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Raga of the Dry Branch 25: Questionable Character (1)

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Kiik! Kiik!

With its neat plating peeled off, the iron fence was moved by the wind, and the scratching sound was unpleasant for the ears. After leaving it behind and walking a little further along the long dark stones laid on the path, I saw a grey mansion with a black roof holding up a large piece of land.

The mansion I saw from the outside looked so dramatic that I could almost hear that word ‘Ugh.’ The place looked gloomy and old all over, and it was entirely plausible that the house was painted in this weird color too.

It was a mansion with a long horizontal shape and jagged roof as if several places were connected. Perhaps, as it was outside, maybe the interior was nice or messy, which would add to this bizarreness.

This was the Mansion of Labyrinth, one of the three main attractions of the theme park once upon a time.

“Of all days, for this day.”

I looked down at the documents with an umbrella in one hand in the pouring rain wondering how things turned out like this.

While I taked to my captain about the monthly salary, I was suddenly asked to deliver documents.

Initially, it wasn’t something I had to do, I was asked just to deliver them, but still, I had a bad feeling. And there was that thing with lousy luck that Juli told me, making me uncomfortable because of the annoying rain.

“Let’s just get this done and leave.”

I put the communication earpiece I received before coming here into one ear and pressed a button to activate it.

Approximately around 5 minutes later, I was to communicate with the party which came here. Looking around, I noticed that it was early morning with darkness around.

There was no way that the fog could stay with the rain, but the whole area was enveloped with hazy fog for some reason. And that sight wasn’t good to watch. Careful not to drop the documents, I rubbed my eyes and entered the building. I moved the umbrella and put it near the wall as I searched for the entrance. And when I opened the door, which was damaged to the point that I couldn’t even guess its original color, a musty smell greeted me.


The smell was so strong that I couldn’t help but cover my nose right away. It also smelled like a disinfectant for some reason. I clenched my nose and stood at the doorstep, waiting to do something.

A series of portraits depicting a gloomy feel cracked frames and peeled or faded paintings, along with unseen wallpapers. A short hallway immediately visible entered through the front door. And a further head inside, you will see another messy room, another connecting hallway, and a staircase leading up.

I took the step ahead by trying to see all things and trying to use my brain to imagine what this place looked like before this. I took a step forward, but the smell was strong once again.

It was horrible, probably because of the unique atmosphere and the musty air inside. Or was it because I was too concerned with not breaking the promise I made with Heli?


When I heard the sound of the earpiece being connected, I pressed on it and called a colleague.

“Dame Mino, can you hear my voice?”

It sounds like you are having a hard time… is this Sir Alkeris?

“There was some missing data and I was asked to deliver them. Where are you?”

Wait up!

As she said that and cut off our line, I stopped right away. Even if I say that I could search for her and find;, her location, she won’t let me. Then, not moving would help her come to me fast.

As I held onto the documents in a dazed manner, I glanced to the side and saw a new, clean magazine that didn’t fit well with this place.

It seemed like someone had read it in this very room and left it there.

I had no intention of reading it, but the cover of it caught my eye. A handsome man was lying at an angle with his red hair scattered on a sofa and his tired-looking eyes to the side. I was impressed with his loose-looking smile with closed lips and purple eyes, which seemed to laugh too. Was it because this was a model?

The air around was different. The guy gave me the impression that he was rather naughty, despite the loose-looking outfit. It was enough to make people keep looking at him. Just like me right now.

When I turned my gaze away from this, famous people came out.

“Why is someone who should be in office here?”

“Friend! It is good you are here. I was so scared!”

Dame Mino came with Sir Shuzlin following her.

“There are a lot of things in each room and a blueprint for the building. I was the only one who could deliver them to yousing, and I,;…”

I pushed away from the body of Sir Shuzlin, who tried to hug me, and handed the documents over to Dame Mino.

“Ah, so these are sent now.”

Mino, who was taking out the documents, looked through them and then sighed before connecting the communication line.

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