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Descent of the Demon God 76: The Cost (2)

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A restaurant, which should be filled with delicious aroma, was filled with the stench of blood.

43 clan leaders turned into silent corpses.

Manager Ko Wang-hyeon and Right Guardian Sub-hyung looked at the bodies in bewildered eyes.

They hadn’t even dreamed that such a thing would happen.

‘Ahhh, chairman. Why did you…’

He had seen the Lord Chun Ma with his own eyes.

He should have given importance to the reports they sent and the messages they kept giving.


Ko Wang-hyeon knelt on the ground.

Chun Yu-seong, the next Lord of the Cult, was killed.

‘It is my fault for not stopping the chairman!’

Ko Wang-hyeon was ashamed and unable to overcome his emotions.

“Lord Chun Ma. I was disloyal too. I will pay with my life!”

Ko Wang-hyeon gathered internal energy on his fist.

Shocked, Sub-hyung shouted.

“Manager Ko! You, what are you doing!”

“Right Guardian. Please stay away from this.”

And he tried to hit his head with his fist.

However, it didn’t touch the head.

A deep energy prevented that.


Chun Yeowun was stretching out his hand.

Ko Wang-hyeon looked at Chun Yeowun with red eyes and said.

“Why would you stop it?”

“I understand your loyalty, but are you not going to take responsibility for making the Cult like this?”


As the head of a clan that led the Sky Demon Order, he was responsible too.

Chun Yeowun stopped him.

Sub-hyung sent a message.

[Manager Ko, no, Wang-hyeon. I will be honest because of my relationship with you. I decided to serve the eldest son too. However, he did break the law of the Cult in a very wrong way.]

The Right Guardian was shocked at the incident too.

Chun Yeowun’s punishment, which didn’t differentiate between his own blood and the other clan leaders, was an extraordinary move.

But it wasn’t a wrong move.

The title ‘Chun Ma’ meant the Sky Demon Order itself, it wasn’t just a name.

‘Trying to brainwash Chun Ma.’

No member of the Sky Demon order would even dare to think of it.

It was no different than Catholics and Buddhists intending to indoctrinate Jesus and Buddha.


[Wang-hyeon. The moment the chairman did that, we were disbanded. Didn’t we make an oath to revive the Cult? Are you going to break down the oath?]

At the words of the Right Guardian, Ko Wang-hyeon bowed.

It reminded him of that day.

27 years back, when all members were shedding tears of blood.


Ko Wang-hyeon clenched his fist as he remembered that day, and bowed his head.

“I ended up trying to do something foolish. I will surely revive the Cult and pay for the sin I committed.”


Chun Yeowun looked at the Right Guardian.

A look of admiration.

Shocked at the sudden eye contact, Sub-hyung bowed his head.


It felt as if he heard their communication.

Chun Yeowun was able to hear other people’s telepathic conversations with the help of Nano.

Chun Yeowun approached Wang Shin, who was still hanging on the wall.

His head was bowed with a resigned look.

“Was it Wang Shin? Descendant of Wang jing?”

“Lord Chun Ma.”

He raised his head, his eyes were lost.

Seeing that, Chun Yeowun knew that the man was prepared to die.

“Why didn’t you kill me as well? Is this another form of punishment? For committing disloyalty to you?”

Wang Shin asked in a bitter voice.

He saw the death of his comrades with his own eyes. The head they were supposed to serve was also dead.

He had a strong desire to die with them.

“You rushed at me knowing you would die.”

Unlike others, Wang Shin rushed at Chun Yeowun, knowing how powerful the Demon God was.

The gap between earth and heaven.

Nevertheless, to save Chun Yu-seong, he swung his sword, ready to die.

“… I apologize. Please kill me.”

No other person in that place had shown that courage.

“You were alright.”


At the unexpected compliment, Wang Shin looked puzzled.

Chun Yeowun valued his resolution despite knowing the capabilities of the opponent.

Which was why he didn’t kill the man.


‘He was blocked by a wall.’

With only one technique, Chun Yeowun understood it.

The Current Wang Shin could enter the next level with just a little awareness.

‘It is rare. He has the potential to reach Supreme Master level.’

Unlike the Superior Master level, the Supreme Master level was a totally different thing.

And he didn’t want to kill someone who could achieve that.

Wang Shin spoke to Chun Yeowun, who was in thought.

“Are you trying to make me feel disgraced by keeping me alive alone? I am a sinner. Please kill me.”

“Kill you?”

“The sin of harming Chun Ma cannot be forgiven. For the sake of a better future for the Cult, behead me too.”


Wang Shin clasped his hands together and bowed his head.

Chun Yeowun’s lips turned into a smile.

‘I like him.’

If he begged to be saved even once, Chun Yeowun would’ve killed him right away.

But the man admitted his wrongdoings and was ready to accept death.

That wasn’t an easy thing to do.

Even Chun Yu-seong, who had the same blood as Chun Yeowun, begged to be saved in the face of death.

“Please give me death.”

With stubborn eyes, Wang Shin looked at Chun Yeowun.

Chun Yeowun shook his head and raised his hand.

“If you want it, then I’ll give it to you.”


At that time, Ko Wang-hyeon and Sub-hyung knelt down and begged Chun Yeowun.

“Lord Chun Ma. Vice-chairman Wang Shin is an indispensable talent for the Cult. He runs the Chunshin group in reality. Please let him live.”

