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Raga of the Dry Branch 36: Questionable Character (12)

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… was it because I used magic attacks earlier? It seemed like the beast boy was furious. The one who screamed as he expressed his anger slowly approached me and stared.

And soon, like lightning, it came for me.

It was then.

“Looks like we got here at the right time.”

A voice from somewhere echoed through the air.

At the same time, a black beam of light fell from the ceiling. And the beam of light pierced through the chest area of the beast boy’s which was covered in the wings.


The beast boy looked down at his chest in shock. A strange black aura trembled with sparks in the chest area, which was pierced.


The area around the wound continues to burn with a pungent smell and smoke. The beast boy struggled frantically in pain.

‘What was it?’

Shuzlin and I quickly looked at the ceiling, looking for what had happened. A minor concern that maybe it was the reinforcements that came for another team or us. And soon, I was able to find Marquis Drimild of Wyndham standing in the air the golden magic circle.

Thank god it was a familiar person.

“We just met before and we are meeting you again Sir Alkeris. This is for what you did before.”

Around the smiling Marquis, an aura of faint black shadow spread out. It slowly squirmed and filled the floor and ceiling in an instant; without much sound, it enveloped us.

As soon as Marquis raised one hand, dozens of black beams of light pierced the entire body of the beast boy who was clenching his body.

The power of the 8th level wizard was amazing. He easily subdued the beast with his power with the low voice with a single gesture, which couldn’t be stopped.

The beast was under the pressure of the attack and the sparks on the wounded area kept going. At the same time, the tanned and darkened areas on the body began to regenerate. Indeed, resilience is like a beast.

The Marquis too seemed shocked by its regenerative power.

“This one seems a bit stubborn. Let’s be a little stronger.”

As soon as those words were done, a sense of stillness and overwhelm shook around us. There was no sound nor was there any visible change in our surroundings.

However, goosebumps stood on my body and I wrapped my hands around my shivering body.

“Excuse me, marquis?”

Until then, the situation of quietly moving was halted when Shuzlin raised his hand and called the Marquis.

“Uhm, I apologize but Marquis, I remind you about the treaty of alliance with Bishatsur…”

“Treaty of alliance?”

The Marquis titled his head as if he was hearing this for the first time, Shuzlin who saw that, threw away his polite tone and spoke as if he was frustrated.

“Ah seriously, it means that for Marquis that side is good and this side is bad. Besides, this building belongs to another nation, so please refrain from using excessive force, you get it?”

“Ah! I totally forgot about it! So bothersome.”

The marquis who mumbled that to himself spoke while looking at the beast.

“I can’t do it. I will be in charge of teleportation, you will have to step in.”

I quietly watched the Marquis wondering what he was doing and was surprised at his words.

It was because I couldn’t feel anything, but his words meant that someone else was here beside him?

Hearing the footsteps, I saw someone in a black uniform walking towards us behind the struggling beast.

I couldn’t see everything clearly, but the red hair fluttering as the person walked and played was so impressive. Vivid as if it was on fire.

Shuzlin, who was watching this quietly next to me, exclaimed wide-eyed.

“Indeed it is El! when did you come?”

If it is El… Was it El from Amiel?

“I came here with him, but what is this?”

About the time when the low voice which seemed to be bothered entered my ears, the footsteps stopped next to the beast.

The languid purple eyes glanced down at the beast and then spoke with a cynical smile.

“Looks human, but seems mixed. Is it a Chimera?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t been able to see properly as I was being chased till now.”


He frowned at the words of Shuzlin and didn’t respond. And I saw the Marquis descending from mid-air.

By the way,

‘It is a face I saw somewhere. Did I ever know such a person?’

It was a face that, he cannot be forgotten once seen; that was how strong an impression it had, like Corin. But I couldn’t remember where so I kept thinking and thinking and something popped into my mind.

“Ah! Magazine!”

“Ahhh~Alkeris knows him too. El is a model and a band vocalist.”

Ah, I didn’t know that part.

“Will you ask for an autograph?”


Suddenly I was being treated as his No.1 fan!

“There was a magazine of him in this mansion hall, and I saw him on the cover.”

“Fortunately, that one, doesn’t really like his male fans. A lot of things happened to me too. In the end, he even smashed his fans with his hands. Huhu, should I tell you about that?”

“Shun, that is enough.”

Sir Amiel’s face, which stopped Shuzlin from speaking, looked angry.

Hopefully, Shuzlin won’t get hit this time.


Suddenly I noticed something strange.

After Amiel stood next to the beast, who was acting meek. His eyes seemed to gleam horribly, but the wings seemed to drop to the floor without resisting.

Unlike before, he wouldn’t stop making noises of struggling. So because of what?

“It is too quiet.”

“Ah, don’t worry. It is because of El.”

“Because of Sir Amiel?”

And as I looked at Shuzlin, who seemed more relaxed now, I realized that this man was desperately running away from the beast until a second back.

“Listen to me without laughing, don’t laugh. If you laugh at stuff like you did with me, fists will come flying for you right away.”

Now I was even more curious. When I glanced at Sir Amiel, he looked into the distance avoiding the gaze.

Even Marquis, who was observing the beast, shrugged his shoulders and turned around.

While I was concentrating and waiting for the answer, Shuzlin spoke with an innocent face.

“One of his abilities is auto release of pheromone.”

“… sorry?”

“A pheromone is a self-generated scent and unlike others he can’t control its release, I guess?“

“If it is something that he can’t control then…?”

“It has to be that. In gaming terms it is like a passive ability. But it is so tragic.”


Despite him looking like a normal one, the abilities didn’t seem normal.

“There are differences between people and it doesn’t affect them very strongly but it hits directly for different races. Especially monsters. Despite just standing, see his effect on that thing. Do you get why I said to not get on his bad side?”

So this new guy is half human and half something else; it wasn’t that easy to say, but that is what he is. Seeing Shuzlin look at the beast boy now in a relaxed form, I felt my mind collapse at the truth.

This is unfair.

What a cheat skill that is! I kept thinking that I would die or someone would get hurt and kept running from that beast! And to think someone would be able to calm it down by just standing? Standing! I am jealous!

Suddenly the entire time I was here playing tag with that beast turned into nothing.

Is this the unfairness of the world I kept hearing about? But my life too had changed thanks to breaking one jewel, so I don’t really have a say in this.

So I stared blankly into the air in disappointment when Sir Amiel, who was approaching me, held out his hand.

“Hello, you might have already heard from this guy, I am Amiel. I think you are the newcomer who came in, so let’s get along well in the future.”

“Ah, yes, I am Alkeris. Please take care of me as well in the future.”

After shaking hands, we decided to clean the matter down here and move. The Marquis and Sir Amiel would look after the beast boy and Shuzlin along with me, and the woman would help her find what she is looking for, and like that we split into two groups again.

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