Raga of the Dry Branch

Raga of the Dry Branch
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'Life is no fun.'

And with that thought in mind Alkeris decided to end her life. However a few moments after she decided to give up she heard,

"You can't die. If you die, we'll die too."

Five of the 'Vina' appeared before her. All of them with diverse personalities. And Alkeris is the oath which maintains their lifespan so she has to live.

"I will make you happy, so don't die!"

"Become our oath so you can live your entire life with endless lives."

"Darling, just say what you want."

"Ask me whatever you want."

"These people... I'm not such an easy man."

Under their shadows, Alkeris thought of tomorrow for the first time.

Will Alkeris who is filled with despair and sadness ever be able to see true happiness?