“Killing such a talent would be wrong. Please reconsider this just once more!”

Killing Wang Shin didn’t seem right.

Wang Shin was a proclaimed warrior.

Not only that, but he was also good at handling business and management. He was the one who placed the current Chunshin Group in the top 50 of the business world.

If he was going to die, the Chunshin group was bound to collapse.

“Please, please give the vice-chairman one more chance…”

Contrary to their hopes, Chun Yeowun’s question was.

“Can you assure that the man who revolted against me once will not rebel again?”


The two couldn’t answer and felt bad.

Chun Yeowun placed his palm on Wang Shin’s head.

“I will kill you.”

“I thank the Lord for punishing me. Lord Chun Ma, please bring life back to the Cult.”

Wang Shin closed his eyes with a sad face.

Chun Yeowun’s hand sent a tremor to the man.




Blood dripped from Wang Shin’s forehead.

Go Wang-hyeon and Sub-hyung, who watched it, looked bitter.

Chun Yeowun reached out somewhere.


A woman’s scream was heard.


She was the waitress who tried to manipulate the memory.

She was still grabbing her chest as she looked at Chun Yeowun in terror.

“S-save me. Please… ach!”

Her body kept convulsing. She was unable to think and kept coughing up blood.


Go Wang-hyeon and Sub-hyung were curious.

Chun Yeowun didn’t move his fingers towards her, but the woman kept showing abnormal signs.

They weren’t sure what was happening to her.

Chun Yeowun pretended to lower something towards her.



A sharp sound arose around her, and sword marks appeared on the floor.



“T-the floor!”

The floor, which was filled with sword marks and slashes, was cracking.

A sword that seemed like it could cut down anything in front of it.

Go Wang-hyeon and Sub-hyung were shocked.

“Invisible Sword? No, this is…”

It was different from an invisible sword.

“No… H-heart Sword!”


At those words, Ko Wang-hyeon couldn’t stop his eyes from widening.

Heart Sword.

It literally meant to control a sword through the will of the heart.

Only a warrior at the Heavenly Master level could unfold it as the sword isn’t controlled by internal energy.

Their bodies trembled.

‘To see the Heart Sword!’

The greatest honour for a warrior.

Chun Yeowun raised his hand and said.

“I drew the sword, so don’t act afraid, you wench.”

“Uh… uh…?”

Her eyes widened.

Until a moment ago, she couldn’t even rise up, but now she felt like her heart was going to explode.


“Yes… yes?”

She answered Chun Yeowun’s call.

“You can manipulate memories?”


“Good. Then change his memories as I tell you.”


He pointed to Wang Shin.

Still hanging by the wall with his body drooping.

Ko Wang-hyeon was startled and looked at Wang Shin.

‘He didn’t kill him?’

Blood was oozing out, so they thought that he was dead.

And when they listened closely, they heard the faint sound of breathing.


He was alive.

Chun Yeowun didn’t kill him.



At Chun Yeowun’s words, both of them, who were standing near Wang Shin, moved away.

The woman cautiously approached Wang Shin.

‘To do such a thing. Ugh, this person…’

Ko Wang-hyeon was shocked.

He never thought that Chun Yeowun would use the woman who hurt him.

The female asked.

“H-how should I change it?”

“His loyalty should be towards me. He also must reflect deeply on this incident so that he is determined to make sacrifices for the Cult but not through death.”

Surprisingly, Chun Yeowun didn’t change much.

Once it was done, Wang Shin wouldn’t insist on dying.

It was a wise move, so Go Wang-hyeon and Sub-hyung were happy.


The woman put her hand on his head.

White light rose from her hand and soon moved to Wang Shin’s head.


She immediately released her hand, which caught Chun Yeowun’s interest.

‘Very quick.’

Memories seemed to have been changed by just touching the head for a brief moment.

“Is it done?”

She nodded and answered.


“You seem to be quite talented.”


The woman’s eyes twinkled.

Until a second back, she thought she would be killed, but now, it seemed like she had a chance to live.

‘I need to make myself look good.’

She had used her power to draw the attention of Chun Yu-seong when he visited the prison.

And the ability to manipulate the memory was a very useful one.

Judging by the situation, she fell to the ground.

“Please spare me! I will promise to use my powers only for you.”

“Use your powers for me?”


Ko Wang-hyeon helped her.

“Her powers are really useful. Just a brief touch can change the memories.”

That was why Chun Yu-seong hired her.

Although it wasn’t written down in the Sky Demon Order reconstruction plan, he planned to use the woman to brainwash every person in the Murim Association and the government.

“It is quite useful.”

She became brighter.

“I can make anyone you want obey you.”

At those words, Chun Yeowun narrowed his eyes.

“You can make anyone you want not obey me too.”


“If you can change the memory with a brief touch, then you can manage to make many people be on your side, right?”

Chun Yeowun’s words made her anxious.

Confused, she waved her hands and said.

“I will swear allegiance to you! So how can I even think about doing that without your command? I will definitely not!”

“Really? Then, why did the government have to keep such a loyal person in a secret prison?”

At Chun Yeowun’s words, her complexion turned pale.

“No! Believe me! T-that was because of a misunderstanding. They didn’t…”


At that moment, Chun Yeowun’s hand waved at her neck.


A red line appeared on it.

As her eyes looked shocked while her body fell, Chun Yeowun spoke coldly.

“Believe you?”

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