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Descent of the Demon God 83: Vanished (1)

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On a mountain, 2,5 km away from Mount Hanbaek.

Inside a tent under the transmission tower.

-Click! Distance secured.

“It is more than 2.5km.”


At the altered voice from the walkie-talkie, A man wearing a black mask looked at the screen on the monitor.

There were three monitors in total, each monitor had ten cameras displayed on it.

All of the cameras were shooting from different angles, but the target was the same.

“Still in the barracks.”

Hearing the answer, the masked man continued to ask.

“Do we have to be this careful?”

-The target is estimated to be an S-level target or higher. Accurate measurement is still required.

“Still, it will be impossible to notice from this distance.”

-Don’t lower your guard. If it’s an S-level target we are talking about, he must be around Supreme master level.

“Supreme Master…”

The Murim people who learned martial arts had the ability called Energy Feeling.

They could sense the energy of humans or anything else within a specific range. It works for 20 meters for first-rate warriors, 50 meters for a Super Master and 100 meters for those at the end of Super master.

And its realm could widen as one grows.

Warriors who reach past the level of Superior Master could sense beyond 500 meters.

Of course, that’s considering that the opponent doesn’t hide himself.

“I covered it up with an energy breaker, so there is no way he won’t be caught. It will definitely be enough to kill him.”

If the opponent was hiding his presence, it would be difficult to detect him no matter how good the warrior was.

Tents over here had the ability to shut off the energy flow.

-The drone has moved.

“Moved to 1km point.”


“No change yet.”

-In case of a silent drone, it cannot be detected for 1 km.

“Should we move closer?”

-No. That’s enough. Carry out the mission.


As if the masked man was waiting, he moved the device ahead of the monitor.

And then a red cross aiming for a certain point appeared on the screen.


At those words, the masked man pressed the red button, and a missile was launched along with a smokescreen.


The missile flew towards the target. It would take just 3 to 4 seconds to hit the target.


30 rockets bombarded the barracks simultaneously.

A huge explosion occurred, setting the entire garrison on fire.

It was so huge of an explosion that not a single Murim warrior would be able to survive.


The explosive force was enough to crumble the ice on the mountain.

The area was completely destroyed.


The masked man looked at the screen.

“I will withdraw before the National Agency gets dispatched.”

An explosion of this magnitude was bound to be noticed by the Defense.

Before that, they had to call back their drones and move away.

Of course, knowing the procedure, he was ready to type the command.

-Are you sure?


-This target destroyed the Scepter 27 lab, so we need to be certain. Fire all the remaining ones.


The masked man asked.

Due to the recent launch, the whole area was already devastated. If he fired another missile, it was bound to cause landslides in the close-by areas, and the aftermath would be huge.

Things might turn troublesome if people start to trace them.

-Are you disobeying orders?


Disobeying orders calls only for death.

The masked man was forced to carry out the command.

He had to use all the missiles.

That was when.


The eyes of the masked man trembled as he looked at the monitor.

A change occurred within the flames that burned after the explosion.

The flames began to whirl.

“H-How is this…”

-What is happening?

“Something strange is happening.”

The flames which twirled around turned smaller and then were distinguished.

In the centre stood the target, Chun Yeowun.

Not only was he unharmed, but there was also another man with red hair standing right next to him.

Both were alive.

“T-target is alive. Unharmed!”

The man was bewildered.

The altered voice gave the command.

-Hand over the control to me.




When the masked man typed something, the drone cameras moved.

The control was passed.

On 10 screens, the precision aiming was on the target Chun yeowun.

And the remaining...


It was facing the nearby hillsides.

He intended to hit the close-by ranges and bury them both alive.


Missiles were fired simultaneously.

They moved at the speed of 1 Mach and reached the location in 3 seconds.

But something unbelievable happened.


The masked man exclaimed in shock.

The missiles, which were simultaneously flying for the target, stopped in mid-air at once.

Chun Yeowun, who hacked into the drones, zoomed in on the camera screen, and raised his right arm out.

‘No way!’

While doing this, Chun Yeowun pretended to hold something.


The trajectory of the stopped missiles changed.

The missiles had turned around at once and began to flow again.

“N-No way!”

They couldn’t believe what their eyes were seeing.

The missiles moved towards the drones.

The masked man shouted in a hurry.

“Move the drones!”

The masked man spoke to the man who was controlling them.

The drones immediately moved away to avoid being hit.

But there was no way they could outspeed missiles.

The missiles flew and hit all the drones.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At the same time, all the screens went black.


The masked man grew nervous.

