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Raga of the Dry Branch 39: Questionable Character (15)

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However, it seemed like a small problem occurred in the process. Sir Amiel, who had disappeared for a while after we went into the medical room, entered the office with someone.

The person accompanying him seemed to be someone who had just entered his 50s - a pretty tall middle-aged man.

And then I looked at our captain, who got up and went to greet him.

“The final boss is here.”

“… final boss, does he mean ambassador?”

The final boss of our embassy. Was it Phoebe Jin Arusto? The famous ambassador to Bishatsur from Cheiva. He had many names inside and outside the nation.

The appearance of the ambassador, from head to toe the clothes he was wearing, reminded me of a plump Mahoren. I feel bad for saying that about his boy, but he had a round cue shape.

And when he smiled. he was similar to a gentle bear, but still, he was a good-looking middle-aged man.

But I heard his countless names. There were only things that had good meaning in our place, but it was the opposite for the other nations.

‘Quick-witted Bear,’ ‘Obese Fox,’ ‘Sly Bear,’ ‘Snake faced white bear’ and so. The highlight in all of these was one thing. ‘The Hungry White Bear,’ which the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bishatsur made for the man.

How much could this man be hated to be given so many names?

And that famous ambassador was sitting right in front of me and listening to the report being given by Captain Oh Oonze. It was like I was watching a celebrity.

“So… so we want to take over all the search rights and receive the evidence as well. At the request of Sir Hilder, we requested the summon of Baron Bolten, who had an accident in that place during the trial run, but he rejected it because he thinks this is a problem of our nation, what should we do?”

Although our captain was complaining diligently, the ambassador’s attention was elsewhere. However, the captain just smiled and didn’t stop.

“I didn’t bake it. If you want to have it, you will have to make a reservation.”

“Ehh, that shouldn’t come between us. How can you do this? So what now? Knowing that the problem was there, he comes over and tries to do a business where his precious daughter ended up dying in another nation, but now he said that it is a problem of another nation and wouldn’t help in investigation? Here I work hard to save people and catch the criminals and after everything I do all I want is to have something. What, what did you say?”

I perfectly heard everything. The captain too, who had the same thoughts as me, smiled brightly.

“You can have it raw if you want.”

“It won’t taste good.” The ambassador said that and raised his cute body as he listened.

Ah, I want to poke that round belly. What would that happen - would it bounce?

It was the time when I forgot what was happening- honestly, I didn’t want to think about it, but I couldn’t help but think about it. As the ambassador stood up, we too were getting up, and suddenly, the office door opened.

Following the gaze of others, I turned my head towards the door, and.

“W-we-we have guests.”


I saw Mahoren walking behind the young man who seemed like a guard.

… I messed up.

In the meantime, before I knew it, the ambassador, with his quick reflexes, moved.


“Wait, why did that man come in?”

The ambassador cut the words of the captain, who was politely asking the guest.

From the way he spoke, it seemed like they knew each other. The guard who brought the man quickly left, and I hid in the corner, so Ren looked around the office with an expressionless face.

Everyone except the ambassador wondered who the man was, but Ren didn’t seem to care about anyone’s expressions.

I could either pretend not to know him and then talk to him in a quiet place…

While I hesitated, the ambassador asked the captain and Sir Amiel with a severe face.

“So, did we take any money?”


“Or did that man come here again to make money?”

“… what are you talking about?”

The man asked the two people who knew nothing. Of course, the way he said it, everyone could hear it.

“No, how long has it been since we paid it back? After going through all that, did we borrow again? Has everyone lost it?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about, but as far as I know. No money was borrowed recently. The expenses are a half-year state budget.”

I had no idea how but Sir Amiel answered the ambassador back in a whispering tone.

“Is that so? Then why did that heavy ass man come here?”

When the ambassador, who was shocked, Red asked, “Where is he?”

“… huh?”

Shuzlin, who was the closest, was shocked at the question. For some reason, it seemed like he was being subject to question.

“My Alkeri…”

“Mahoren!! I am here.”

“Huh? No, why would you squat over there…!?!”

Not knowing what would happen if I kept hiding, I jumped without another thought. At that moment, Ren, who was looking at me with a friendly smile, went stiff as he saw me.

His one hand raised and pointed at something.


“Ah! Don’t worry. I am not hurt. I am fine, look!”

Holding the piece of paper which said nothing was wrong with me, I earnestly showed off my health.

With a loud voice, Ren screamed at me.

“Then why! Why do you look like a beggar!!”

“… beggar?”

… beggar? Did I look that bad?

With a tired face, I checked if something looked odd on me when Mahoren came towards me at the speed of lightning and began to hover around me.

“Oh god! You were treated after an injury. Where the hell did you go to get hurt like this? Ah! You have been stabbed in the front and back too? Who was that bastard!?”

“Hey, you need to calm down.”

“What kind of bastard! Why aren’t you answering me!”

Looking out of the window, I said.

“I called for you very hard, but I guess you didn’t hear me.”

“… huh?”

Seeing Ren, who showed no signs of stopping, I had to resort to this, and I continued.

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