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Descent of the Demon God 91: Ghost Qi (1)

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“How could a Ghost suddenly appear?”

“It came out from the body…”

All the Murim warriors couldn’t hide their shock. What surprised them even more was that the faint Ghosts resembled the dead warriors.



They had already heard Paeng Neung-gyeom’s report a couple of moments ago.

However, since they hadn’t seen it in person till now, their shock was too extreme.

“No way…”

“Then the Ghosts were coming from the dead?”

They were now sure of it after looking at the Ghosts’ faces.

But what was more incomprehensible was that this was happening after the Gate had closed.

Indeed. The Gate has closed.


Why was a Ghost coming up now?

“Look, the floor!”


At the cry of one warrior, the others looked at the ground.

The range of the lifeless floor continued to expand.

It was over 50 meters now.


The warriors spread their footwork and moved backwards.

The Ghosts of the dead warriors rushed towards the people with flashing blue eyes.


“Damn it!”


All the warriors got their sword energy ready.

And then they tried to hit the Ghost.


The Ghost's weakness was the heat.

And if they were to use it while maintaining a good distance, there is nothing they couldn’t handle.


There was one thing they weren’t aware of.


“It blocked the sword energy!”

The Ghosts were able to use martial arts they had learned when they were alive, so they became stronger after turning into Ghosts.

“Is that sword energy?”

“Ah! It uses footwork too!”

They grew more confused when they saw Ghosts unfold martial arts.

Normally, people would tend to jump around when unexpected things happen.

However, the warriors responded by creating a distance between them and the Ghosts, which were coming for them.


“How in hell are they unfolding the swordsmanship?”

The Ghost warriors were crazy scary beings.

By condensing the hazy white particles, they were even able to block the sword energy.


In addition, since their bodies were all Ghost-like and couldn’t be touched, the warriors had no other choice but to perform their footwork.



The first victim for the Ghost warrior fell.

While competing with the Ghost, the warrior’s hand touched it, and he died.

“Be careful not to touch it!”

“Damn it! Don’t go in alone. Let’s work together!”

“I will block the front, so aim at them from behind!”


However, when it came to numbers, the warriors were at an advantage.

There were only 5 Ghosts, when the Murim people were about 24, excluding their leader, who was far away from the factory.

The Murim people, who were confused, slowly calmed down and found a solution.



Two Ghosts died.

Excited, the warriors shouted.

“There is nothing I can’t deal with if I pay attention to not being touched.”

“I am glad that Ah-hyun's skills are lower than mine.”

The warriors learned one thing about the Ghosts they were dealing with.

Ghosts could perform martial arts that they learned when they were alive, but their ability to use them was relatively low.

And when numerically expressed, the power was decreased to about 50 or 60 percent.

That was partially balanced, thanks to the touch-death skills. However, when going against a huge group of people, the Ghosts didn’t have an advantage.

“Get rid of the rest of them quickly…”



Someone put a sword into the chest of the warrior.

He looked to see Chun Yeowun.


“There was one thing I wanted to check.”

“What… what are you say….”

Before he could even finish his words, a gloomy blue light shone from the Sky Demon Sword in Chun Yeowun’s hands.



At that moment, the body of the warrior turned pale and lifeless.


As he drew back the sword, the warrior fell to the floor.

The other people couldn’t hide their shock at the sudden attack.

“What is he doing… uh?”


An amazing thing happened.

From the dead Murim’s body, something hazy came out.

A Ghost.

The Ghost with bright blue eyes looked at Chun Yeowun and bowed, as if it considered him his master.

“I see this is how it is.”

Chun Yeowun nodded his head.

On the other hand, the warriors, who saw it, realized one thing.

“H-he! He is the one making Ghosts!”

“How is he doing this?”

The Ghost was an entity that came from the Gate. But they hadn’t heard anything about a human controlling it.

‘Making a Ghost?’

Bu Do-kyun, who was on the other side of the factory, was shocked.

He was observing the situation from afar and was convinced that Chun Yeowun’s sword was the one that had done this.

However, in the beginning, he thought that it was a coincidence when the warriors turned into Ghosts.

Now, he was sure.

‘Who the hell is he?’

Bu Do-kyun was curious.

He was hesitant to step in and help them.

If the man had the ability to create Ghosts, then it was a matter of killing him, but something felt weird.

‘But the way he just moved.’

It was so fast that he didn’t see Chun Yeowun move.

Bu Do-kyun was a Superior Master, and he couldn’t see the movement.

That meant that the opponent was someone who was on a higher level than him.


Bu Do-kyun looked at the S-class core, which was still on the floor.

The opportunity to have it was rare.

‘Should I just grab it and run away?’

The opponent was busy with the warriors. This could be his chance.

‘No. what do I do if he gives up the fight with them and pursues me?’

Bu Do-kyun was a man of rational judgement. Never do something unless he had a certain chance of winning.

Bu Do-kyun put his hand in a bag at his waist and fiddled inside.

It was a small stick about the size of a pen.


This specially crafted object was a modern item.

And if the button was pushed, the ammunition inside would detonate, and hundreds of needles would fire at an incredible speed at enemies within 5 steps.

What was more amazing was that each needle was a bomb.

‘A descendant of the DANG company of the Tang clan had made this self-defense weapon!’

The maximum effective distance was within 10 meters, but in 5 steps it was a 100% chance to kill.

