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Descent of the Demon God 71: Notarize (1)

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Sub-hyung and Ko Wang-hyeon, who were trying to escape after kidnapping Baek Jong-so, Geum Oh-yeon and Huan Xia, had no choice but to delay their departure because it was urgent for them to treat their injuries.

Late in the afternoon.

In front of the Six Road Toys’ bunker.


Branches soaked in oil burned.

The dead bodies wrapped up in cloth were set on fire.


Baek Jong-so was standing close to the blazing fire with a bitter expression.


Whatever it was, these were the people that he spent time and had meals with.

Turning into close friends, he couldn’t help but feel that they had died because of him.

‘All this happened because I am weak.’

The supposed clan leader of one of the highest clans in the Cult was still a Super Master Level warrior.

It’s true that he wasn’t taught and that he didn’t have any teacher. However, he couldn’t deny the truth that people were dying because of his helplessness.


He felt embarrassed about it.

Baek Jong-so pulled out a paper from his pocket.

Chun Yeowun gave it to him.

[This is what you need the most right now.]

Reading what was written in it, Baek Jong-so was shocked.

[Pure Heart Method.]

It was a technique of the Pure Kick Clan.

Baek Jong-so had learned the basics of this method when he was still with his father, the former clan leader.

But once his father left them, he ended up trying to use other methods to use this technique.

‘Ahh! Lord Chun Ma!’

Chun Yeowun understood his feelings.

If one knew of the Pure Heart method, one’s cultivation and martial arts were bound to have an exemplary boost.

It was written down on 2 sheets of paper, and on the back was energy cultivation.

[Burn this after memorizing it.]

All the instructions were given.

“HuanYuan (heaven and Earth) Cultivation Method?”

As he read what was written below it, his expression changed.

Sure, the clan method for internal energy cultivation was very good, but this one, the HuanYuan cultivation, looked very effective.

‘What is this method?’

It was a method that Nano had created after analyzing all the multiple methods used in the Sky Demon Order, when Chun Yeowun was in the academy.

Baek Jong-so couldn’t take his eyes off it.

‘The cycle of energy through the center... Becoming one with HuanYuan…’


Baek Jong-so immediately sat on the ground and took the stance of meditation.

There was no such thing as having a guide to help him through this, yet it had to be done, especially now that he knew what he had to do.

Someone was watching it unfold from inside the bunker.

‘I guess he isn’t dumb.’

It was Chun Yeowun.

Chun Yeowun had given him a slightly improved method.

Based on the realization that the current age lacked the needed energy, he relied on Nano to make the necessary changes.

‘Adjustment to an appropriate level.’

This method was for the present and the future.

If a strong warrior looked at this method, he might die of shock.

Chun Yeowun had given him a treasure that no one knew about.


Baek Jong-so, who memorized it, threw the crumpled up paper into the fire.

It must be because he himself had realized that this method shouldn’t fall into others’ hands.

‘I need to make sure the others evolve as well.’

From Chun Yeowun’s point of view, the current Cult lacked dedication.

It was disorganized and pathetic.

When Chun Yeowun was the Lord, the whole Cult was known to be strong, not just the Lord.


Chun Yeowun turned back and closed the curtains.

Behind him was a man who was sweating.

It was Lee Myeong.


A groan escaped from his mouth.

He was in so much pain that the veins on his forehead were standing up.


As he coughed, blood dripped from the corner of his lips.

In a dying voice, Lee Myeong asked.

“W-why should I use a cultivation method? I am not able to do it in the first place!”

What he was currently performing was the Dance of the Mind. It was something he had learned as a child, and he still remembered it.

The problem was.

‘It feels like all my blood vessels are torn!’

There was no choice but to go through the technique despite the absence of internal energy.

Suddenly one day, his body became unable to hold internal energy. And no one knew the cause of it.


He was trying to do the technique as Chun Yeowun told him to, but the more he tried, the more it seemed like he was going to die.

Deciding that he couldn’t, he tried to stop.


At that moment, Chun Yeowun touched his Dantian.


“Shut your mouth and keep doing it.”

