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Raga of the Dry Branch 40: Questionable Character (16)

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“In that place it seemed to be like that. I saw that teleportation worked from inside out for some strange reason, but the communication was entirely blocked off. Ah, but it wasn’t Ren’s fault, I was the one who didn’t get the full situation, so don’t make that face.”

I am sorry. I don’t even know what to say with my mouth right now, so I roughly explained it to him and said it was nothing.

And Ren asked.

“That place? Have you been to somewhere other than the embassy?”


I went silent. Red narrowed his eyes as he looked at me.

“From what I know Al is an office worker…”

He glanced over every person in the room.

From our ambassador to the Captain, and even Dame Mino kept silent at the gaze of Ren who was technically an uninvited guest.

A terrifying aura was emanating from him making them all unable to open their mouths and the eyes of the people looking at me were unusual. It was as if they were asking me what kind of relationship I had with them. Well, I was also at fault, so I had nothing to say to Ren.

What was with today? Ah, I guess this was the bad luck Juli was talking about.

“C-captain, what the hell is this! No matter how goal driven you are, how could you destroy a mansion in another nation like that?”


With his stylish brown mustache, a man who seemed to be a nobleman of Bishatsur nation said.

“Who was that office member? Did some typhoon unravel there or what? The windows and doors were all smashed down. You should have at least controlled it a little!”

“You need to understand that it was to find the culprit at the scene of the accident. It was that one mansion. It was a place with trouble.”

Ah, typhoon… was it the magic I used?

“Even then it is private property!! The people of your nation don’t have the right to wander and do that stuff!”

The screaming man had to be the owner of that mansion.

And he definitely was like a twin of Mahoren this time for sure. But I knew that the damage to the mansion was mostly my fault…

… should I speak?

The captainthe ambassador and I at his wordsUntil had been answering with a blank face till they suddenly smiled. Why? His smiling face was more frightening on this occasion.

“As a result of what happened in the building, one of the nobles of our nation died and two went missing in it. It was all due to its poor management. How do you plan on handling that?”

“That has nothing to do with me. Wasn’t there a culprit for it? It had nothing to do with the building. That culprit is the one who needs to take responsibility.”

With that, the ambassador seemed annoyed this time. After glancing at the captain he was about to open his mouth.

“Look here, you…?”

But Ren intervened out of nowhere - “So how much is it?”


Until then the noble didn’t know that Mahoren existed there. And when he realized that he flinched.

“No, why are you here…!”

It seemed like they were familiar with each other. I thought that Ren wouldn’t have much connection on this side while he was in the eastern continent, but it seemed like his roots spread wider than I thought.

“I asked how much?”


“Your ears don’t work? I asked how much.”

“How much means… you see I need to…”

“I don’t get what you are muttering, calculate it and send it to me. But know that I won’t stand still. You speak a lot you know for someone who ignored what happened in there and kept it open. Thanks to that, the person I have to protect comes back like a piece of trash, and now I feel really enraged. Do you get that?”

“Uh, that man… guardian, King of Rabam…?”

King of Rabam?

Ren’s eyes fluttered open, and he shouted at the man.

“What shit are you spouting? He is my adopted son! The one I am talking about is there! Ah, what am I supposed to do with how he looks! He was brought up in such a hard background, and as if that wasn’t enough you made my child like this!”



In the end, Ren who couldn’t hold back his anger raised his hand, when both I and the ambassador came for him. We felt a strong sense of camaraderie at that moment, and as we quickly glanced at each other we went to calm Ren together.

“You can’t be doing this right now, is it Alkeris? Right, what Sir Alkeris needs right now is rest. Since there is an amazing effort in this matter, I place to give him some special time off, you should and take some rest.”

“Ren, I want to head back shower and eat and see Poppy too.”

“Right, looks like Sir really needs a break, how about you take a week off and come back?”

“Thank you, thank you so much ambassador. Ren, we have a week to ourselves!”


At our effort, Ren relaxed his hands and sighed.

“Right, we should go and get you some rest. But Al?”


Ren called me with sadness in our exchange of glances filled with joy at the successful outcome.

… what was it? Was he suddenly feeling bad?

“Everyone at home is waiting for you right now. Maybe, when they look at you, they might have a lot to say.”


Till a second ago, I really wanted to go home… suddenly at his words, I was afraid of it.

But for the sake of peace in the office, I had to return home with Ren.

… ah! I wanted to run away somewhere

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