‘I need to get close enough. Close….’

Bu Do-kyun, who fiddled with it, stood up.

It was the only way to distract Chun Yeowun.


Bu Do-kyun pulled out his long sword and moved to the place where Chun Yeowun was.

At the appearance of a powerful ally, the warriors shouted.

“Leader! This man is creating a Ghost. If we don’t kill him…”



Bu Do-kyun cut off the warrior’s head with a long sword.

That sudden action made them all go bewildered.

“L-leader! What are you doing?”

“Have you gone crazy!”

Keeping a straight face, Bu Do-kyun spoke.

“There is a thing called law in Murim! How can you all act greedy and try to covet something which belongs to another warrior? How unforgivable!”


With that, he attacked the others.

“Ah no!”

The warriors were all baffled.



Bu Do-kyun once again took down another man.

“Damn it!”

In the end, they all had to fight to survive.

However, since Bu Do-kyun was a Superior Master, the others couldn’t stand much. And their leader was already fixed on killing them.

“Kuak… yo. You traitor.”

“Is it beneficial to attack the members of the same association??…”

As they were dying, they all cursed.

And while listening to their curses, Bu Do-kyun didn’t stop and kept going on killing his own people.

He even killed those who wanted to escape.


Chun Yeowun watched the entire show with his arms crossed.

Bu Do-kyun, who killed the last warrior, sheathed his sword.

Chun Yeowun asked.

“Weren’t you on the same side?”


He answered without lying.

Chun Yeowun asked, looking at the man.

“Yet you killed them?”


Bu Do-kyun knelt on the floor, and bowed low enough for his head to touch the floor.

“I made sure they paid the price for attacking and falling into their greed.”

“And you want to live in return for that?”

“You are strong enough to kill everyone, including me. As a rational warrior, I want to serve you, who is strong.”

Bu Do-kyun lowered and expressed his intentions of becoming Chun Yeowun’s subordinate.

Of course, that wasn’t his real intention.

The goal was to make sure Chun Yeowun trusted him, and then come closer, closer than 10 steps to use that pen.

‘Come closer. Closer.’

Five more steps, and he could use the Derpencil.

As he waited with tensed eyes, Chun Yeowun opened his mouth.

“Fine. I needed someone like you. Raise your head.”


Bu Do-kyun was happy.

Now all he had to do was make Chun Yeowun get closer to him.

For the first time, he calmed his face and raised his head without showing any expression.

It was then.



Something pierced his chest.

It was the Sky Demon Sword.

“Uh… why… you… you accepted… me…”

Bu Do-kyun looked at Chun Yeowun as if this was unfair.

To that, the answer was.

“I accept you... as a Ghost.”


Bu Do-kyun’s eyes widened.

He hadn’t expected such a turn in the situation.

The gloomy light on the sword passed through his chest.


“Euk! Kuuk!”

Convulsions spread all over the body, and his body began to turn weak and pale.

The dead man bowed his limp body.


The pencil he was holding fell from his hands without being used.


And a Ghost appeared from the body.

“The distance was long.”

Chun Yeowun checked to see if he could freely use the powers in the sword.

The experiment was successful.

Because of the Sword Heart, which was like a connection between him and the sword, he was able to use the skills of the sword without touching it.


Chun Yeowun reached out, and the Sky Demon energy in the body of Bu Do-kyun came back.

And as he grabbed onto it, the eyes of Chun Yeowun shone blue.


When he looked at the Ghost, which came from the body, he could see the blue light turn stronger.

This Ghost was brighter than the other ones.

‘The stronger the Ghost, the brighter and darker the light.’

This was something only Chun Yeowun could see.

This Ghost of Bu Do-kyun was much stronger than the others.

Even if the Ghost was weaker in strength, the brightness it had seemed like he was at the beginning of Superior Level Master.


Chun Yeowun put his sword on the floor and gave an order.

“Come in.”

As soon as the order fell, the Ghosts approached them and then went into the Sky Demon Sword.

This time, Chun Yeowun held the sword in the opposite direction.

And the four Ghosts came closer to it with an eerie energy and went inside.

But Chun Yeowun didn’t seem shocked.


The Ghosts could be put inside the sword and then summoned out, unless it was destroyed.

What was strange was the illusions that he had seen.

Another ability.

“Come out.”


The Ghost of Bu Do-kyun came out.

Chun Yeowun put his hand on the head of the Ghost.

Normally, when a living person would come into contact with the Ghost, the body would turn pale and lifeless, but in this case, Chun Yeowun’s hand turned blue.


And then a blue light penetrated him.

As the light completely entered, thoughts entered Chun Yeowun’s head.

The illusion looked like a film being played through someone else’s view.


[Should I take it and run away?]

[No. What if he gives up fighting with them and pursues me.]

[The descendant of DANG of the Tang clan made…]

[Closer, come closer]

The voice of Bu Do-kyun.

Shockingly, they were the last line of thoughts he had.

It wasn’t long, but everything he was thinking after Chun Yeowun appeared was there.


Chun Yeowun reached out somewhere, and the small pencil which had fallen to the floor got pulled in his hand.

It was because he heard the thoughts.

“Reading the memories before death… How useful.”

Chun Yeowun smiled.

This was an unexpectedly satisfying ability.

‘No need to waste time on torture.’

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