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Raga of the Dry Branch 24: The beginning of the Upcoming Incident (5)

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If it was a foreigner, it could be from Cheiva. I can understand how the rumors started. For rumors to spread without any official release of statements. It had to be because this office in Bishatsur wasn’t the only one handling information matters.

Here, in Bishatsur, was the home country’s first ally and close neighbor with good relations. The embassy was subject to many restrictions, but as long as the conditions were met, there was also the freedom to investigate each nation.

This was why the 1st and 2nd Division existed within the embassy. However, no matter how much authority was given to investigate, the investigation is always known to start in the home country first.

It was clear that the story had to be leaked from the Bishatsur side. Since I didn’t see the documents in detail, I wasn’t sure, but if people are talking about it all over, it meant that the documents here were pulled out.

And I could already feel tomorrow being pretty rough.

Still, I would have to work and return home, safe and sound, to receive my monthly pay.

As I looked down at the tea in my hand for a moment, Juli spoke to me.

“You, don’t go there.”

“Where? Are you talking about the flower garden?”


Was he worried because people died there? Or was it because of bad luck?

Juli, who usually showed a light banter, seemed serious now. It was definite that he was worried for me.

“I know, I have a white-collar job, so I don’t have to do anything either.”

Obviously, that should be the case, but why am I here now?

[The same day in the 2nd division of Cheiva Embassy in Bishatsur.]

“Today was great.”

“What? Did something nice happen when I wasn’t there?”

Dame Mino stopped by the office for a while because she had something to get, and Shuzlin spoke, pointing to the empty seat of Alkeris, who went to the archives with the captain.

“This morning, a person from Sir Alkeris’s family came over, amazing you know! He isn’t even a person. I have never seen someone like him. The halo actually exists! He is the greatest protagonist of all time. Just his face, there is no need to look at his personality of abilities, he was amazing!”

“And the age?”


As he was explaining with a warm face and kind gestures, the words from Mino were rather cold.

To which Shuzlin sarcastically said, “I forgot to ask. But he is a young man of our age, right.”

“Huh. I look forward to seeing how he is 15 years from now. Do the people of that family really look that good?”

Ilina, who was next to her, added. “They are a family, but don’t share a single drop of blood.”

“I was thinking that. because I know for sure that there is only one son in that house.”

“Uh, you know Sir’s family?”

Shuzlin knew about the ‘Boizana’ family, but he had no communication or information about it, so he asked. Mino hesitated as she glanced at the two. Who was trying to figure out about Sir Alkeris.

Since it would be better to speak in moderation than to turn them down, Mino sighed and let out a sigh.

“As you can see it clearly. In that family, if one isn’t a direct line, then they wouldn’t be allowed to use the ‘Boizana’. The current family has two daughters and one son, and the son is known to be quite old, like out captain Ong, So Sir Alkeris has to be the first grandson who was given the name of his maternal side.”


“So the real name is Alkeris In Baliars. The Baliars family currently has one daughter and one son. I thought that maybe there were cousins or something since the names are different. And the Lord of the family is known to be quite handsome.”

“He is the son, so why is he being made to use the maternal name.”


Mino, who looked at the empty seat of Alkeris, scratched his head and spoke in a low voice.

“The Baliars family is quite an old one, but there is a tradition or something similar to it about men and women taking turns in leading the house. This time, Sir Alkeris’ sister would be the heir to it, and if not for that, then there is the thing of using the family name since he is the direct line… um, as far as I know, he doesn’t have a good relationship with his parents.”

Both Ilina and Shuzlin looked shocked.

“This is quite a famous story around here. At the end of the day, everyone is out whispering behind his back seeing if he would use his own name or his mother’s name. maybe that was why he joined here. It isn’t like we all don’t have our own stories? So let this slide. And don’t ask such things again.”

“… Ah, sure. Nuna.”

“I will keep it in mind too.”

“Don’t forget those words. But, a family which doesn’t share blood… it would be nice if they are good people.”

Mino, smiling at the other two nodding their heads, suddenly recalled the first time they saw Alkeris.

There were already rumors around. Mino heard about the head of the Baliars woman who was insane, neglected the head of the family, and was closer to abusing a child. It was a famous story. And as the child kept growing, the family’s attitude too changed drastically. Even in public, they would openly criticize their own blood to make sure he doesn’t have a line in leading the family.

Mino thought that the child was pitiful. However, children raised in such an environment tend to be crooked and rude, so regardless of the change, the family turned into an issue and not the abused child.

Naturally, she thought that the child in the rumors would be wrong, and after many years, she finally saw the child’s face.

“A-At first I thought that Sir Alkeris was a woman.”

At Mino’s words, Shuzlin spat out the water. That too at Dame Ilina.

“Don’t worry. I’ll wipe it off.”

Ilina, who was glaring at the water on her clothes, smiled and then poured the water back on Shuzlin.

“Ah, really! Noona, why would you say that?”

“Why? It is true, don’t you think so?”

“Actually, I too thought that she was a wonderful woman, but when I saw how he acted and the clothes he wore, I was surprised to know he was a man. His waist is narrower than mine. The skin and body is entirely feminine but the atmosphere around is completely manly.”

“Skin is really nice, nuna. I can’t even see any pores on his face!?”

Mino, who saw the two chattering like kids, smiled.

He, too, was shocked. The moment he heard the name Alkeris, her face was as wide and shocked as Lady Jean’s. It was impressive how he looked expressionless despite the delicate face.

He had the face of a woman as delicate as a flower fluttering around, but at the same time, the air around was different.

Mino was shocked and surprised at the same time. And contrary to her expectations, the child who was supposed to be crooked wasn’t.

He grew up better than she expected.

Even though no one took care of him, the child could focus on himself. As far as she knew, the child was all alone for some time.

“right. Really… I really hope the people he is with are good ones.”

Memories of the distant past which she could no longer touch bloomed in Mino’s heart.

‘So now, that person can be at peace.’

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