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Raga of the Dry Branch 38: Questionable Character (14)

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I could hear the shouts of Sir Amiel who drew his sword and the Marquis who captured the beast with his shadowy aura from behind. It was probably because of the wound, but then I paused and checked to see if the Marquis had noticed it.

But the beast wanted to kill me.


Terrifyingly strong energy exploded behind my back as I kept running ahead. And something like a long strange tail grabbed me by the waist in an instant.


It seemed to be similar to the snakeskin. I looked down at this tail-like thing that grabbed me in shock, and it was the beast.

A translucent black veil came out and wrapped around the beast. And on top of that, some signs and unknown things began to cover the veil as if they were alive.

The Marquis and Sir Amiel attacked the veil, but the veil which seemed to be hit was regenerating quite quickly compared to the damages it was taking.

After the strange things revolve around the veil, a gloomy man’s voice echoes through the air.

[In a way they are the descendants of the now-vanished ancient upper-race and are known as the ‘Descendants of the Yu race and the Masters of Heaven’ called as _.]

As soon as those incantation-like words came to an end, changes began to take place in the beast’s body.

The two enormous wings swelled up and grew bigger and scales began to sprout from his body, and countless thorns began to pop up from his tail.


I yelled out a little at the torn which pierced me as I was still captured by it. The bracelet caught my vision, but,


Despite thinking that, I couldn’t get my mind to attack it.

“If things happened like this, I can’t hold back anymore. You are making me do this.”

Marquis outside the veil raised his hand with a dangerous smile. And Sir Amiel, who tore off the veil again, shoved himself inside this time.

“You, hold on a little.”

I couldn’t even see how he was moving the sword. He cut off the veil or that protective film and smashed the ground in an instant.


As Sir Amiel had entered the veil, the beast which was under change, screamed violently.

Confused about what was happening, he wrapped the tail around himself along with me and moved to the side of Marquis. And from that moment came the onslaught from the marquis who was waiting to vent his anger.

As soon as its feet touched the ground, Sir Amiel pulled me off the tail and placed his hand on my wound as he said.

“All I want is to heal, breathe my air into this place.”

It was a language with a strange melody. It wasn’t enough to be called a song, and the words were mysterious to be called as a sentence.

“When we head back you need to check it out. This is just a simple treatment, and I didn’t detoxify it.”

“Thank you. But we need to head to Sir Shuzlin right away.”


A curious light shone in his purple eyes.

“The woman with him right now may be an accomplice with the boy.”

“may I ask why you think so?”

“That… no, there is no time for all this.”

I looked at him to hurry, and then turned back at the beast boy and the Marquis, and eventually.

… decided to end this.

“Wind Attack!”

The last remaining wind attack was used. Soon, a strong wind swept away everything but the allies. My target, the beast boy, was pushed against the wall and struggled this time.

“Water Attack!”

Dozens of arrows made of water swirled around me and then looked for the target. As soon as I saw that, I grabbed the wrist of Sir Amiel and started running without saying anything, only leaving behind the last word.

“marquis! Please follow me!”


I almost fell down a couple of times because of rushing, but Sir Amiel grabbed me each time. He didn’t resist but quietly ran along with me for some reason.

How crazily did I run like that? Finally, the floor where Shuzlin was last began to appear, and I sprinted for it.



Without realizing I called his name.

The woman put a knife in the back and looked behind her with a grin.

“Still… you, are still alive?”

For a moment, I felt horrified by what I saw. At the same time, I was angry all over the head.

I left the wrist of Sri Amiel and pushed the woman away from Shuzlin.

“Alkeris… you finally removed… Sir… from my name.”

What was he spouting in such a situation? However, contrary to his pretend carefree words, he wasn’t in a good state. The spot where the knife was dug into was turning black. Poison.

“We need to detoxify…”

Suddenly, I looked at Sir Amiel, who had subdued the woman and spoke. I breathed a sigh of relief as I remembered that there was magic that I had forgotten about.

“Sit there for a second. I hope all the pain goes away, detox.”

When I put the last blessing left on the bracelet on Shuzlin, the black parts began to return to their original state. After that, Sir Amiel whispered what seemed like those words for healing like he did with me before and Shuzlin.

“Is it over?”

Shuzlin was fine, but there were many questionable things about this woman, but since she was subdued, all that was left was to wait for Marquis.

Thinking about everything being done, I sat down. And beside me, Shuzlin and Sir Amiel sat down too.

As if finally at peace, Shuzlin said.

“Now all that is left is to return.”

“In order for that to happen, the Marquis needs to complete Sir Alkeris’s request…”

At Sir Amiel’s next words, Shuzlin had a puzzled expression, but I avoided the two men’s gazes.

At that, Sir Amiel laughed.

Ah, I want to head back.

The medical staff in white robes were the first ones to greet us, who immediately moved up with the help of the Marquis.

When they saw us standing still, they seemed upset that we were hurt, but then they suddenly brought out pink stretchers with cute teddy bear patterns on them, we were at a loss for words.

What the hell was wrong with today?!?

In the end, we were all forcibly dragged away by the unseemly stretchers and when I returned from the inspection, it was past 7.

Was it an hour and half past work time?


I checked the time and sighed in relief. What excuse should I make?

“What is making you sigh?”

Shuzlin, who was next to me, patted my shoulder and asked with a smile. Though not in the same sense as me, he seemed genuinely happy to be out of that mansion.

“Is your body fine?”

“Yes. Actually there was nothing to find, since you already treated me.”

Shuzlin shrugged his shoulders and showed me that he was completely fine with his bright face.

I narrowed my eyes and looked at his face. It was hard to think he wouldn’t be happy after coming there, but still, I doubted if he was really fine.

I remembered what I had seen earlier.

On our way out of the examination room, we saw Sir Hilder too being carried on a pink stretcher from the doctor’s room.

I wasn’t sure about Sir Hilder, but Shuzlin seemed to have some kind of rivalry with him for some reason.

And Dame Mino seemed to be like me in the treatment room.

“It is a humiliation to lay that terrible thing on me. Medical bastard! I will never forgive you…”

She seemed to be irritated for the most trivial reasons. Seeing such a side made me more curious, but Shuzlin couldn’t stand it and made sure Dame Mino’s leg was bandaged and said Ilina would have handled it better, only to get hit with the crutches.

Dame Mino’s ankle was well, and there didn’t seem to be any major problems, so she would be healed by next week. Sir Hilder too, was said to be okay and was told to be fine in three days.

Thank god.

There were many things to be investigated, but it seemed that there was no need to worry since the major issues were resolved.

If there were something to do, then it would be the corpses that needed to be collected from that basement.

And we had already informed them, and it was told that Bishatsur would deal with it since this place belonged to them.

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