He was pushing internal energy into him.

Lee Myeong was already trying to use the method without having any internal energy, and when energy was being pushed in from outside, the pain was much more horrible.


Lee Myeong ended up screaming.

He was the man who was called a coward, so he tried struggling with pain, but it seemed like luck wasn’t on his side.

Chun Yeowun put the other hand on his head.

[Start scanning.]

Red light flashed from his palm, and the scan began.

Chun Yeowun continued to scan the body while injecting energy.

In his augmented reality, Lee Myeong’s blood vessels were being scanned.

‘I see.’

Chun Yeowun nodded his head.

As he expected, there were blocks in the vessels.

‘They made it impossible for him to learn.’

The blood vessels of Lee Myeong, which normally would pass the energy, were blocked.

Because of that, he couldn’t build any internal energy within him.

If it was solved, then Lee Myeong could start training internal energy in his body again.

But there was one problem.

‘Is it here?’

Chun Yeowun looked at the chest.

As he continued to infuse internal energy, heat was rising in the side of the chest.

There was extreme Yang.

‘This is interesting.’

Chun Yeowun smiled.

“Solar Yang Fever.”

Lee Myeong’s body was born with Yang Fever which meant he produced too much Yang energy.

It was the opposite to the Yin Fever from which endless Yin energy was produced.

And if things had gone wrong, Lee Myeong could have died when he was 18.

“It has to be fate for you to meet me.”

“Kuak. What are you…”

“There is only one thing which can control the Yang Fever.”

Tak! Tak!


“Shut up, or you might actually die.”



Chun Yeowun’s fingers touched all the blood vessels.

It wasn’t the simple sealing, but it was to forcibly release the restricted part.

Lee Myeong’s blood vessels all had bulged out.


As the restrictions on his body were lifted, the extreme yang energy in his body surged all through the body.

His whole body turned as hot as a gas stove.

‘Good. All that is left is.’



Chun Yeowun placed his palm on the upper part of the Dantia and started to release Yin energy into him.

The temperature within the bunker dropped.


Frost began to form on the wall.

It was as if the room had turned into the North Pole.



Mist was released from Lee Myeong’s body, since he was burning seconds ago.

Despite having extreme Yang in him, his body was giving out.

His energy couldn’t stand against Chun Yeowun, who possessed both yin and Yang in him.

“What the hell!”

Manager Ko Wang-hyeon, who was receiving treatment in the hospital, looked at the frozen bunker when he came back.

The outer part of the bunker was frozen white, it was as if cold energy was released from inside.

“It has been like that for 3 hours now.”

Baek Jong-so informed him.

He had been watching the sudden event too.

Suddenly, Ko Wang-hyeon asked Baek Jong-so.

“But you…”


“Something has changed.”

The energy coming from Baek Jong-so looked stable.

It was safe to say that Baek Jong-so was at the end of Super Master level.

‘Did something happen?’

This would have been impossible to happen in such a short time.

And it wasn’t just Ko Wang-hyeon who noticed it.

‘What is that? Did his martial skills suddenly increase?’

Right guardian was shocked too. There was no way anyone could refine their Dantian and show such remarkable growth in such a short time.

“Did Lord Chun Ma by any chance give…”

It was then.


The door of the frozen bunker broke open, making everyone look at it.


And someone appeared.



The person, whose body was releasing white steam, suddenly moved towards the Right Guardian.


It was fast.

In an instant, the person reached the Right guardian.

The shocking thing was, it was Lee Myeong.

“What is with him?”

The Right Guardian could not use his right hand as he had just had a surgery on it.


Although he wasn’t used to the left hand, he was at Superior Master level.

So he pushed his left hand ahead and decided to hit Lee Myeong in the heart.


Rather, his arm bounced back.


It was frustrating.

Obviously, this man had nothing to do with martial arts. But it was the Right Guardian’s fist that bounced back.


Right Guardian Sub-hyun immediately spread open the distance to avoid getting hit. However, Lee Myeong was able to follow him.

‘Is he using footwork?’

Lee Myeong was chasing him by unfolding the footwork.

