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Raga of the Dry Branch 30: Questionable Character (6)

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To me, language was a kind of image. The moment I saw all the texts and characters it was as if I was using the mother tongue, they would turn into words with meanings and engrave into my mind. Even if I didn’t learn them, if I looked at it over and over again it would make sense to me, and then I learned to analyze the sentence.

Even the teachers who taught me never thought of it to be special. But why was this guy looking at me like this with a faint hope?

His happiness mixed with admiration for me as I put things into perspective.

…today has been strange.

In the end, it was decided that the rest of the party would move except for me and each of us had a video stone.

And when I checked the time, it was past 3 o’clock. It has been over half a day since we were sent here.

And the video stone hadn’t been activated yet. I sighed as I thought this day was going to be longer than expected.

As I sat alone in that room, the report I saw earlier lingered on my mind.

This time it seemed different from the usual kidnapping and killing. It felt more dark and mysterious for some reason and I couldn’t figure out why. It was so questionable that this unknown thing made me feel bad.

However, I wasn’t in a good state, so I didn’t pay much attention, but now the texts I saw earlier were starting to bother me.

“It couldn’t be the guests…?”

The places who came here were either nobles or higher nobles, and this place was for wealthy ones. This was because this park was made to target those people.

But in such a place, the lower class entertainment class people’s texts were written.

It was sure that what I had seen earlier on the screen were texts used by the commoners who couldn’t learn the common language. Among them, this was used by women of the lower classes.

“And the way it was written seems to b fone my a female too. Is this really true?”

The higher class would never go for such characters or texts. The two children of the back alleys were illiterate than the two children of noble families. It was because of that that people used their own ways to make characters in the lower alleys.

The desire to go home and check this out arose but it quickly faded.

I didn’t know how long I was supposed to stay here with the video stone and I wasn’t in a state to get up and move.


Heavy rain pouring out. I was worried that the windows would break with the violent winds at any moment.

It was strange that I was sitting on a leather sofa all alone in his place.

I was too deeply thinking about myself only. When I first received the letter for joining, I only wanted to rest and didn’t bother thinking about it, but sooner or later I was getting immersed in work.

“I hope everything gets resolved by the time I get off work…”

I didn’t want to worry. And there were a couple of things I wanted to avoid since I didn’t want to hear scolding and nagging at home…

While I thought about it, the communication line connected.

Sir Alkeris? Can I ask you to check? ‘You must have been waiting for us right?’ yah, turn it in already!

Ah! Why are you coming here! And don’t get too close to me!

Shuzlin seemed to keep intervening with them, and eventually video stone was in one hand, Shuzlin. At the screen which kept moving, I forgot about the situation at hand and laughed. Was it that scary?

-hey, listen to me already! How can a young man like you tremble so much? You are getting in the middle of my work, getaway for a bit.

He seemed to be getting yelled yet. Concentrating on the video. I traced what was written on the screen.

Once again it was red-colored characters on a yellow wall. Next to two parallel horizontal lines, two triangles were connected like butterfly wings and followed by a circle that glowed like the sun. five short vertical lines and two characters with one side of a side triangle.


This was the same as before. And it seemed to be written by the same person too.

“Is this the place where the characters you showed me before were?”

-No. The one I showed you earlier was in the basement and this is the 1st floor.

“… no matter how I look, it seems like the same person drew it?”

- You seem the recognize the same person’s deed?

“And I should have told you this before, it was no wonder that Dame Mino or Hilder couldn’t recognize it.”

- Why?

“Ordinarily these kinds of pictograms and characters are used by lower-class people who have a hard time learning a common language. It is difficult for these kinds of languages because the pictograms and characters change according to the occupation and characters. For example, there is a script for the poor and then one for the slaves. And then there is for the brothels and the other for thieves. There are a lot of different ones. There are so many that even those of the lower class wouldn’t recognize it.

- Isn’t it better to learn the common language then? Why bother with such complicated…

“It takes a lot of time to read and write. For them, learning such things is a luxury. For them the words are characters and pictograms not systematically completed as a language, but simply created to convey their opinion to another. The things you are showing me are something belonging to the entertainment side. It is natural for ordinary nobles to not understand it. No one would even learn it.”

Though I am an exception.

-… I see.

-Wait, why are they here if this is done by someone from that side of the industry? Isn’t that weird?

-Judging from the traces, it seems like a long time has passed.

-So? Is the analysis done? Can you say what it is now?

“The place is a maze and today I wander here alone. Being chased by something with wings.”

In an instant, cold silence descended on all of us.

After breaking up with Sir Bordeaux. The Marquis Drimild met the ambassador of their place. When he felt the flow of energy in a twisted way and out of curiosity, he decided to improvise his decision.

“Oh my? We really were moved here, unnie.”

The shaking of energy was due to the forced teleportation, just as he thought.

The people who moved were two women and both looked exhausted.

“Hmm. It seems like the mission has been successfully completed.”

With his characteristic mellow voice, he could see a figure who was approaching the 2 women. And when he looked at the person, it was from the 2nd division. Did the person who interpreted the ancient documents, which was amazing, belong to this division?

“It has been a while.”

The person looked at the Marquis who greeted them. The man seemed to be in his forties, with shoulder-length blonde hair neatly tied and wearing glasses, smiled as he looked at Marquis.

“Yes. It has been a long time since I last saw you. Why is such a busy person like you here?”

“I came to meet the ambassador and I got a little curious. What a neatly executed teleportation?”

Just who was sent here…

“It looks like someone has helped them.”

Everyone was shocked by the two women who appeared out of nowhere, but what was more shocking was that these two were the noblewomen who had gone missing.

A servant of the noble family who was waiting in this office for information rushed to them, and then the office broke in exclamation.

And what they found out was that it was the office worker who had interpreted the ancient documents who moved them.

“Sir Alkeris couldn’t be a magician. It probably has to be a magic item he used.”

“If he had casted this amount of teleportation, it can’t be just an ordinary object…”

Long distance teleportation movement was possible for a magician over 8th level. And in order to make sure that the teleportation was safe, they would have to be at 9th level. Such items ensure both couldn’t be obtained by the high nobles either. And even the 8th level magicians can’t do it either.

How did a person who was abandoned in his own family possess such an item?

A sly smile crossed the lips of the Marquis.

‘He must be different from what we heard.’

Captain Oh Onze who watched the two women for a moment frowned and then looked at the servant who was relaxed, and said.

He made an impression that something felt odd, so the Marquis couldn’t help but ask.


“Probably… more people need to be sent back. Maybe we will have to send help for…”

The 1st Division was busy but that didn’t mean that their work was entirely done on this matter.

Seeing the captain who was contemplating, the marquis knew what abilities he possessed and turned worried.

“That, is it that ‘intuition’ thing?”

And the captain nodded his face.

His ability, the 6th sense, had a level of accuracy which was different from the normal sense that women were known to have. The Marquis had no doubt about it, as he had seen the captain escape from a crisis situation with his power, though he was doubtful if that could work each time.

‘Do I need to head back or help them? I have to go to Wyndham…’

The Marquis who thought for a while opened his mouth when the frowning captain said.

“Fortunately, he will be here soon.”

“Who will be coming? Are you saying that they will come back here safely?”

When asked, the captain shook his head.

“No, not them, but someone who can help them.”

Before those words could be finished, the screams of women from the hallway and someone slammed open the office door.

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