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Raga of the Dry Branch 26: Questionable Character (2)

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“It’s me, the documents are here …. what, how is it there?”

No progress. By the way, on the first floor, the paintings were strewn about. And it seems like some kind of letters are present, was that mentioned in the document?

An unfamiliar man’s voice came through.

Was this person perhaps, Amiel? I turned to Sir Shuzlin to ask but he was acting weird. Like he was nauseous? He mimicked the guy from the other side, and I was funny since it didn’t suit his large build.

Seeing my glance at me like a weird thing, Sir Shuzlin stopped and smiled in embarrassment.

And then raised one finger and pointed to the communication earpiece. So the owner of the voice was from....

“1st division?”

Lord Shuzlin nodded his head. Then this couldn’t be Sir Amiel. That was when Sir Mino suddenly asked me a question.

“Did you hear that? Was there any mention of that in the documents?”

“There wasn’t any.”

I checked before,amazementa malicious,no characters or markings on the wall were there.

Then could a senior try to interpret it?

“Yah, you cheap bastard! If I could interpret things, I would have already done it. I don’t know what is written there and you want me to interpret it?”

Ah, I thought you’d be able to figure it out since you lived for a long time. I don’t know if I can request assistance right now.

“You need to head back to the division but I will lose my head here. And man, you need at least understand what language that is to bring someone to interpret it. Just take a picture of something!”

Although they were speaking harshly, it seemed like a rather friendly way, like they were friends. Of course, Sir Shuzlin didn’t seem to like the other person, though.

And unlike the appearance, Dame Mino seemed to be older, probably since he said ‘because you lived for a long time.’

By the way, now that the documents were delivered, I need to get going, but the timing didn’t fit in. It wasn’t like on purpose, but why were they adamant about getting something interpreted as soon as I arrived?

In addition, their plan seemed to have changed a lot from what I knew. From the contents of the documents I brought and the words on the wall, it was as if they were trying to understand this mansion.

From what I heard today, Dame Mino had some important work here.

She said that the primary goal was to find what wasn’t reported, take pictures of them, and search the nearby area to find eyewitnesses and investigate any possible suspects. But what is this now?

It seemed like something I wasn’t aware of was happening.

As an officer, I had no intention of intervening in another’s work, but I was curious about what those characters were.

No, I shouldn’t let myself be curious.

Since when did I turn into such a curious kind? From Juli and the promise with Heli, I need to get out as soon as possible.

“Then, I’ll get going.”

“No! leave us here? It is really scary here!”

“I am more scared of Sir…”

“Sir Alkeris is being too rude!”

I stretched out one hand to his forehead to stop Sir Shuzlin from hugging me. No matter how big or tall he was he couldn’t approach me if I did this.

I was still staring at the man who didn’t want me to leave with any expression, Dame Mino who was watching from the side said,

“Oh my, it doesn’t seem like there is much height difference between you two.”

“It is because I stopped him.”

“No matter what, considering that you still are of different heights, isn’t it normal for him to touch you if he pushes his arms a little ahea? Shun, do you see that you have short arms?”

At that, Shuzlin donned a crying face.

“No! it is just that he has long arms!”

Right. I do have long arms. Let’s accept that and move on from here. So please let me go away.

I sent a message to Dame Mino that I desperately wanted to head back. And she nodded as if she understood it.

“Well then, for now.”

It was when I turned around.

“What is this one?”

A middle-aged man in a black uniform came in and shouted at me. Judging from the gold design on his shoulder, he seemed to belong to the 1st Division. But was he talking to me?

“Sir Bordeaux, what is it?”

A young man in a robe, who came in later, asked him. The middle-aged man flinched as he forgot he was with someone at the voice from behind.

“Nothing, Marquis. Seeing the white uniform made me angr… sorry.”

“What is wrong with the white uniforms?”

A man in his late 20s with short dark hair and glasses looked at me and tilted his head saying.

“He doesn’t look like a problematic one.”

“You see… I don’t like office workers inside the field sites.”

The man answered as he stared at me intently as if I did something wrong.

First of all, I was ready to go away and he didn’t exactly have to stare because I was already on my way out. If only he hadn’t said all that.

“A white uniform of the 2nd Division. Right. You are the son of the Count who joined. It doesn’t seem like you can do anything right. And I heard the rumors that you are no good. You should just stay cooped up inside the office.”

“Sir Bordeaux.”

Mino spoke in a low yet stern way. But he didn’t care. He kept looking at me as if he couldn’t hear Dame Mino’s words. Shuzlin who was next to her opened his mouth trying to say when I stopped him.

“Excuse me, Sir.”

I am a human too, so I couldn’t help but be annoyed at this. He shouldn’t say that to me when I belong to the 2nd Division, which didn’t come under his. But if he plans on bringing that Count name into the discussion I wouldn’t stand still.

With my usual stiff face, I decided to smile slightly.

“I am here to perform my duties under the orders from above, what exactly is the problem here?”


What nonsense was he spouting a while back? I glanced at the man and saw he was frowning, I pointed to the documents in Dame Mino’s hands as he lifted it and showed it towards the man.

“I am here on the direct orders of the captain of 1st Division to deliver those documents which came in. if not…”

Knowing what I was hinting at, the man’s face changed.

“Is there some problem with me trying to follow the orders given? If you really have a problem with me being here, please do take this up to the captain of the 1st Division who assigned this task over to me.”


I was telling him to shut up most decently and delicately possible. At this, the man had to be confused, and I could see Dame Mino smile and tell them that it was why I was here,, thoughmaking the man more flustered.

“I see. In charge of documents…”

The man in a red robe, who had been looking at us till then, suddenly shoved a document towards me. And for some reason, he took off his glasses.

“Hello, I am Marquis Dreamild of Wyndham. I have a rather bad sight, could you please read this out for me?”

If he is from Wyndham, then the letters in the documents were something related to powerful incidents of people.

The content was short, just a couple of lines too but the language used was unusual.

There were two types of hieroglyphs, one was a divine one and the other was an opposing Vekwan script, which meant that since they were both used, the easiest and the hardest were combined. Was this a password?

“It which starts from the light… an existential existence, The Golden Gold’s owner, language, knowledge and civilization. Nothing received from God but that which exists as a force.”

Weird content.

“That is all I could find. One thing to note is that it wasn’t something created, but was born from the womb… that is all.”

“Is that the end?”

“Yes, that is the end. I am sorry I don’t know what it means.”

At the apology I said, the man quickly waved his hands.

“N-No don’t say that, instead I thought thank you.”

Surprisingly everything around went silent. In the midst of it, the man once again thanked me and said to Sir Bordeaux.

“Incompetent? Sir, you are such a liar. He was in the 2nd Division right? I am indebted to you.”


When I looked at the faces of my team in shock, I realized they were being strange. Shuzlin and the other man and Dame Mino too were watching me in shock. Did I do something wrong?

“Then, let’s head back Sir.”

When the Marquis called, the other man too looked at him.

“Wait! Going back? Are you done with your work?”

Dame Mino asked Sir Bordeaux who was leaving the mansion. For some reason, Dame Mino didn’t like it.

And the man of 1st Division coolly calmed his puzzled expression and answered.

“I have something more important to do, wo I will head back first.”

What? What could be more important than saving people’s lives?

Right, people's lives. Wasn’t it our job to find the murderer of that young girl who died in here?

“We have information about the Gold Alchemist. It is urgent. You realize that we need to get to it before ‘they’ do. Right?”


“The search and rescue are on the move. Please continue this investigation… and our talks stay here.”

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