Anger flashed in Sub-hyung’s eyes.

“Are you really trying to get me mad?”

Sub-hyung raised his left hand.

The Crazy Blade, which reacted to his energy, was pulled into his hand.


And with that, he began to unfold the technique.

He quickly moved his body and unfolded the Butterfly Blade Dance.

At that, Lee Myeong’s fists crossed, and a red light flashed.


The energy seemed to be different, seeing how the color it displayed was red.

‘What the hell is he?’

Just a few hours back, this man couldn’t even do any martial arts.

But now suddenly, he was able to stand against a Superior Master level.


Lee Myeong extended his fist.

It was the 4th form of Yeon’s United Dance of Fist, a technique of the Moyong clan.


The sound of waves crashing resounded all over the place.

The sophistication of the technique was superior to Sub-hyung’s.

However, because the Yang energy was so strong, whenever the blade touched Lee Myeong’s energy, it would turn red in heat.


Sub-hyung opened the distance and aimed for the head.


The sword caused afterimages and drew semi-circles.

Lee Myeong had no choice but to move back.

‘Avoided this?’

Sub-hyun frowned.

Lee Myeong had definitely avoided this attack on his own accord.


Lee Myeong smiled.

It had been a long time since he felt this good.

‘I am able to deal with a warrior like him?’

He was shocked at himself.

He hadn’t used martial arts for nearly 15 years, but strangely, his body seemed free. His body was moving the same way he wanted it to.

The power of the body used to the Solar Yang Fever.

And with all the energy now opened inside his body, he felt like he could reach the state of Superior Master level and be on the same level as the strong Murim warriors.

When he was unable to use martial arts, the Right Guardian had hurt him.

And now, he was taking his revenge.

“Try again.”

With confidence, he provoked Sub-hyung.

“You really are!”

He took off the glasses and threw them to the floor. He decided that the opponent didn’t have to be dealt with in moderation anymore.

The moment they both were about to attack each other.


Chun Yeowun appeared between them and ordered.

“Lord Chun Ma.”

Shocked, Sub-hyung sheathed his blade and knelt on one knee.

Chun Yeowun looked at Lee Myeong, whose hands were dyed in red.

“You have given out enough energy, now go and cultivate it.”

Chun Yeowun was the one who told him to go out and release his energy.

Although Lee Myeong was healed, his body was still overflowing with Yang energy.

It seemed like releasing it outside was the right way to decrease the built-up energy.

“I feel like I need to release it a bit more.”

However, despite Chun Yeowun’s words, Lee Myeong wanted to move more.

His body was finally free after being shackled for half his life. There was no way he could hold back the angry emotions which he was holding back till then.

“I said you did enough.”

“Lord. If it is with you, I might be able to draw out even more.”


With those words, Lee Myeong’s body began to release intense energy.

A red aura came out like a haze.


Despite it being a chilly winter day, the entire area turned hot.

‘Didn’t he use all his energy against me?’

Sub-hyung was shocked.

A human body radiating such extreme yang energy.

‘Solay Yang Fever!’

That was when he understood.

Why the bunker froze!

‘Did the Lord cure him?’

Then that would explain the sudden growth in the ability.

It was said that such a body would appear once a hundred years, yet those possessing it would be short-lived as such bodies were a curse to martial arts users.

However, if one was lucky enough to live, then they would be the strongest warrior!

“I am coming!”

Lee Myeong rushed to Chun Yeowun.


Before one could notice, he was right in front of Chun yeowun.

With that energy, he thought he would be able to deal with Chun Yeowun to some extent before getting defeated.

“You could do nothing a second back.”


At that moment, Chun Yeowun reached for the forehead and then flicked his finger.

‘Flick to the forehead?’

The moment the finger flicked and touched his forehead.

Bam! Psss!


Blood gushed out from the bruised forehead.

With unbearable pain, Lee Myeong bounced back and broke past the outer wall of the bunker.


Moyong Lee Myeong, who was thrown out, mumbled at the ridiculous strength.

“Mon… ster…. Ugh!”

And passed out.

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