strength was beyond their imagination.

‘Descendant of Ko Wanghur?’

A name he heard a lot.

It was then.

“Protect mr. Ko!”


The members of the Cult pulled down their swords and came out of the crushed-down vans.

A member who seemed like the leader shouted.

“Sword Demon formation!”

20 warriors, 12 of which were at Master level, formed a circle around Chun Yeowun.


“Sword Demon Formation…”

Chun yeowun’s eyes narrowed.

Sword Demon Formation.

It was something created by the Sword Demon.

This was something that was created to deal with 101 warriors.

And the examinations were all conducted to measure its efficiency.

All the members of the Cult were familiar with it.

As the number of warriors increased from 12, to 36 to 108, their power would increase, and they would even be able to handle Supreme Master warriors.


The warriors were all terrified.

They had just witnessed the defeat of two of the strongest people in their Cult, so they knew that Chun Yeowun was a great warrior.

But they couldn’t back down.

So the leader shouted.

“Sword Three Arrey formation!”

The members who spread out in a circle at the same time tried to unfold the swordsmanship towards Chun Yeowun.

Chun Yeowun shook his head and.


It was then.


Ko Wang-hyeon jumped into the middle.

“Huh? Manager Ko!”

“Stop everyone!”

All the members were shocked at his sudden intervention.

Ko Wang-hyeon asked in a cautious voice.

“Can I ask one question?”

Chun Yeowun didn’t say anything.

He politely raised his hand and then asked.


“How do you know the name Ko Wanghur?”

Ko Wanghul was the 17th head of the Demon Fist Clan.

It was known to be a high-ranking clan. The clan was reborn when he became one of the Six Swords of the 24th Lord Chun Yeowun, the Demon God.

However, it was impossible for anyone other than the said clan to remember such an old name.

Chun Yeowun answered him.

“He was the first of the Six Swords. He must be your ancestor, right?”

‘Six Swords!’

No other title.

However, for the members of the Demon Fist Clan, it was a lifetime honor.

Hearing that, Ko Wang-hyeon’s body trembled.

‘Is it true?’

When Baek Jong-so was talking about it, he was skeptical.

Due to the recent video of the Chun Woo-kyung faction, they were all sensitive to the title of Chun Ma.

“P-please show this lowly member of the Cult some proof, Lord Chun Ma.”

“Tch, you only change depending on what you see.”

Chun yeowun clicked his tongue.

But it wasn’t like he couldn't understand it, so he held out his right arm and.


A black wrist guard suddenly appeared and turned into a sword.

The black sword which shone displayed the name Sky Demon Sword.

‘Sky Demon Sword! The real Sky Demon Sword!’

He was the descendant of Ko Wanghur, one of the Six Swords.

So Ko Wang-hyeon knew that the Sky Demon Sword wasn’t just a sword.

When he saw it, he cried out.

“What are you all doing! Bow down!”


The Cult members knelt down once the order fell.

Ko Wang-hyeon, who was the first, shouted.

“The lowly members of the Cult greet the great Sky Demon order’s Demon God!”

“Lord Chun Ma!”

Right guardian, Sub-hyung, who was holding his severed wrist, couldn’t shut his mouth.

‘Is that reall…’

He didn’t believe the words till the end.

With trembling eyes, he looked at Baek jong-so. The man was sitting in the van smiling.

And then he remembered what he said a while back.

[Truth? How funny! Do you think that we’ll believe in the nonsense that the 24th Lord from a thousand years ago is still alive? Chun Ma will come? Hahaha!]

And he laughed proudly.

He also killed Baek Jong-so’s colleagues and kidnapped his mother, and even Huan Xia.

Turning white, Right Guardian mumbled.

“What have I done…”

On the eastern side of Baoding City.

Inside a tall building.

The group's name was written on the wall.

The room of the president in the Chunshin building.

A middle-aged man with a mustache answered the phone with a serious face and looked out of the window.

“Yeah. I see.”

The middle-aged man hung up the phone, and someone asked.

“Presid-no, chairman, is something wrong?”

“No, everything is fine.”

The middle-aged man with a mustache was the chairman. He turned his head towards the sofa and smiled as he went to take a seat.

On the other side, sat a man with short hair and a tall appearance. He wore a mask that had a strange pattern on it.

“I apologize to the guest.”

“Not at all.”

“I am glad to be able to do this with two Guardians.”

“This is for the unity of the Cult.”

The masked man answered.

The chairman, who looked at him, asked.

“Great Guardian, the date of the ceremony, I think that it needs to be pushed closer.”

“What do you mean?”

The chairman smiled and said.

“It seems like a precious guest will come to notarize the ceremony on behalf of my father in prison.”

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