He thought all cameras were destroyed, but three were still fine. It seemed like three drones could avoid the missiles.

-…is that so?

The altered voice mumbled.

And then a black shadow appeared on one of the screens.


The camera screen was moving.


-Tap! Tap!

The altered voice spoke in distress, and the sound of tapping could be heard.

At that time, the camera pointed to someone.

And he was.


Chun Yeowun.

“W-what the hell?”

He couldn’t understand this.

The location of the drone was about 1km away from the target.

At that moment, Chun Yeowun extended his hand towards the drone.

“What is he doing?”

The masked man asked in a puzzled voice.

The altered voice spoke.

-How can this happen?

“What happened?”

-H-he is trying to hack the drones.


The masked man couldn’t hide how absurd it sounded.

Chun Yeowun just extended his hand at the drone. So how could he hack it?

He couldn’t understand what was happening, but if the target was indeed trying to do that, then they had to stop it.

So the masked man pressed the black button with an X.

At that moment.


Both screens turned black at the same time.

It was the self-destruction option of the drones.

However, the drone, which was shaking, didn’t turn off.


-Controls of the drones have been taken over. I can’t control it, nor can you.

At that moment, Chun Yeowun, who was on the screen, mumbled something.

It was a short word, so one could tell by the shaping of the lips.o

‘Found it?’

And with that, Chun yeowun disappeared from the camera screen.

The masked man’s eyes searched in fear.


As he was doing that, the devices in front of him began to spark, and he heard something.

The device was being destroyed.

And the voice in his earphone said.

-If you want to live, destroy everything and withdraw right away.

Chh! Click!

Before he could do anything, the tent tore open, and someone fell in.

The masked man was drenched in a cold sweat and stiffened.

There was someone right behind him.

-What is happening? No…

Nothing could be heard.

If he stood still, he would be bound to be killed.


The masked man quickly turned back and gave strength to his arms.

His clothes tore, and guns popped out of his arms.

Both arms were modified with machine guns.

The moment he was about to fire.


His arms were cut.


Because the shoulders were made of flesh and bones, he felt pain.

When the masked man looked at his fallen arms, Chun Yeowun said.

“You modified your body.”

Chun Yeowun looked at the fallen arms and mumbled.

He had met such people before.

They were assassins sent by the MS group.


Chun Yeowun reached out to the man who was in pain.

A coldness flowed out and froze the body of the man.



It was to prevent him from self-destructing.

Chun Yeowun noticed something in the man’s ear.

He reached out his hand, and the earphone came out.

He put his finger on it and put it in his ear.

‘Nano- track the location.’


After giving the order to Nano, Chun Yeowun said.

“Ms Group?”


Seeing that he didn’t answer, he felt that the man on the other side must be shocked.

“You people are pretty tough. You think I won’t be able to destroy all of you?”

-Looks like you are trying to track us down.

Chun Yeowun tried to pass the time until the tracking happened, but the man noticed.

Since the drones were hacked, the operator knew that tracking back was possible.

Nano was still busy tracking.

“I will give you a chance. Stop coming after me. Otherwise, I will make you regret it. I have a knack for finding and killing people like you.”

Not an empty warning.

-We’ll see who will die. Good luck.


With that, the connection was cut off.

[The other side has disconnected.]

Because the time was short, even Nano couldn’t track it.

Because there were several devices that could block tracking, it required time.


Chun Yeowun mumbled as he crashed the earphone.

“… we’ll see.”

Letting that voice live didn’t sit well with him.

Unknown location.

There, someone was typing while looking at the screen.

At the top of the screen, was an analysis table, and below it, was a picture of Chun Yeowun with ‘S-class hazard level’ written under it.

Tap! Tap!

The letters were written at high speed.

[Able to move 1.5km within 6 seconds. Has the ability to fly. Seems to have abilities similar to telekinesis, but only in a range of 1km. In the video, the accuracy of the missile’s trajectory dropped as it moved near the 1km mark. Has enough defence to withstand the bombardment of cm204-class missiles.]

The person was writing an analysis of Chun Yeowun.

After a long detailed recording, the person put the last remarks.

[Request to increase the hazard level from S-class to SSS-class.]

That window was brought down, and another was opened.

A picture of Hu Bong next to Chun Yeowun.

As the cursor was dragged, he zoomed in on something in Hu Bong’s hands.

A vial containing Flame Qilin’s blood.

After capturing the zoomed-in photo, he wrote in the report again.


[Assumed to be the same form kept in Scepter 49 lad. Analysis wind.]

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